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# Ant Game #: I added background music and made a few other minor tweaks.

EDIT: I’ve just added the source code for the version with no music to my blog.

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Updated controlling –

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i’ve just updated the tutorial text of my game Gamers won’t pass out anymore reading the tutorial =). Thanks Editundo for the help! Peace.

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i’ve added an erase button to my sketchpad

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*bold*Added ingame helptext*bold*
Added starter strategies for building the plant on page 4 of the ingame manual
Made the game slightly easier
Anthills don’t start spawning ants untill the plant has spawned
Made it so you have to click on the level info before it changes to the target cursor to spawn the meteor

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Torque has had an entire overhaul. Physics and graphics have been upgraded. Check it out.


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more updated than i intended, which was to just merging it in with the rest of my generic code base :)

Still the same game but I killed the zooming as that seems something of a killer for flash performance. So now it has a bit more bitmap caching going on. On the plus side you get an in game radar and a retrolicious title screen.

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Based on feedback in comments, I updated my game, Bumper Car Madness, adding 4-way offline multi-player via the keyboard and a pause feature. Have fun!

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Proved my AS theory that only me and some chosen ones get maximum high score.

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I have received a lot of great feedback about my game Cubical I have since published 3 revisions to the game. Here’s a list of changes:

Version 1.1.0:

  1. The falling polycube now casts shadows onto the stack, in addition to the grid.
  2. Using the + and – keys, the player can adjust the transparency of the stack.

Version 1.2.0:

  1. Previously, if the player tried to rotate the falling polycube from a position where it would go out of bounds, the game denied the rotation. Now, the game will adjust the position of the polycube to allow the rotation while keeping the polycube in bounds.

Version 1.3.0:

  1. Using the < and > keys, the player can now spin the stack for a better angle.
  2. Added another page to the Instructions dialog documenting the advanced keyboard controls.
  3. Decreased the speed of levels 19 and 20.
  4. Fixed minor bug where the bonus stays in the display while the stack is revealed after completing layers.
  5. Fixed minor bug where a the shadow from the falling polycube was still cast on cubes in the stack while the stack is revealed after completing layers.

I welcome any feedback that the community will offer.

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Get Greg! now 4.1% more evil. Also has a nice fade on ending, so you can see where the one you missed really was.

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Oroboros Updates:

*Fixed tail switching issue where armor/blades status was getting reset improperly.
*Added 2 new Power-ups (Invincibility and Regrow Segment)
*Added restart button to the in-game menu
*Added new level “All You can Eat”
*Fixed numerous bugs and potential exploits (Thanks to all the Kong Players who submitted bug reports)

For a detailed list of changes see:

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Updated my game, Deesktope vs. Fanceer to only be the pong minigame, as i am currently writing up the story and art.

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Just updated Papa’s Pizzeria with some bug fixes (pause button killing the waiting time, ‘erase save data’ button being screwy), and also nerfed the tips so Star Customers will pay out higher tips when they’re bronze/silver/gold.

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New version of “Fold”, formerly “Manifold”, is now up with 30 levels, stats, and high scores.

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Gravitee updated… generally easier. Full write up on the Kongregate Gravitee page!

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Updated Fold. Fixed the double-click bug on the game over screen. Tweaked Hexagon of Doom so player shouldn’t fall through the corners anymore. Optimised a few things so general speed should be improved. Still haven’t fixed the bug where teenagers leave death threats in the comment section.

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RetroPong [updated 25 oct 2007]

Now has key redefinition as asked


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Remember this is a preview… (next version will be final with more powerups !!!!!;) )

try to beat my record!

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Uploaded a new version of The Plant

Version 1.02 Changes

-Improved game speed slightly

-Fixed the bug when retrying a level it would reset the current level number you were on

-Its now easier to upgrade stems to level 3, it only requires an evolved level 2 bulb

-Bulbs now store more nutrients and water

-The plant and roots absorb water faster from rain

-Other random small fixes

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Mathspin now has extra levels, and bugs fixed.

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Braids NEON updated.

Now it works with the Kongregate High Scores API. :)

And now the menus actually work the way you’d expect them to. :p

Updates for December 2007:

  • - added ropes to title screen
  • - improved tutorial instructions
  • - perfect mouse out detection
  • - added back button to menus
  • - increased spotlight speed
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Uploaded Mountain Falls X, sequel to MF1. There are now high scores on all mountains etc. You’ll enjoy trust me lol

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Braids NEON now with statistics.

The original Braids is also on Kongregate now, with statistics.

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Pillage the Village 1.0.5 update

   ▪ Coin durations are now based on frames, instead of time. This should help with slower computers.
   ▪ Ads have been removed from the Kongregate version, due to arrangements between Kong and XGen.
   ▪ Attempted a fix for the “invisible line” bug that causes the cursor to get stuck after certain spells.
   ▪ Attempted a fix for a bug that causes huts to have invisible links with villagers.