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i noticed that alot of these badges are the exact same as a previous challenge and for some of the ones that i already did when they were a challenge i really dont want to have to do again, so is there like any way we can get credit for achievments we already completed when they were challenges?

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The current achievements are the same as past challenges because the staff (greg?) knows how hard they are and how many points they’re worth.

And as far as I know you have to complete the challenges again.

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This was the subject of a lot of discussion in the office. The short version is that you’ll have to do them again — sorry! On the plus side, though, you already have the practice and you’ll be awarded the points twice.

Points challenges have also been phased out entirely in favor of achievements, so at least the problem won’t get any worse.

And Nick is correct in that these achievements are far easier for me to design, mostly because I’ve already tested out the stats and I have a general idea of how difficult people found them. Most of the new achievements will be unique, though — starting with the Castlewars one and this week’s Ring Pass Not set.

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Badges, badges, badges, badges..mushroom, mushroom!

I love the new Badge system. It reminds me so much of the City of Heroes badges, in which I became obsessed with collecting them all!

As a new Kongregate member, I never had the opportunity to play most of the games here so the badge challenges were fresh and addictive to me.

Keep up the great work and consider me a devoted fan!