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What cha’ talking about? It’s about time we at least get something other than boobage!

Which is good.Items of course.

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How about if you can redo as many challenges in the past acorrding to what level you are. Also, they would go in direct order backwords so say if you joined and got the herbal remedy card and you were level two, you could then try to get the card before that, but you couldn’t go two weeks back as long as you were level one. However, the problem I see while I write this would be that you would have to not put up too many badges, or if you did, you could maybe make a new challenge every five days or two a week or whatever you feel necessary. This method would enable people to go back to get missed cards but also so the people from the start still have unique cards. Thanks for reading!

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Annoyingly, it seems like they are no longer giving out character cards, just rubbish bonus ones.

How can you call them rubbish when you don’t even know what they do yet? They’re almost as important as the character cards, and we have 4 more characters coming at some point.