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Ego Inflation for I_love_crows

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his profile

Now for the interview for this super famous person you all know and care about enough to read an interview with them

Also his responses are in bold

1. What is your favorite thing


2. What is your least favorite thing

Its a tie of everything that ISNT A CROW

3. What is your favorite Kong game?

CROW attack

4. What is your favorite Kong badge

All badges suck they have NO CROWS

5. Who is your favorite mod?

Zshadow because he is secretly A CROW

6. What is your favorite food?

Kettle corn :>>>>

8. What is your least favorite number?

Seven because it ate nine, and nine LOVED CROWS :’<

9. What is the scariest thing ever?

a scareCROW :<<<<<<<<

10. How are you typing?

I peck the keys with my MAJESTIC BEAK

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wow this is a great interview that I legitimately care about

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10/10 better interview than most others.

Seven because it ate nine, and nine LOVED CROWS :’<

i cry everytiem

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Finally, i waited so much for this one!!!! I can’t wait to be the next person interviewed!

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Great intervew, would reccomend to a friend 5/5

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can u interview me too pls?

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Originally posted by Galdos:


u jelly?
Haha, I love these threads.

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great review 10/10

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Best.Interview.Ever.Why?Because i actually read it.11/10.

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One of the better interviews, very enjoyable.