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What reviews would be considered "Flagworthy"?

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I looked around help and guidelines and couldn’t see anything on this, sorry if I’m blind…

Well, yeah… Being a product of Newgrounds, I, and many others I’m sure, have been taught to flag everything that isn’t rating the game 10 and is at least 200 words long… This process seems to give out whistles there… but I can see that Kongregate is better than that.

This really leads me to the question “What SHOULD I be flagging when it comes to game reviews?”

I come across a hell of a lot of stupid reviews; insulting, pointless, bias and abusive reviews are more common to me than proper ones. I’ve held back on flagging mostly, as I’m not really sure of the repercussions, but i want to get this sorted out so i can actually contribute.

These are the types of reviews i HAVE flagged:

abusive – reviews insulting the game designer/enjoyers of the game

vulgar – reviews using foul language, etc

spam – reviews that are simply wasting space

referral links – people advertising their effin’ minicity, etc.

These are the types of reviews I’ve held back on flagging:

badgefiends – people reviewing the game poorly because of the difficulty of the badge

meme-spouters – people… yeah… >.>

leet-speakers – people purposely using leet/ purposely misspelling words and generally being stupid with grammar.

too short

unenlightening – people who review a game poorly/highly and do not state a reason

bias – people reviewing a game poorly because they personally dislike the content of the game, rather than on the actual gameplay/graphics

so… should I change anything here? anything I should add?

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Comments != review

meme-spouters – people… yeah… >.>

I rather disagree with that. Comments are meant to be funny, constructive, or light-hearted.

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Yes, I meant comments… heh, NGfanatics die hard i guess…

JudeMaverick, I love memes, don’t get me wrong, I meant stupid people who can’t get through one sentence without referencing popular internet culture. It especially peeves me when it’s a person who doesn’t even know what they’re on about, and just say “do a barrel roll!” because everyone else does.

so yeah… don’t take that the wrong way >.>

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badgefags, NGfags

Hi Trove it’s apparent that your new here, so I’d like to give you a heads up that term fag is considered to be very vulgar and dis offensive to many members here on kongregate. So please, do me a favor and take just a second of your time to edit your post to less offensive terminology.

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I’m a Newgrounder too (I just don’t go to the BBS) so I know how you feel. But yeah, it’s true people don’t really know the meme well (I just learn “Do a barrel roll” a day ago) and just randomly spammed it but it is appropriate.

Btw, f.g is a swear word and it’s one of the few swear words I don’t use :)

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It would be fantastic if the comments on the games consisted more of constructive criticism of the game than random things that are completely useless to the developer. One large reason for the comments area is to serve as feedback for the dev, so they can learn from what they’re doing and try to incorporate suggestions into their next game. Sometimes though, they’ve been ending up like little miniforums where people carry on completely unrelated conversations. We definitely want to shift more toward the useful side of things, so game devs will appreciate the comments more.

I’m not sure how true what you said is about flagging anything that isn’t rating the game 10 and 200 words long, but why would you want to remove reviews that thought the game wasn’t perfect? Couldn’t many of those be legitimate and more helpful than people who (erroneously, in the eyes of the less-than-10-rating reviewers!) thought that the game was flawless?

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It’d be great if there was a redesign of the badge page that could consist of Reviews, which would be more of a form than anything. Then there would also be comments. Comments could include such things relating to “I love playing this game at work, makes the time go by so fast. Too hard to get the badge though.” while reviews would be longer and things like “The graphics are mediocre at best although passable for a first flash game. The music is totally annoying though and should be muted in all cases. Regardless a fun game with unique ideas. 3/5.”

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“Look at my avatar”

“Check out my freerider track” (on a game that isn’t free rider)


“Look at this reveiw [minicity link]”

“Anyone know cheats”

And now Copy and pasted comments from recent games.

c’mon everyone, help me out and go to

terrible i gave it 1/5 <- pointless because there is no reason

Copy off some game. i forget the name.

omg !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

plus retarded game -5 outa 5 <-last two same person

i like pie

takes ages to load so im writing this while i wait

yay finally done

… and there are many more, that was just the top couple pages of Colorfill and SCGMD3

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I think your list of what to flag and not flag looks fairly good. Minicity links don’t belong in comments. “Badgefiends” and “Bias”, I agree, don’t flag – you’re not nullifying their rating, so I think it’s better to know why they rated it low even if you don’t agree with it. For “too short”, if someone really wants to post no more than “Great game 5/5”, I say let them.

I don’t know your exact criteria is on “abusive”, but I’d probably let a lot slide there before flagging.

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Flaggable? IMO maybe spam, those minicities things, and hate rants. Such as how hard the game is and why this game should go kill itself for such and such reasons.

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well people just taking there anger out on the game makers, these guys and girls put long hours into the games and it realy ticks me off that people just rant on about how they could do it better and how the game sucks maby its because they arnt the best at it…?

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Yeah, to all those who rant at games, i’d like to invite them i make a game, post it on Kong, and then see just what kind of skills they have.

I’ve made a few games that i have no inclination to post (cause they suck, am working on an RPG now) and to make a truly decent game, it takes a LONG time and a wide knowledge of Flash Programming.

Most of the games that are low rated deserve higher ratings, with a few exceptions.

The posts need to be flagged and erased.

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“Every body report MRCREDSALEX’s games!!!! They all suck.”

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yeah it seams people who have the moast to say have the least to show, exceptions of course.

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“Every body report billyfred’s games!!!! They all suck.”

…IF you have any XD

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I do, and they don’t suck. Thus why you would flag that.

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Hmmm…. good question. Um, because you are stealing my humour style? …. Or is it the other way around? well whatever :D

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Personally I flag the spammers and the abusive jerks first and foremost. I consider those minicity people spammers. But I also tend to flag the people who post nothing but “first” or “fail”. One is stupid and the other is immensely rude and ignorant. My own personal flag list. For reference the jerks are anyone who feels the need to call the creator names because they can’t beat the game.

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How can you give 0 stars???