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Kongregate Tweaks

Copy and paste the follow scripts into your browser bar and press Enter as if you were going to a new site. (Tested in Firefox. IE can kiss my ass). Scripts are also GreaseMonkey compliant, and you can run scripts everytime you view the page. Just get GreaseMonkey and follow the links below.

Badge Tweak: Latest Version: 1.4 – 21st November

Reorders the badges page! When you run the script you should see a menu appear above the sidebar.


javascript:eval(function(p,a,c,k,e,d){e=function(c){return(c<a?"":e(c/a))+String.fromCharCode(c%a+161)};while(c--){if(k[c]){p=p.replace(new RegExp(e(c),'g'),k[c])}}return p}('¡ q,b;§ Ö(){¡ f=¢.¤("¿");f.¥.¢¬="¢ª";f.¥.Þ="ß";¡ g=¢.¤("à");£(g!=¶){f.©(g)}b=n();l()}§ l(){¡ x=¢.¤("¿");£(¢.¤("Õ")==¶){¡ t=¢.ª("¯");t.®("Ø","Õ");t.¥.Ñ="¢¥";t.¥.µ="½";¡ o=w("¾ Ì ¢¤");o.¹("Â",d,º);t.©(o);¡ o=w("¾ Ì å");o.¹("Â",s,º);t.©(o);¡ o=w("¾ ç");o.¹("Â",f,º);t.©(o);x.·(t,x.Ô)}}§ w(n){¡ o=¢.ª(\'a\');o.®("ý","#");o.»=n;o.¥.ü="0 û;";o.¥.ë="1.ù";o.¥.µ="½";± o}§ n(){¡ x=¢.¤("Î").¦("¯");¡ b=Å Æ();­(¡ i=0;i<x.¬;i++){£(x[i].¨("«")=="Ä"){¡ t=x[i].¦("a");­(¡ o=0;o<t.¬;o++){¡ m=t[o].¦("¸")[0];¡ a=m.¨("Í");m.ø("Í");a=a.î(a.°(".Ú\', \'")+õ,-2);m.®("Á",a);m.¹("ñ",§(){z(ò)},º);b.Ç(t[o])}}}±(b)}§ s(){t();c("Ï");c("Ð");c("Ò");c("Ê");­(¡ i=0;i<b.¬;i++){¡ m=b[i].¦("¸")[0];¡ a=m.¨("Á");¡ l=¢.¤(a).¦("ô")[1].»;a=m.¨("²").°("(È)")>0;¡ v;£(l.°("÷")>0){v=¢.¤("Ï")}³ £(l.°("þ")>0){v=¢.¤("Ð")}³ £(l.°("¢¡")>0){v=¢.¤("Ò")}³ £(l.°("¢¢")>0){v=¢.¤("Ê")}³{±}v=v.¦("´")[0];p=¢.ª("¼");p.©(b[i]);£(!a){v.·(p,v.Ô)}³{v.·(p,v.À)}}}§ d(){t();c("É");c("×");­(¡ i=0;i<b.¬;i++){¡ m=b[i].¦("¸")[0];a=m.¨("²").°("(È)")>0;¡ v;£(a){v=¢.¤("É")}³{v=¢.¤("×")}v=v.¦("´")[0];p=¢.ª("¼");p.©(b[i]);v.·(p,v.À)}}§ f(){t();c("Ã");¡ o=b.¢©([]);o.¢«(§(i,p){i=i.¦("¸")[0];p=p.¦("¸")[0];£(i.¨(\'²\')<p.¨(\'²\')){±-1}£(i.¨(\'²\')>p.¨(\'²\')){± 1}± 0});¡ v=¢.¤("Ã");v=v.¦("´")[0];­(¡ i=0;i<o.¬;i++){¡ p=¢.ª("¼");p.©(o[i]);v.·(p,v.À)}}§ t(){¡ a=¢.¦("¯");¡ c=Å Æ();­(¡ i=0;i<a.¬;i++){£(a[i].¨("«")=="Ó"){c.Ç(a[i])}}­(¡ i=0;i<c.¬;i++){c[i].Ü.Ý(c[i])}}§ c(n){¡ x=¢.¤(n);£(x==¶){x=¢.ª("¯");x.®("Ø",n);x.®("«","Ó");¡ t=¢.ª("¯");t.®("«","â");t.¥.ã="#æ è(/ê/ì/í.ï) ð-ó ö ú ÿ;";t.¥.Ñ="¢£;";t.¥.¢¦="¢§;";t.»=\'<Ù «="¢¨">\'+n+\'</Ù>\';x.©(t);t=¢.ª("¯");t.®("«","Ä");t.»=\'<´ «="Û"></´><á ¥="ä:é;" />\';x.©(t);¡ t=¢.¤("Î");t.©(x)}}§ z(n){£(q==¶){¡ x=¢.¤("¿").¦("¯");­(¡ i=0;i<x.¬;i++){£(x[i].¨("«")=="Ú"){£(x[i].¥.µ!="Ë"){q=x[i]}}}}q.¥.µ="Ë";q=¢.¤(n.¨("Á"));£(q!=¶){q.¥.µ="½"}}Ö();',95,107,'var|document|if|getElementById|style|getElementsByTagName|function|getAttribute|appendChild|createElement|class|length|for|setAttribute|div|indexOf|return|title|else|dl|display|null|insertBefore|img|addEventListener|true|innerHTML|dt|block|Sort|sidebar|lastChild|target|click|Everything|badges_list|new|Array|push|completed|Complete|Impossible|none|By|onmouseover|main|Easy|Medium|height|Hard|badge_wrapper|firstChild|dazmenu|init|Incomplete|id|span|view_badgeinfo|badge|parentNode|removeChild|float|right|ad_container|br|morebadges_heading|background|clear|Difficulty|A31919|Alphbetically|url|both|images|fontSize|presentation|redarrow_right|slice|gif|no|mouseover|this|repeat|dd|19|scroll|easy|removeAttribute|3em|112px|5px|margin|href|medium|0px|hard|impossible|27px|Completion|60px|width|122px|badge_type|concat|fixed|sort|position'.split('|')))

Version 1

  • Sorts by Completion
  • Sorts by Difficulty (incomplete badges are placed first)
  • Sidebar now floats on the right, since the page is just wayyyyyy too long)

Version 1.1

  • Lag is GONE!

Version 1.2

  • GreaseMonkey compliant! You can now copy and paste it into your own GreaseMonkey script.
  • Cleaned up some of the code, and increased compression. 2553 bytes.
  • Links no longer close to each other.

Version 1.3

  • Cleaned up the Menulinks
  • Added Alphabetical Sort

Version 1.4

  • Fixed RightClick bug (My fault, had the CSS Clear in the wrong element)

KongSearch Tweak: Latest Version 1.0 – 23rd November

Adds a Google search button to the top right, which searches Kongregate using Google’s engine. Useful for people who just want to search like normal people.


Version 1.0

  • Adds “Google” button to the search bar.

Kongregate General Badges Tweak

Badge Page Ajaxified! Loads Badge pages without leaving the Badge Page!


Version 1.0 – Latest Version 1.0 – 28rd November

  • Page links loads the Badges directly instead of reloading the entire page again.
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Current Features

Profile Badges Tweak


  • Sorts by Completion
  • Sorts by Difficulty
  • Sorts by Alphabetical Order


  • Increased Performance! No More Lag
  • Floating Sidebar now allows you to view information about all badges whereever they are.
  • Script is now GreaseMonkey Compliant!

Features Being Considered

  • Pagination.
  • Utilise Prototype.js.

KongSearch Tweak

  • Search via Google.

General Badges Tweak

  • Ajax functionality
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Known Bugs/Problems

Version 1

  • Please don’t run the script more than once. The script parses the html and changes it drastically, and if it gets changed again things don’t work. I’m working on making it more secure.
  • You have to run the script everytime the page is loaded. There isn’t much I can do here except to point you to a handy firefox extension called GreaseMonkey. (Update: My script does not work in GreaseMonkey. I will work towards getting it up :) ) (Update: Script is now GreaseMonkey compliant! Version 1.2 Upwards. Best reason to get FireFox now.)

Version 1.3

  • Some weird rendering bug which seems to be a CSS box model related issue. Working on it for next version :) Update: Fixed in 1.4
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Nice script. If you use stylized buttons it will be better.

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Functionality before Beauty.

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Sure. But both links are togheter. It shows: Sort By DifficultySort By Completion

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Remarkable script. I look forward for using it as a GreaseMonkey script. Thank you.

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erm… I got greasemonkey… but now I have no idea how to put the script on =/

Edit: Yay!! Dazzer you rule!

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New User Script.
Put in a Name, namespace can be ignored.
Includes –* and*
Then select a text editor, and copy paste the above in.

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Fixed ^^

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Ok I use firefox/greasemonkey add on for my travian game and I have never had to make a script or add it like this but I hit New user script I put in name as Badges blah blah put the above in and couldn’t find text editor to copy and paste the code…helpzors.

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I use this link on the GreasyMonkey Includes option: “http://kongregate.combadges*”. It works on every badges pages.

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Any text editor will do. Like Notepad, or Wordpad.

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To find notepad on Windows:

Choose your C: Drive from the dropdown
Open the Windows folder
Type in “note” in the File: box
Select “Notepad.exe”

I’m having trouble getting the hang of Greasemonkey – do we paste the code before or after “/UserScript”?
Also, I tried the v1.1 code in the address bar, and it worked wonderfully, but using the code you have now just loads up the search page.

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Really? The code I have now should work either way.
FireFox please. I Will Not and Never Will Support Internet Explorer.
(Paste After /userscript)

Update: My bad. I forgot to put javascript: in front. Fixed.

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Maybe have alphabetical order for name of the game the badge is for? =/ Seems more useful to me, but maybe that’s just me lol =P.

And maybe have incomplete badges before complete badges? maybe it’s just me again, but I generally only want to see the incomplete badges (or the lack of them, more like ;) muuuhahaha!)

Iunno, can’t think of anything that substantial to change about it at the moment =/ It’s already ace what you’ve done with it!! =D

Yaaayyy!!! I can right click the badges all day long now =D

edit: you spelt javascript wrong =P

edit 1.5: that’s better, lol =P

edit2: Run the javascript in this window, hehe =P

edit3: too many edits, and too many “=P”s tbh =P

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IE’s a pain.

The script works in the title bar, but I still can’t figure out GreaseMonkey – this is what it should look like, correct?

// ==UserScript==
// @name           Kong Badge Rearrangement
// @namespace      Kongregate
// @description    Rearranges Kong badges so they look all pretty-like.
// @include        http://**badges*
// ==/UserScript==
javascript: [code goes here]

EDIT: Darn textile.

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take away javascript: from GreaseMonkey.

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lol I didnt know you were talking about notepad and stuff

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Finally figured it. It was a pain to see the difference in notepad, but I needed a line break rather than a space before the script.

EDIT: BTW, you misspelled “Alph*a*betically”.

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How the hell do I add the script into greasemonkey…I have it on notepad and theres no option to add it to greasemonkey

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Install greasemonkey, name the script something like badges.user.js, drag and drop it in the browser and greasemonkey will recognize it.