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ES-Razzi Tutorials - Whispering In and Out of Chat

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This tutorial will show you how to whisper to players both in and out of chat.

To whisper in chat:

1) Type /w_name_message. It will appear like this:

It will appear in chat like this:

The response will look like this:

To respond quickly to the message, you can click the reply button. It will insert /w (person’s name) into the chat box. Long or complicated names will become easy to use with this feature!

To Whisper to Someone Out of Chat:

1) Go to that person’s profile.

2) Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page to see the message functions.

3) Click on either shout or whisper. Shout messages are viewable by the public. A whisper is only viewable to the recipient.

4) Type in the message and click either SHOUT! or WHISPER! when you are finished.

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very well done little tutorial love it done es