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a good idea would be a room where u can go where it is banning strait away if a person swears, and a room where swearin is completely allowed, and put it in the new bit saying go to these if u want to e.t.c e.t.c.
I no that wud be useful for the neewbies cus if u start on the wrong chatroom it can be a bit deperssing.
(p.s, can the swearin room be malfunction, cus thats where mosty people know to go for swearin(dont delete it) so people wil stay away if they know its like tht, and vice versa for the non-swearin one. :>

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(Let me be clearer. My problem was not really with swearing, but with the whole chatbox filled with one or two word posts like “homo” “fag” “f—ing b-ch”)

Wait. Did you just say “fag” but censor “fucking”? That’s an even stranger censor than the Kong chat room censor.