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Happy Birthday to, uh, something!

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Today marks the one-year anniversary of the very first game uploaded onto Kongregate, Crazy Climber. This masterpiece was crafted by Richard, an employee of Kongregate currently hard at work on the card game. Next week, we’ll also hit the one-year anniversary of Fancy Pants being on the site, as Dr Nero was the very first developer I hassled over AIM to upload his game onto Kongregate, which, at the time, usually had about 5-10 users online at any given time (back then, we were reluctant to add employee badges to chat, since employees often made up the majority of the users online).

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Congratulations! Make any money yet?! :)

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Do investments count?

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One year? Only? Phew. We’re still at the very beginning! :3

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Greg asked: “Do investments count?”

Haha, ummm…sure. I lost the thread concerning the discussion on micro-transactions via the card game. I’ll be interested to see how that works out…I think it’s a hot business model these days.

Still…a year. That’s a bona-fide accomplishment. Have some cake.

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Not now, because it’s the first birthday, but for next birthdays (there will be, I’m sure! :P) you could make a new badge everyday for that month. Or something similar.

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>you could make a new badge everyday for that month. Or something similar.

Yeah! I want more badges! And there are still a lot of good games have no badges! (and most of them have API)

And maybe a card everyday? (It seem like a bad idea……)

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Lies! A-blast, Rocketman and King of the Hill were the first!

Ok, ok, production servers dont count as far as ‘official uploads’, but those technically were the first games that were used to build the initial site and flash framework around (none of which are actually on Kongregate now outside of the production servers :) ). We never actually ended up uploading them when the site when online.

On a related note July 17th is the anniversary of our first kickoff meeting with all the initial developers. June 6th was the first day I received an email about ‘Phase 1 Design and Development for Kongregate – Community- based gaming Web Site’. Back then it was only ideas, amazing what it is now. Old memories…

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Happy Birthday, Kong! I wish I could give you a nice gift, but you have ruined me financially with all your exciting, time-consuming game, I now live in a box on the street, but as long as I’ve got Kong, I’m happy.

On a more serious note, those dates are all good, but I’d actually like to know what date Kongregate was OFFICIALLY up. I don’t mean it being a beta, I mean the very first day where you actually said “Okay, let get this on the road and get some developers here!”

I mean, for a while you must’ve only kept the website as it was, on test-servers and not officially opened it up at

Furthermore, since arcane and greg seem to disagree, I’d like to know what the VERY first game was, that was uploaded? Again, when was actually opened, not on your test servers. And when?

And because I’m so curious, I was also wondering, just who have been in on this project from the very get-go? From what I understand, greg came in later, while arcane has been in on this project from the start, along with Jim and Emily, of course. But who else?

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First Birthday, guys. Which one do you guys prefer, having the birthday when the idea thought up of, the day the website was made, Alpha Started, Beta Started, or when next phrase begins?

:I, and I agree with Arcane. GREG LIES!

(That was the fifth game uploaded on Kongregate, but mehhhh…first game not taken off website.)

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Furthermore, since arcane and greg seem to disagree, I’d like to know what the VERY first game was, that was uploaded? Again, when was actually opened, not on your test servers. And when?

I’m not disagreeing with greg, I’m playing with him :). Greg’s information should be taken as accurate. The games I stated were the very first games to be used in a production environment when Kongregate was being built, but they were not the first games uploaded to a live version of the site (other than testing servers, that I’m aware of); that would be the game greg mentioned.

Regarding your requests for other information, you should probably take gregs date (Oct 10, 2006) as the ‘official’ date, since thats when the first game was uploaded to a working, accessible alpha site; though I dont know exactly when the first alpha page appeared. Hard to call a gaming site official without games eh?

Here are the dates from my perspective, some dates in regards to other people vary:

June 6, 2006 – Day I first heard of Kongregate and the possibility of helping.
June 13, 2006 – My first official meeting with Jim and the first time I spoke verbally with him. This is what Kongregate looked like at the time.
June 21, 2006 – Kongregate project officially green-lit for me.
June 26, 2006 (circa) – First placeholder page for Kongregate uploaded.
July 17, 2006 – Official "Kick-start’ meeting where all the dev members (Jim, Emily, Planet Argon[?], Happy Cog, myself, etc) met in San Fransisco at Jim’s house to brainstorm on what Kongregate should be and officially get some momentum going. Jim shot some video on this day for the history archives, its probably sitting around his office somewhere, waiting for the day to be released.
Sept 28, 2006 – Greg joins Kongregate. Closed alpha goes live.
Oct 10, 2006 – Kongregates first official non-development game, Crazy Climber uploaded.
Oct 13, 2006 (circa) – Alpha invites start going out
Oct 19, 2006 – TechCrunch publishes article regarding Kongregate’s launch.
Oct 26, 2006 – Know as week 1 (even though it really launched at least the week before), the first newsletter was sent out announcing that Kongregate alpha had been launched the previous week.

Greg likely knows other milestones, such as the day he started.

On a related note, the first server technology used was ElectroServer, which was later dropped.

Hope that helps.

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I knew you two were only jousting, arcane, and I didn’t mean disagree in a serious way. I guess I didn’t make that clear.

But thank you for that list. It certainly is interesting to see what progress Kongregate has gone through, and especially how it looked at first! Unless that screenshot isn’t from Kongregate itself but some online chat I don’t know of.

Actually, that list has inspired me to a little project I might try to make. XD