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Question re reporting possible piracy

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The recently uploaded game Raindrops has the same music as the game Winterbells by Ferry Halim at Orsinal who, I’m fairly sure, does his own music.

I have no idea whether the Raindrops developer had permission to use the music, but as Ferry Halim is not credited anywhere, it looks pretty suspicious.

What is the best way to report a possible problem like this?

I left a comment on the game, but I have no idea if the Kongregate staff will see it. I also tried flagging the game as “inappropriate”, but since, as I discovered, that mechanism doesn’t let you leave a note, the Kongregate staff will have no reason why I did it.

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send an email to

Flag Post is also a valid email. Also, if you hit “Submit a bug report” on the game’s page, you can change the type of feedback you want to give and type up an explanation.

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Thanks, y’all.