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spamming in public chat rooms and disregarding the rules

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i don’t know whether got such a topic already on kongregate but i want to know what will the admins do if people are caught spamming the same thing over and over again in the public chat rooms????

so many spammers and got people say that it is ok to spam and disobey the rules.

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Moderators and administrators can silence/ban temporally or permanently accounts if they repeatedly break the rules.

If you find someone infringing the conduct guidelines, you can use the report abuse button in their profile.

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If they’re in violation of the conduct guidelines they can be silences/banned for their behaviour, if a moderator is present. If one isn’t, anyone can go to their profile and report them, and then the administrators can retroactively give warnings for behaviour, and if it persists they can take action.

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i did but got people say the admins and mods don’t ban those spammers at all.

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and they were violating the conduct guidelines all along but they deny it and still give excuses that they want to make the chat room become much more lively.

i would say they got serious chat behavior problem.

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If a moderator is not present in the room, please mute any troublesome users and let us know about their poor behavior by selecting “Report Abuse” on their profile. Select “Chat Behavior” and fill out a little bit of detail on what happened, and we’ll take care of it from there.

Ultimately people like to misbehave to seek attention. Give no attention to them and encourage others to mute as well, and promote a healthy discussion in the chatroom. Best way to combat bad behavior.

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good going there zshadow………about removing the topic about comparing two games……^_^.

such a topic will cause a massive war between fans of both games.

and i will mostly report them for misbehavior the moment i see them breaking the chat guidelines.

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This is generally how it goes; moderators will sit around doing nothing while people rage, spam, curse, copy+paste all caps paragraphs or links, but the moment the moderator himself disagrees with somebody in the chatroom he won’t hesitate to silence the person without warning. It happens quite often, sometimes to me, sometimes to other people.

I usually just make use of the mute button, but if it’s a moderator who’s doing the harassing, there’s not really anything to do besides report them, hope for the best, and if you’re not currently in a discussion with anyone and have nothing to lose, go to another room and have fun there as long as you can.

Here’s one important thing, though: You do need to report users who are doing something significantly wrong, be it a normal user or a moderator. That’s the only way anything can be done about it. If you want a problematic user to be silenced, you need to either mute him or call a good moderator to help (I don’t happen to know any, but I’m sure there are plenty). Problems are able to persist much longer than they should because people report when they’re personally angry at someone, wasting administrators’ time, and then don’t bother to report when they feel that something wrong has actually been done.

I’m not saying any names; not making any accusations. I’m just addressing an issue in hopes that the community as a whole will be aware and make an effort to prevent recurrence of the problem.

And to the moderators: Don’t give the huge chat problems such as copy+paste spammers, allcaps cursing ragers, etc, so much slack. I’ve seen a lot of you who don’t deal with that kind of stuff, you let it anger you all day, then when those people go to sleep you end up slamming the banhammer on anybody who makes you slightly angry. Don’t let that anger build up and then take it out on the wrong people. Just silence those people right then and there, they’re the ones who should be silenced, not the person you have a small disagreement with later that night. We’re all human, we make mistakes, but we also, as humans, are supposed to observe our failures and adapt to overcome them.

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Don’t give the huge chat problems such as copy+paste spammers, allcaps cursing ragers, etc, so much slack.

I’m just going to comment as a mod here for this one…

We’re encouraged to err on the side of lenience. Our discretion is also a big part of the modding process of when and where and how. So every mod does have a different style.

Now, personally speaking… I hate silencing and I hate banning. So I can imagine plenty of others may feel the same way. Forgive them if they want to find an alternate solution to the problem.

However, I agree with you entirely on the “report abuse” of abusive users, especially moderators. Reports are all reviewed and acted upon if necessary.

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We’re meant to give out plenty of warnings, so ‘silencing right then and there’ isn’t really the best thing to do since it doesn’t discourage poor behaviour.

Another thing about mods who ‘sit around doing nothing’ is that a lot of them may be AFK. I know in my room it happens a lot where there are a few mods there but none of them active. The idea behind it is if someone comes in the room with the intention of trolling, they might think twice about doing it if there’s a mod there.

Even if mods don’t take immediate action because they’re not there, they can still report if they see something they would have silenced for.

All in all, we are all human – we can’t be expected to sit at our screens the whole day, we have things to do over the course of the day and we might just leave our computers on as a slight deterrence. The best thing to do, rather than complain about the mods who fail to act, is to just report, mute and get on with it rather than criticise them for not doing something they weren’t even there to see in the first place.

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I never came across a moderator abusing his power. When someone does spam, my friend just reminds me to mute them if necessary.

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I would say that erring on the side of lenience doesn’t mean ignoring. So one can be “lenient” by not immediately silencing, but clear that the behaviour is unacceptable, and if it continues a silencing will result. I think a mod ignoring bad behaviour and relying on other users to report abuse is not performing their role properly.

And Stots is correct, there are times when I’ve not taken immediate action, but I’ve been afk. I’ve realised that as a mod it’s important to use the “/afk” function, otherwise users think you’re actively tolerating and approving of bad behaviour, which should certainly not be the case.