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How do you make a custom game

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i realy want to make my own flash game but the problem is i dont know how!
please help me and tell me…

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You should start by getting flash (flash 9 probably, though I still use 8).

Then, read some tutorials. Thats the only way to learn. If you have questions, try, and flash help (F1 while in flash).

By the way, here is what you need to make a simple flash game.

1) Logic (you have to be able to string everything together)

2) Knowing the syntax of AND, OR, IF, and ELSE.

3) Knowing how to compare things (==, <, >)

4) Knowing that a = b sets a to b (for example, a = 9 makes the value of a 9)

5) Knowing how to use symbols (look it up)

6) Knowing how to use imputs (_xmouse, _ymouse, and keypresses which you have to look up.)

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Books help too. I found tutorials pretty useless because A) I didn’t understand enough of the fundamentals of AS and B) most of them use outdated/obsolete practices. Where’s Indieflasharcade? He’ll tell you.

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I agree about using books, though another really nice learning tool is a complete set of video tutorials (such as total training or They aren’t cheap, but they really help you see what is going on, where sometimes books can be a bit vague. Start with general flash development and then when comfortable move into actionscript (Keep in mind though, the video tutorials are much better for general flash, whereas a book is much better for AS, IMO).

If you are strapped for cash, yet still have access to flash, you could check out this site which has some free ebooks. I can’t vouch for their quality, but it looks like a place to start. (though don’t miss the myriad of .pdf’s you can get from Adobe, some of them really do help.)

I’d avoid the tutorial sites until you are comfortable with the basics. Most of the sites have great information, but you need to know enough to know how to look for it. None of them are really newbie friendly, and most anything you will find will expect some previous experience (even if they say they don’t).

Edit (forgot to add):
As for book recommendations: I’m not up on the latest, but I like essential actionscript 2.0 (I use 8 pro) and actionscript bible. Together, along with livedocs at adobe, they seem to cover most of what I’m looking for, and if not, the tutorial sites usually will cover a lot of the rest. I’ve only come across a couple problems I haven’t been able to find the answer to that way, and then forums are usually the best place to look. Keep in mind though I’m in no way an expert in AS yet, so my recommendation in this regard is subject to change.

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You can ask for help by asking developers such as DrNeroCF (0mg, fancy pants guy!!!1), Eggy (A random egg who can speak), jmtb02 (FSF guy!), and of course MrcredsAlex (Awesome Programmer!)

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Ask MrCredsAlex, he is like a God of Flash programming!