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Hi all

I want to ask, is it possible to change your user name?

Basically, around 18 months ago I made this account, I played here for 2 months then I left, I have now finished up at the last site I was on, have come back, and have built up a small badge empire that I don’t want to give up, but really want my user name changed.

Is this possible.

Thank you in advance to anyone who replies :)

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Sorry, it’s not. The administration only allows changes in capitalization.

You’re more then welcome to make a new account, though!

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You can make it something cool and hip, like DadDynz though.

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Ok adv0catus, I thought this may be the case.
No harm in asking.
No I don’t want to give up my 500+ badges and 18 impossible badges!!

Thank you.

Pokerhappy, cool idea, but if I have to keep this name, this is ideal as it is :)
I just want my user name from the site I have just left, been there nearly 3 years so I have gotten
attached to that name.

Thank you.

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Originally posted by rice_krispiez9:

Or you could make a new account called DADDYnz69. The 69 is always popular with the ladies. It’s like saying: hey, I’m single, but I’m also really cool and fun with just enough edge to keep things interesting.

This made me laugh way more than it should have… xD
Anyway, good luck deciding, Daddy! Creating a new account is always quick and easy.

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lol rice_krispiez9
But I’m not single and I have 3 kids, with another on the way!
No way would I give up my account for just a 69!!

Thanks VforVendetta, but …

As nice as it would be to make a new account to get the user name I want …
No way am I giving up my badges, many/most of those impossible badges I have earned
have made me lose my sanity many times, I cannot put myself through that again!

I’m happy with DaddyNZ.

The NZ stands for New Zealand.

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If you still have the save game files on your computer, when you create a new account you’ll auto-receive the same badges you had when you load the games.