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Sick of a spammer bumping a dumb thread?
Wanna remove a couple of useless stickies?

1: Install the script (requires Firefox/Greasemonkey).
  > Go to GreaseMonkey's menu and select "Manage User Scripts".
  > Open the scripts options and select "Edit this script".
2: Find a thread that you want to get rid of.
3: Add a new entry to the list of banned threads (the part after "var t=["...)
  > Type the full name of the thread (CAPS DO MATTER) between slashes (/).
  > If the thread's title has any of the following characters: /[-\{}()*+?.,\^$|# as a part
   of its name, you'll have to add this slash (\) before the character. 
   ie, If the thread's title is: Level 65! (finally) you'll have to type /Level 65! \(finally\)/
  > If the above doesn't work, you can copy a part of the thread's URL instead of its name.
	just make sure to add a \ before every hyphen (-)
  > Make sure to separate each entry with a comma.
   var t=[
   /this thread sucks/,
   /wanna be my lover\?/,
   /annoying sticky/
4: Refresh the page: thread is gone forever!


Let's say we want to remove a thread.
Its name is: EARN FREE MONEY!!!
Its URL is:

To remove it, we can use any of the following options:
/FREE MONEY/ <- This will remove all the threads with that name.
/925\-earn/  <- We used a part of the URL. This will keep it hidden even if the OP changes the thread's title.

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You’re too smart to be a real person. You must be a robot.

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I’m a tachikoma.

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I would have to agree with Zhoom, Great work on the script Senekis93. :)