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Why is the stump mossy? What kind of stump? Let’s find out from Mossystump.

Real Name: Jacob Strickland

Country: United States

What do you do for a living?: Currently I work a minimum wage job, at an amazing place known as KFC! It’s a fairly interesting job,
and after working here for the past half year I have a new found respect for how hard fast-food workers actually work.

(Now I’m hungry…but for platypus. Is that weird?)

Origin of your username: Alright, so… Quite a few years ago I went camping with my dad on a piece of land him and his friend owned. After coming back
from this trip I was coming up with a new email account… I couldn’t come up with a good name, so I started thinking about this and that..
I came back to a stump I saw in the forest, so I named my email account after it! Later, I started using that as my name for everything,
including Kongregate. MossyStump was born!

(Good thing he didn’t think back to the time he saw two dogs “doing it”.)

What brought you to Kong?: Hmmmm…. Well, when I was younger I went to Gamesofgondor (ArmorGames before it was ArmorGames) for my fun. Then I learned of sometime after that.
After visiting that website I read about Kongregate in a blogpost by the creator of OneMoreLevel. (OML coming waaaay after GamesofGondor, I believe he was associated with the creating of ArmorGames, if I recall)
Anyway, I was brought to Kongregate through onemorelevel :D

Favorite game on Kong: Hmmm…. I’m not entirely sure what my favorite game on Kongregate is. I would say GDR (Game Development Room), but it’s not really a game. I really enjoy Amorphous, but then there’s the amazing platform and musically bastardly awesome Tower of Heaven…. Tough choice, I don’t think I can claim and absolute favorite!

(No love for Ceiling Cat Invaders??)

What room(s) do you frequent?: Unfortunately I don’t frequent that many rooms anymore, as I’m mostly in game chat for GDR. However, when I’m not, my home room is Difference Engine! It’s the very first room I was put into on Kongregate, and I’ve been there ever since :)

What would you do for a Klondike bar?: I would go to my local grocery store and purchase one. (Hurrrdurr)

(Whoa, man…dial it back. That’s EXTREME!!!)

Any bad habits?: Oh looord. I procrastinate so much. However, it’s only on personal ventures. When I need to get something done, I can get things done.
However, I’m horrible at completing my person projects in a timely fashion. I’m good at getting what I need done, done, but I’m bad at managing my actual free time.

(It took him three years to answer these questions!)

Hobbies: Like every other Kongregate gamer, I enjoy playing videogames! Other than that, I enjoy working with Actionscript and working on my own projects. I also enjoy collecting pins, and other knicknacks! I have a pin from every state, from when I went to a SkillsUSA competition.

Christmas lights—colored or white?: Christmas lights-colored! I can’t stand dull lights (plain white are dull).

Favorite super villain: Riku from Kingdom Hearts (While he’s still evil-ish)

Finish this song lyric—"Suzy likes her all day sucker…" pouring like an avalanche coming down the mountain. (What?)

(Suzy wants her all day WHAT?)

Describe the worst day you’ve ever had: Hmmm… I’m not entirely sure what my “Worst day ever” has been, I’ve had some pretty terrible ones but unfortunately they’re too personal and I don’t feel like sharing them with the community. Sorry everyone! Though to humor you, I stubbed my toe once…. It hurt.

(Yeah, while you were being chased by Godzilla, shooting bees from his mouth!)

You’re trapped on a desert island with a shoelace, a laser pistol, a gallon of milk, and an ocelot. Go!: Tie up the Ocelot with the shoestring and keep it as a pet. The milk I would split with my new awesome pet!
I would use the laser pistol to then hunt, to keep both me an my only friend happy.

(Where’s the litterbox??)

Gaming: PC, console, or mobile?: PC and console! PC is more versatile and has more depth to games, but you can’t beat the ease of the console! (That’s
not to say the home consoles are better than PC’s, just that it has different aspects that it trumps in, just like the PC does)

(Tiger Electronics games ftw!!)

Favorite horror movie franchise: 28 Days/Weeks Later (THE MOVIES ARE NOT ABOUT ZOMBIES)

Your lights are on: They’re…. Not… on? The only lights in my room are from my computer and a powerstrip…. and my glowing awesome mouse.

Why is the sky blue?: Insert science here, I can’t remember off the top of my head and I’m not going to use google to remind myself to sound smart.
Ummm…. Because… Because…. Poseidon wanted to retire, he took to the sky and created the wild blue yonder, another vast ocean to rule.


Something most Kongregants don’t know about you: Well most Kongregants probably don’t know me in the first place :D So I could write any nonsense here and it would be new to them! Uhhh…. Along side being a moderator I’m a terrible developer and have a few games, though I’m very self-concious about them.
I’ve only kept up my very first flash game, and a few other things from when I first started with programming, but haven’t been able
to release anything since because it hasn’t met my personal standars. (I’ve made several other things in recent time, but none of which
have actually been released. Including a flash version of the arcade game Stacker, after getting permission from the company who makes the game)

If you had a choice between losing a hand or losing a leg, which would you choose, and with what would you
replace the missing limb?(Submitted by MrSpontaneous):
Left leg, and the worlds most badass wooden pegleg until I could get one of those fancy metal legs!

That’s all, folks!

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Awesome :)

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The song…. You killed me.

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Yay for GDR. We are happy to have you there Mossy!

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Originally posted by lordleelee2:

The song…. You killed me.

I was sure somebody was going to know what song it was!

Originally posted by UnknownGuardian:

Yay for GDR. We are happy to have you there Mossy!


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I can’t stand dull lights (plain white are dull).

Amen, sister!

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I’ve tested Mossy’s version of Stacker.


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Originally posted by MrSpontaneous:

I’ve tested Mossy’s version of Stacker.


It’s rigged!

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Yay, another Vorpal interview. Awesome, thanks for this.

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A mosst read.

I obtained an interesting fact too:

Gamesofgondor (ArmorGames before it was ArmorGames)

Hah. I made a pun and read the post for anyone who thinks I’m just posting puns at every opportunity.

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Originally posted by BobTheCoolGuy:
Originally posted by MrSpontaneous:

I’ve tested Mossy’s version of Stacker.


It’s rigged!

The arcade game is rigged out the wazoo, my versions just badly coded :D