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>i think a new badge should be about completing all the levels in rocket car. PLEASE GREG PLEASE I ROCK AT THAT GAME!!!!!

But first we should contact the creator to add Kong’s API in the game……without API,the badge is just a illusion.

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Micro Madness Badge (Hard 30 Points)
Get a highscore of at least 7,500 in Micro Olympics

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good one C I like that one a lot actually its hard ot get 7,500 I only made to 5.5k :(

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Endurance of the God’s Badge (Impossible) – Play all the MrcredsAlex games.

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Peanut butter and Jelly Block Badge (Hard 30 points) complete all levels of jelly block

Edit: I see they didnt implement the highscores api nevermind

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Yeah, I was roaming around to find potencially new badges, and found out that a lot of the games I like on the site didn’t implement the highscores API

I would like to see badges on the Submachine series… Too bad they can’t give up a lot of points because there are walkthroughs all over the web.

Oh, and an idea:

Planet Eater (hard – 30 points): Finish “level mode” on Cosmic Crush

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So would it be considered rude to contact the creators of some of these games and ask that they implement the API’s? Because I would really like a Caravaneer badge that you could get for beating the story.

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Caravaneer already has API integration.

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Yes, but not with a stat for completing the story mode. I’ll run that request by the developer.

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Hm…how about…Color Rehabilitation (Medium/Hard – 15/30 points): Get 6000 points on ColourPod

And would it be possible get the API on Water Dash? I’d really like to see a badge for that, if only to promote its message.

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jmtb02? Wake him :D

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>Endurance of the God’s Badge (Impossible) – Play all the MrcredsAlex games.

If it appears then it’ll be my first “impossible” badge.

>I would like to see badges on the Submachine series… Too bad they can’t give up a lot of points because there are walkthroughs all over the web.

Warbears has a walkthrough on the web but it still worths 30 points.

>jmtb02? Wake him :D

And tell him to add Kong’s API to all of his games!

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If only we had Shockwave APIs,then we would be happy :D.

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And tell him to add Kong’s API to all of his games!

Talk to him in AIM >:D

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>If only we had Shockwave APIs,then we would be happy :D.

But I don’t know how to use Director……although it can make real 3D game……

>Talk to him in AIM >:D

I only use WLM (Windows Live Messenger). = ="

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Hey Greg, if I don’t mind asking, what are you gonna do with all these achievements?

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only wealth and kills, and getting a lot of both doesn’t seem very difficult once you understand the basic game mechanics. That’s really where the main difficulty in the current badge lies—just figuring out how to play the damn game. My goal with the badge was mainly to encourage people to take the time to figure it out so they could enjoy what the game has to offer. But I’m not really sure that getting $1,000,000 is that much more difficult than getting $10k.[/quote]

You’re absolutely right, Once you figure out that ‘Qubba’ will buy absolutely anything for 5-20 times what you bought it, it’s too easy.

ALTHOUGH – $1Mil does take a while. Not more than a Medium Badge though. (You’d also prob have done at least one aspect of the story by then, too)

Thing is, with that game, you exhaust the potential trade routes quite quickly.. So it CAN be hard to stay as a ‘good’ caravaneer.

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Star Bright?Complete all levels in starshine Hard 30 points. “Walk the line Badge” Complete 8 levels in Line game, Medium 15 points. I’d Vote for these badges, even though they’ve been previously stated.

“inserts cool badge name here” Kill 150 snowmen in Snowan Attack, Medium 15 points. And that would be a new one not yet stated. And maybe a Badge on on Potion Panic, I know it doesnt have the api but I contacted the developer via shout and email to try and get the api inplemented in the game.

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There’s an Edit button THERE. No need to post a post for a badge :P.

Anyways, your StarBright / Walk The Line has been posted on the previous page already :P.

(2 Hours Later:)

I have solely came up with a few more badges!

Wreakage WiiZone (Hard – 30 Points) – Complete the entire game in Wreakazoid

Pretty Shooting… (Hard – 30 Points) – Defeat the final boss in Pretty Pretty Bang Bang : Remix

Ultimate Rock-Fighter
( Medium/Hard ) – Complete Knights of Rock with Rank 5 Gotten

OMG,LEIK,THE SPORK! (Medium – 15 Points) – Complete Smithys Quest , of course, looking at GameGrl’s Comment in the game.

Bouncing Madness (Medium – 15 Points) – Achieve a Combo of…lessay,20 in Kong Ball

Sweet,at least half of them doesn’t have the API, but they do roam Kongregate!

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Rhythm Fighter Badge (hard – 30 points) : Beat the final boss in RhythmBlaster

Almighty Rhythm Blaster Badge (impossible – 60 points) : Get 1,000,000 points in RhythmBlaster

Goal Hitter Badge (easy – 5 points) : Hit a total of 500 goal panels in Bouncy Ball in one day.

Jumping Ball Master Badge (hard – 30 points) : Hit 250 goal panels without losing a HP in Bouncy Ball

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I think you should get badges if you are really terrible at a game. You score so low you get like an embarrassing performance badge. It would be funny and I think some people would like them just as much as the other badges.

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Momentum Missile Mayhem – Slingshot Bomber

Triangles – Reach 15,000 score/medium
Reach 40,000 score/impossible

Mouse in Danger – Memory maze

Balence Balls 2 – Equilibrium Survive 100 seconds/hard

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Missile Piolet Badge ( Hard – 30 Points ) : Complete all 9 levels in The Missile Game 3D HS.

Extreme Missile Maneuvering Badge ( Impossible – 60 Points : Complete all 9 levels without losing a single life in The Missile Game 3D HS.

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BoomBoom badge (Hard or Medium) – Complete all levels in Boomshine.

Ultimate Cheater (Impossible, for sure) – Complete all Classroom games.

Eh, pretty weak suggestios, just stabbing in the dark.

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Linear Mind Badge (Impossible – 60 points): Help a line get to the end of level E of Line Game in under 75 seconds by using a keyboard! Hurry! The line needs your help!