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▪ This thread is exclusively for sign-ups. Please use this thread for any discussion:

This thread is for controlling any chaos over the hosting and execution of gaming competitions.
It is required that you sign up for a spot in this thread if you would like to host a competition.
If you post a competition thread without first signing up here, that thread will be locked.

The rules! Please read these first.

▪ Competitions must be open to the general public. Hosts may put minor restrictions on who may qualify (accounts must be created after a certain date, no one who was DQ’d in the last few tournaments, etc.)
▪ There can only be one competition running at once (except in the situation listed below).
▪ A second competition may be started if the first lasts longer than 10 weeks.
▪ The competition must be completed within 15 weeks, or it will be closed.
▪ Competitions will take place on a first come, first served basis.
▪ Each person can only sign up to host one competition at a time.
▪ If it is your turn and you do not begin sign-ups or a qualifying round within 5 days, your turn may be skipped for the next competition. During this 5 day period, the host in the front of the line must either shout me or make a post in this thread stating his/her’s status on competition readiness.
▪ Relating to the above guideline, if you acknowledge that your competition will not be ready during this 5 day period, your spot in line will be given to the next person, who will then be given a 5 day period. However, if you give your spot up, you may take the next spot in line. However you can only do this once, if you are not ready after you pass once, you will lose your turn all together. (This does not apply to TeamEgoFrisk because this rule was implemented after he passed once.)
▪ The next tournament may begin its qualifier once the finals of the previous tournament begins. However the first round may not begin until the final of the previous tournament has completed. Your 5 day period to start your qualifier begins once the finals begin of the previous tournament.
▪ Any who do not sign up using the provided template may or may not be able to host said competition.

Notes on this thread:
▪ Older posts in this thread may be deleted for the sake of cleanliness.
▪ This thread is exclusively for sign-ups. Please use other threads for discussion.

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Hosting your competition:

Signing up should be done in the following way:

Signing Up 
Name of Competition (optional):
Number of competitors being accepted:
Approximate run time:
Names of co-hosts, spreadsheeters, etc.:

Starting your competition should be done in the following way:

Starting competition 
Name of Competition:
Number of competitors being accepted:
Name of co-hosts, spreadsheeters, etc.:
Link to qualifying round:

Ending your competition should be done in the following way:

Ending Competition 
Name of Competition:
Link to final round/thread:


Signing Up

Name of Competition: K.O.N.G.R.E.G.A.T.E
Number of competitors being accepted: 150
Approximate run time: 3 weeks
Names of co-hosts, spreadsheeters, etc.: guuguulyeye

Starting Competition

Name of Competition: Competition 3
Number of competitors being accepted: As many as possible
Approximate run time: 5 weeks
Names of co-hosts, spreadsheeters, etc.: None
Link to Qualifier Round:

Ending Competition

Name of Competition: K.O.N.G.
Link to final round/thread:

Tips for crafting and hosting a successful tournament

(work in progress)

Here are some additional tips from Danaroth.

1.) Basic Preparation

A.) Plan all the numbers in your tournament.

  • This means how many people, number and length of rounds, games, etc. you’ll want.
    • With the length of rounds, early on the people who are there to have fun want to submit a score, but later on the hardcore people will generally make time to play a game. Factor that into how long to make rounds. Generally rounds should be 3-5 days.
    • Eliminations should make sense from round to round. Don’t jump from 10% to 50%. Two good methods are to have a steady elimination percentage each round (say 35%,) or start out with a lower elimination percentage, and gradually increase it (for example start out at 30% and work your way up to 50% gradually.)

    2.) Game selection:

    A.) The primary goal of each tournament is for the competitors to have fun, so pick games that people find fun. This would exclude Tower Defense and Rhythm games, as well as Pel. Look for:

    • As mentioned before, find fun games.
    • Find new games to use. People enjoy playing fun games they’ve never played before. Not Pel.
    • Feel free to ask people for suggestions, people will be glad to give you suggestions.

    B.) However the ultimate goal of any tournament is to crown a winner. So later on, it’s better to find games that are ideal for competition. 4 things to consider:

    • Scaling difficulty. It’s better to not have something that just tries the gamer’s patience, or something with a maximum score. You’ll want something with scaling difficulty.
    • Games with API, and one where the score submits when the game finishes, without having to push a button. API allows other players to see where they rank in the round so far.
    • Games without a pause feature are useful. Combine this with API and you won’t have someone just post a score that no one knew about the entire round b/c they could keep it hidden.
    • Alternatively, (or additionally) to games with no pause, you can use multiple games in the finals. Since people will have to focus on multiple games, they’ll worry less about ninja’ing.
    • Finally it’s better to have games run on real time rather than frame rate. Games that run on frame rate become easier if you can slow down your computer, while real time games only become choppy. This prevents people from using slow computers to have an advantage.

    Other tips for games that you select:

    • If you’re having problems finding games, then use the new recommendation system that Kongregate implemented. It recommends games to you that you haven’t rated before, based on how you have rated other games similar to them. The list does refresh periodically by itself, but you can get it refresh as you rate games on the list.
    • Have backup games. I recommend at least 1 backup for each game you have. Lack of backups has really hurt a lot of tournaments, so don’t let yours be one of them.
    • Recruit some people to be play testers. It’s better to find glitches before you use the game and have to change the game in the round.

    3.) Other General Tips and Suggestions

    • Have a co-host, and make sure they know what’s coming up next for your tournament, in case you aren’t able to make it.
    • Setup the tournament so you WILL be around. Don’t set a round to end when you’re going to be at work. Questions come up near the end of a round, and it’s better if you’re around.
    • Prepare early. There are lots of people in line, and if someone isn’t ready, we move on to the next person. If that person is you and you’re not ready, you’re might try to just wing it, but you’re more than likely just going to have a crappy tournament.
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The Current List

WiiPlayer113 is currently hosting the tourney The Kongregator Klash

The following people are in line to host a tournament.

Order_Venom117(Unheard from)
JoshDragon(Possibly next)
fdsasdf(Unheard from)
hamuka(Unheard from)
DragonArcherZ(Possibly next)

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Also, if you’re looking for help with hosting a competition (co-hosting, spreadsheets, etc.), try contacting one of these people.

Either Spreadsheeting or Co-Hosting



(If you would like to be put on the list, feel free to make a post in this thread or leave me a shout/PM)

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List of available past competitions for reference:

(ss denotes the link to the spreadsheet)

This spreadsheet contains the information from virtually all of the tournaments and compiles them into several lists to see how you've done compared to other people.

ss Competition #3
~ Winner: Kyru
ss The Guantlet
~ Winner: SJOKER
ss K.O.N.G
~ Winner: Friz
ss Konguest
ss Official Amberial Axis Release Tournament
ss Kong-Prix
ss The Kongreatest Challenge
~ Winner: Friz
~ DQ: WiiPlayer113
Castlewars Competition
ss The Goliathan Konquest
~ Winner: Snape007
Starland TD Competition
ss Kwest for the Holy K
~ Winner: PkkHaseo
~ DQs: Drovoxx, skeelful08, Snape007, LethalMutiny, Devlini, heeheex2, JaumeBG, Starshooter123, D3ath4u2
ss 50/50 Winners & Losers
~ Winners: bladewing650, Elldaman311, Fricknmaniac, Thyrael
~ DQ: Wiggles96
ss The Tower
~ Winner: Thyrael
~ DQ: chavkill
ss The (Inter)National Greg Games
~ Winners: Danaroth, Elldaman311
~ DQs: Shizokuya, Wiggles96
ss The Kongregate King
~ Winner: Fricknmaniac
ss Competition to Find the Best XIII
~ Winner: Cirpacha
~ DQs: Hokage4354, NicolBolas
ss Vigorous Gaming
~ Winner: Wiiplayer113
~ DQ: MicroGamer15
ss Secret Panda Tournament
~ Winner: Wiiplayer113
~ DQs: DisposableClam, asmodous, MamboJambo
ss Masters of Gaming
~ Winners: Cirpacha, Thyrael
~ DQ: yourmomdad
ss Rise to Power
~ Winner: Svenskamordare
~ DQs: MicroGamer2, AioriaRox
ss Remembering Retro
~ Winner: Cirpacha
~ DQs: bananagram, Luisn002, mayrakis, WiiPlayer113
ss The Road to Gaming Greatness
~ Winner: Fusha
~ DQs: sam1122922226737, Aakash
ss The Pinnacle of Gaming Achievement
~ Winner: Ben_B
ss The "Colosseum"
~ Winner: MaistlinRajere
~ DQ: Mdawg4
ss SURVIVOR: Kongregate
~ Winner: hiperson134
ss The Quirky Capricious Kongregate Competition
~ Winners: Cirpacha, MaistlinRajere
ss The Kompetition
~ Winner: videogames518
ss Kongrefeint
~ Winners: Blizzard2000, videogames518, JoshDragon
ss V.O.K.
~ Winner: Cirpacha
ss The Kongregate Olympic Games
~ Winner: Ben_B
~ DQs: dragonologist23, fatihkutay, Jaskaron2000
ss T.B.A.
~ Winner: Cirpacha
~ Winner: BestMte
ss The Road Not Taken
~ Winner: BestMte
ss Victory Road
~ Winner: BestMte
~ DQs:antim
ss SilentSand's Rapid Fire Rapidfire Tournament
~ Winner: ShawnerSSS
ss Synecdoche
~ Winner: BestMte, Team DOOOOOM
ss Average Gaming Tournament
~ Winner: MaistlinRajere
ss Rise and Fall
~ Winner: Ben_B, Team Minotaur
ss Back to School
~ Winner:BestMte
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Holy omg the list of competitions is outdated. I know what I’ll be doing for the next hour.

Kay, I did it.

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I think this is enough reserves.

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Sign for tournament and also available for Spreadsheeting and cohosting.

Signing Up

Name of Competition (optional): TBA

Number of competitors being accepted: TBA

Approximate run time: TBA

Names of co-hosts, spreadsheeters, etc.: TBA

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Originally posted by MyNameIsNothing:

Sign for tournament and also available for Spreadsheeting and cohosting.


I also finished updating the line of people to host. There were a few people left off from the other thread.

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Uzz said in the other thread that he probably won’t be able to host until 2014-2015. Also, what’s the wait time? I might want to sign-up to run one…

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Originally posted by adv0catus:

Uzz said in the other thread that he probably won’t be able to host until 2014. Also, what’s the wait time? I might want to sign-up to run one…

I’ll contact Uzz about this issue, and probably move him to the end of the line, with his consent.

Given that each tourney runs for about two months, I’d say that the waiting time if you just now signed up would be two and a half years at the latest, should everyone signed up host a tourney. However, that is really unlikely, so I’d say reasonably between one year and two years.

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Could you add me to the list of available spreadsheeters please.

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Sure, I’ll sign-up and I can co-host if needed.

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It appears you missed my post in the last thread about being available for spreadsheeting (or just haven’t had the time to update it yet), so I’m posting it again here.

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You have my consent to bump me back.

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Ill love to sign up :) Games = life!

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Wii, you took over hiperson?

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Originally posted by DragonArcherZ:

Wii, you took over hiperson?

Originally posted by hiperson134:

Good news everyone! This tournament has shown me that with my increased time commitments to college life, I’m no longer fit to run this thread! At the closing of my tournament, I will be retiring the position and it will pass over to wiiplayer113.

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Co-host + SS available whenever needed.

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I’m pretty much ready to go, by the way.

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Originally posted by DragonArcherZ:

Wii, you took over hiperson?

Yep, it was for the better of the tournament community (and for myself) for me to relinquish my position.

I suspect this will also mark a general increase in the interest and in and awesomeness of the tournaments, since they do appear to increase and decrease in quality based on non-regular cycles.

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Just letting everybody know that I’m available for spreadsheeting now that I’ve had plenty of experience with Google Docs.

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It’s good to see this thread alive again after being dormant for so long. :) I’m also available for spreadsheeting.

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I mentioned this as some point in the previous thread…..

I just thought of something. If the time ever comes for you and/or Wii to not be able to keep this updated anymore, why don’t we have an account specifically for the tournament stuff, where anyone who wants to update it can from that account, that way, threads for this won’t have to keep being made for the next person. An account for multiple people to use would make it much easier.
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Well, let’s see where this takes me.

Name of Competition: Ultimate Unity Bout

Number of competitors being accepted: Anyone who signs up within 5 days after starting

Approximate run time: I’m going to say 2-3 weeks right now. Debatable.

Names of co-hosts, spreadsheeters, etc.: I don’t have names yet, but I will have a good idea by that time. I will only need 1 co-host and probably 8-10 spreadsheeters

OH and I am always available for co-hosting and spread-sheeting.