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Just uploaded a new version of “Bronko Blue, the kitten copter” (updated tutorial levels and made first world more challenging), please test it tell us what you think!

Best bytecombo

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Just updated Time Sweeper:
1. Revamped scoring system
2. Improved movement mechanics
3. Graphic update for Firefly
4. Bigger game world

2nd iteration this 8/21/14:
1. Improved movement mechanics (nerfed “wall bouncing”, implemented proper movement momentum)
2. Reworked sound effects for Timebend
3. Shooting is now a toggle-action
4. Added a “relax” mechanic (toggling shooting to OFF will cause Sweeper to relax). Relaxing will cause Sweeper to regenerate 150% more health and Persistence

New update once again; a ‘major’ one:
• 5 unique Sweeper upgrades
• 5 unlockable secret abilities
• Modifiable Sweeper builds
• Added boss battle
• 13 different levels
• 3 different game modes
• Save/load system
• Revamped UI
• New visuals
• Gameplay tweaks
• Integrated storyline

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I have updated the Shape Puzzles Pro.

Added an Intro to the game. Added more sound and music.
The Puzzle pieces can now be thrown and stopped while they fly, by clicking an empty space or pressing space-bar.
The score is more visible.
And there is level number in the level itself.

Here are some new screenshots.

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Hi I’m pretty new to Kongregate. I’ve uploaded a new version of my game SimSniper. It’s a sniper game with realistic physics and handling. It places you in a bunch of situations (hostage, target range, long distance, chopper)

I’ve updated it with
– Zombie mode. Protect hostages from an onslaught of zombies.
– Easier score grading
– More hints

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Rogue Legend has been updated with

  • A bunch of bug fixes and tweaks
  • You can split stacks / drop items
  • There are some new items to craft
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Shape Puzzles Pro has been updated
★ Improved the hit recognition for grabbing puzzle pieces
★ Added star rating system
★ Added hints
★ Improved the design of home screen
★ Integrated the Kongregare API – now there are lots of highscores

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VeryDoge has been updated

★ Improved performance, the game will now work much better on weaker computers

★ Added Doge costumes, now you can use the in game coins to buy Doge some funny clothes.

★ Integrated the Kongregate stats, now you can see who is the Very Doge on kongregate. :)

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Hi! Pixelo has been updated!

2014 daily puzzle pack has been added!

Check out new features!
- +241 puzzles (2014 daily and some new puzzles)
- added 4 new badges (in-game badges)
- added Nanoo community link
- added “What?” link for some puzzles.