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This is the new location for the Kongregate threads. Instead of posting multiple threads (which I know you guys hate), I will be posting the tutorials within one thread on multiple posts.


A special thanks goes out to the following people who helped create the guides:





And to everyone else who I forgot to mention!



Badge Quests

Buying Kreds

Buying Kreds Part Two

Changing Avatars

Chatroom Interface

Commenting on Games

Contact Us/Feedback

Current Challenges

Earning Points (broken formatting)

Editing Posts (broken formatting)

Flagging Posts

Formatting Posts

Frequently Asked Questions


How to Mute

How to Submit a Bug Report

How to Take a Screenshot

Kongai Collectable Cards

Kongregate Facebook Application

Kongregate Sponsored Games

Kred FAQ

Locking Your Own Threads

Moderators and Admins (and the creation of chatrooms)

Modfriend and You

Referral Links

Report Abuse/Thank a Mod

Report Missing Achievement

Ticket Challenges

Transferring Save Files

Uploading a Game

Using the Search Bar

Whispering In and Out of Chat

Video Tutorials

Note: Video tutorials are made by other Kongregate users. Special thanks to them!

Transferring Save Files on Windows XP

Using the Search Bar(Forums)

Using the Search Bar(Games)

Using the Search Bar(Names)

Other Helpful Tutorials

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This tutorial will show you how to view your badges and find out which badges you don’t have. As well, you’ll learn how to find the games that do have badges.

1) Go to the Kongregate home page.

2) Click the Achievements tab.

On the left side of the page, you’ll see a large selection of sub-categories (organized by genre) that you can look though. On the right, you will see a list of badges. By fault, it is set to show the newest:

Clicking on any of the badges will take you to the game page. If you’ve earned the badge already, it will tell you the date that you earned the badge. You can also sort your badges. You can have them shown by: all, unearned, earned, easy, medium, hard and impossible. You can also sort them in rank of: newest first, oldest first, easiest first, hardest first, most awarded first and least awarded first.

(Rewritten by adv0catus)

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Buying Kreds

This tutorial will show you how to buy Kreds. Please keep in mind that if you need some more help, please feel
free to send an email to

1) Go to or from the navigation bar, go to Home > Get kreds.


3) Click on the appropriate form of payment and select the amount of kreds you wish to buy.

4) Fill out the required fields. This information is private and will not be shared or sold.

Kreds should be transfered to your account and will be ready to be donated to your favorite developer. If they
do not, feel free to email or

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Changing Avatars

To change your profile picture (avatar), you do the following:

1. Go to your profile and click the “change image” button.

2. It will change to a “Choose Image” button along with the following information:

Avatar image (jpeg, gif or png formats at least 140 × 140 pixels; max size 500k)

Simply click the “Choose Image” button and select the image you’d like to use as your avatar. Click Open.

Rewritten by adv0catus

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Contact Us/Feedback

This tutorial will show you how to effectively and accurately contact Kongregate staff to help you with your problems. This guide will be edited tomorrow to include more details and useful information.

Go to “HELP”, then “Contact Us” in the top Navigation bar:

This will take you to the contact form page:

I will now explain what each section should be used for. Where it says “Message Subject”, you will fill out the following forms:

Report Missing Card or Badge

This is where you report a missing card or badge. In the first space provided, put in the name of the game. If accessed from the game page, this will already be filled out for you. In the text area, give a summary of what happened. Provide a screenshot to further help. The more details in the report, the faster they can help. This would include time, date, which achievement or card is missing, etc..

Report a Game Bug

This is where you report a game bug. This form will be sent to the developer, not to Kongregate staff. In the first space provided, put in the name of the game. If accessed from the game page, this will already be filled out for you. In the text area, give a summary of what happened. Provide a screenshot to further help. The more details in the report, the faster they can help.

Report a Non-Game Bug

This is where you submit any bug related to the website of Kongregate as a whole. If there is a problem with the chat or a site bug, this is where you submit it. In the text area, give a summary of what happened. Provide a screenshot to further help. The more details in the report, the faster they can help.

Developer Support

This is where you submit any questions if you are having trouble uploading or maintaining a game you have already uploaded. Example questions are below:

Abusive User

This is my favorite. This is where you report any abusive players. Such players would be hackers or chats where the moderator has made it too late. In the first text area, write the name of the player(s). In the text area, provide the following:

Feature Request

This is where you request a feature for the site. You can also use the suggestions thread. I do not see a real reason for this option; however, this is the best place to recommend a game you want to see on the site.

Advertising Inquiry

If you are looking to do some sort of advertising deal with Kongregate, this is the place to ask. In the text area, type in your question or request. Kongregate does not do any affiliation deals with gambling or pornography sites.

Other Inquiry

This is where you submit anything that does not fall in with the other categories. In my opinion, this option should not be used unless your question has nothing to do with any other category.

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Current Challenges

This tutorial will show you where to check the current challenges.

First, Click on ACHIEVEMENTS in the top Navigation Bar. Click Current Challenges.

On this page, you will see:

The current challenges:

What a challenge is and what you can do with the cards:

And the option to play Kongai:

This list of current challenges will be updated every time a new challenge comes out. You can also view the challenges on the homepage:

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Earning Points

This thread outlines how to earn points and what these points are for. This information can also be found here.

There are many different ways you can earn points. They are outlined in this table:

Certain games get badges. Under the game, there is a description of what badge it has and what amount of points you’ll get for completing that challenge. To earn that badge and the points that go with it, accomplish what the badge tells you to do in the game.

Upload Bonus Points Explanation

If your game has a rating of at least 2.5 stars on the 50th rating, you receive 50 bonus points (“good game bonus”). If the score is at least 3.0 on the 100th rating, you will receive 75 bonus points (“rad game bonus”). The “totally awesome game bonus” awards 150 bonus points if your game has a score of at least 3.5 stars on the 200th rating, and the “legendary game bonus” awards an unbelievable 300 bonus points if your game has a score of at least 4.0 stars on the 500th rating.

You cannot lose points if the rating for your game falls, and note that these points are ADDED to what you already have. Uploading a game with a rating above 4.0 could therefore earn a total of 575 points. This is, however, pretty rare, as Kongregate users can be pretty picky with their ratings of 4 and 5.

What Are Points Used For?

Your level will automatically rise as you earn points. Privileges and potential prizes that points and levels could unlock are currently unavailable, but this feature might be implemented in the future.

Point Anomalies

There have been two different times where there has been an exception to the chart or there has been a change in how badges and points were given.

The first was Double Point Weekend_. This happened on the weekend before Christmas of 2008. Badge reward points for the game Mechanical Commando. The Easy badge was worth 10 points. The Medium badge was worth 30 points. The Hard badge was worth 60 points. The Impossible badge was worth 120 points.

The second occurrence was "_Underdog Week
": This is when the overlooked games were awarded badges. Below is a great description of what happened:

I’m going to personally select 5 games with our API that I think are totally awesome. They might not be the most popular, they might not have the best rating, or the best art, or maybe they’re kind of glitchy, or… well, the point here is that there’s just something about them that is really, really great. A lovable core that makes you want to show the game to your friends, to tell them it’s the greatest thing you’ve ever played in your life—perhaps sarcastically, but with a small grain of truth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ page is filled with one line-answer questions that are not long enough to get their own guide. This guide will constantly be updated. If you have a question, post it and I will answer it in this thread.

Account Questions

Q. Can I change my username?

A. Only admins can change your username. Email to have them change your name. You can only get a name change if your name is offensive or causes people to complain about it.

Q. I want my account banned/silenced. What should I do?

A. The best thing to do is to email and ask to have your account banned or silenced. I suggest giving a reason with your email. Please do not make a topic asking to have your account banned or silenced in the forums.

Q. I have been wrongly banned or perma-banned. What can I do to get unbanned?

A. If feel your ban or silence is unjustified you may send an e-mail to and file a complaint about the mod who placed it on you. If you were wrongly banned because of a hacking or some other third party, send an e-mail to and explain the situation.

Forum Questions

Q. Someone made an abusive thread in the forums. How can I get this user to stop?

A. Fill out this form. Fill in the name of the abusive person and give the thread URL. You can also leave arcaneCoder or another forum moderator a whisper.

Q. I want to make a thread, but chances are someone has made it first. Should I post it anyway?

A. To check if someone has posted your topic already, enter your topic in the search bar and see what pops up. If there is already another thread, use that one instead. If not, go ahead and make yours. If a thread is more than 45 days old, please make a new one.

Q. How do you do that quoting thing that says “Originally posted by ‘this player’:”?

A. I believe they are using a program which was written by arcaneCoder. You can check out this thread for more information.

Q. I am new to Kongregate. Where should I introduce myself? What are some helpful links or pages I should be aware of?

A. There are many different pages you should take a look at. First off, introduce yourself in this thread; do not make a “Hi, I’m New” post in the forums. Next, take a look at the Code of Conduct, the Help Page, and my Tutorial Directory.

Game/Data Questions

Q. I want to delete my cookies. Will this delete my save files?

A. Deleting cookies will not delete your save data. Cookies are used as “session savers”. If you delete your cookie, the only thing that will happen is you will need to re-log into Kongregate. Save files are just that – files. When you delete cookies, you do not delete these files. As far as I know, there are no games that save as cookies. Use this guide to learn how to find these files or cookies should you want to back up these files on an external hard drive.

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This tutorial will show you how to navigate the highscores panel in a game.

First off, choose a game. This game MUST have API (Application Programming Interface) in place in order to have
highscores. For the purposes of this tutorial, I will use Idle 2.: Konquest.

The highscore tab is located above the list of names to the right of a game:

The mode allows you to choose which type of score you want to look at. This differs from game to game. The most common types are score, kills, and time:

There are four different “comparisons” of scores: Today, This Week, All-Time, Friends:

The tab labeled “friends” allows you to compare your score to people on your friends list.

Getting a Highscore

Once you have gotten a highscore, your score will most likely be submitted automatically. Sometimes the game requires that you manually submit your score to get it on the scoreboard. Only the top 25 are shown in each category. If you achieve a highscore that makes it on the top 25 of a category, you will receive this message in the chat box:

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How to Mute

This tutorial will show you how to mute players who are annoying you in chat. There are three ways to do this.

First Way
Go to the names up at the top and hover your mouse over the player’s name:

Click the red mute button. A line will appear through the user’s name:

Second Way
Go to the names of the player you wish to mute in the same way as above:

This time, click on their name:

Click on the red mute user button:

Third Way
Using the search bar, type in the player’s name.

Select the player’s profile from the search results:

Click “Mute (player)”

To unmute a player, do the same steps as above. The mute buttons will be replaced with “unmute”.

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How to Submit a Bug Report

This tutorial will show you what to do if you spot a bug in a game.

1) Scroll down on the webpage of the game until you see this area:

2) Click on “Report a Bug”

3) This webpage will appear. For the purposes of this tutorial (and because it was the game I was on), we will use Kongregate Chat as an example:

4) Fill out the text area with information including:
-Time of the Bug
-Description of the Bug
-A screenshot of the Bug
-Anything that might be useful to getting it solved.

5) Press submit when you are finished.
NOTE: The message will go to the developer, not to Kongregate.

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Kongai Collectable Cards

This tutorial will show you where to view and learn about the Kongai Card Album.

1) Go to the Kongregate homepage.

2) In the top Navigation Bar, go to Achievements, then My Cards:

There you will see an album of cards you own. Cards that you do own will be colored. Cards that you do not own will be grayed out:

At the top, you can choose to see which type of card you want to view:

Below the bar, you can read the history of each set of cards. This example will be for the Martial Artists:

Below that, you can see each card and its details:

The best way to learn about the cards is to search around that page and play around.

Editions Owned

On your cards, you will see a letter or a number and a letter. There is no difference between K1 or K3. The only difference is how and when you acquired the card.

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Kongregate Facebook Application

This application is no longer functioning.

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Adding Kongregate Sponsored Games to Your Website

This tutorial will show you how to add Kongregate sponsored games to your website.

1) Scroll down to the very bottom of the main page. There you will see a navigation bar with numerous links. Click on the one that says “Games for your site”:

2) You should be at the URL There you will see a list of games:


When a game is embedded on a website, it means that it is being displayed on your website, but the game is actually being accessed from the original website. This can cause problems if there is a proxy that prevents a website from being displayed. For example, if you are in a school and Kongregate is blocked, you can still embed the game on your website, but the game will not load because the host website can not be accessed.

To embed a game on your website, you do the following:

1) Copy the line of code provided next to the game:

2) Paste that line of code into your webpage. This line of code is HTML and is inserted in the BODY of your webpage.


Downloading a game to your desktop downloads the game files from the website and stores them in your hard drive. This enables you to play that specific game without having an established internet connection.

Due to some weird thing, clicking on the download: SWF File takes you to the game and does not download it. To download a game to your desktop, you do the following:

1) Right-Click (Command-Click for Mac) on the “SWF File”:

2) Click either “Save Link As” or “Download Link As”.

3) Choose the location where you want your file to be saved to.

4) The game will now be playable on your computer via that file. It should open with Adobe Flash Player or some other program that will play .swf files. Please be aware that these games will not be playable on Quicktime.


Depending on which hosting company you use, your admin panel will be different. Therefore, I will only explain how to use these files in a broad sense.

1) Go to your websites Admin/Control Panel.

2) Go to the file uploader.

3) Upload the newly downloaded file to your website.

4) Your new file should be at the same group location as your index.

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Moderators and Admins

This tutorial will explain who the moderators and admins are, as well as how to increase your chances of becoming a moderator.


The staff/admins are the people who work and help maintain the site of Kongregate as a whole. These are the people who work in support, who work on site updates, and who pay the bills in more ways than one.

In order to become an administrator, you can take a look at this page for available jobs. If there is an available job or believe you have a lot to offer, you can submit an email (with a resumé) to

These people are identifiable by the “K” next to their name in the chat.

A list of staff can be found here.


Moderators are players who have been originally selected by Kongregate admins to help monitor the chatrooms and make sure people are following the rules. These players are usually helpful individuals who wish to help other people. Moderators can silence and ban accounts. A silence is when you can not talk for a pre-determined about of time, usually 15-60 minutes; the time can go up to 24 hours. A ban is when you can not sign into your account for a certain amount of time. Certain moderators are assigned a chatroom.

These people are identifiable by the “M” next to their name.

A list of moderators can be found here.

Room Owners

Room owners have the same qualities as a moderator, but they own a chatroom. They have the ability to change the room description. They will only display a “R” in the chatroom which they own. In any other rooms, they will have the normal “M” next to their name.

These people are identifiable by the “R” next to their name.

How to Increase Your Chance to Become a Moderator

New moderators are chosen via a nomination. Current moderators will nominate you; I am not fully sure what happens after that (as it should be). If Kongregate staff believes you are moderator material, you will be contacted. If not, you will never know they were watching you.

To increase your chances on being nominated, I have compiled a list of Do’s and Don’ts:


1. Be friendly towards others.
2. Follow the rules in the Code of Conduct.
3. Be active in chat and help contribute when the chat dies.
4. Have a mature attitude.
5. Attempt to keep the chat under control when there is a mod absent; however, do not mini-mod. Call a moderator using modfriend to deal with the problem.
6. When there is a troll, do not fight head-on. Get a moderator to deal with it.


1. Spam or troll
2. Flame the chat
3. Chat nuke
4. Suck up to the mods
5. Ask to be a moderator – You can ask once, but pestering about it will decrease your chances like there is no tomorrow.
6. Talk like you are 10 years old – I iz a gud player. Plz mak me a mod!!!!!! That just won’t cut it.
7. This is a big one – Do not comment when a moderator is dealing with a troll!! It really makes the job harder for the moderator and you may end up making things worse.

Creating a Chatroom

At this time, only admins are allowed to create a chatroom. These chatrooms are assigned to moderators. Kongregate staff members have suggested that members will be able to create chatrooms at a later date, but for now, only admins and moderators can own rooms.

Other Moderator Guides

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Modfriend and You

This tutorial will show you what to do if you need a moderator when no one is around. Everyone on Modfriend’s friend list is a moderator. There are two different ways to get to the same place; I will show you how to do both.

Option One

1) Enter into your address bar and hit Enter or Return.

2) Find a moderator who is currently in a room. These moderators are online. If they do not have a room name next to them, they are offline and should not be contacted as they obviously will not be able to respond back. Please note the differences in the picture below. The first moderator is online. The second one is not:

3) Now that you know who is online, go back to your game page and send one of them a whisper.

4) Sometimes a moderator will be AFK or might miss your message altogether. If you do not get a response from a moderator within 30 seconds, go ahead and contact another moderator from the list.

Option 2

This way will show you how to get to modfriend using the search bar method.

1) Enter Modfriend into your search bar at the upper right of the screen.

2) Click on the second search result:

3) Find a moderator who is currently in a room. These moderators are online. If they do not have a room name next to them, they are offline and should not be contacted as they obviously will not be able to respond back. Please note the differences in the picture below. The first moderator is online. The second one is not:

4) Now that you know who is online, go back to your game page and send one of them a whisper.

5) Sometimes a moderator will be AFK or might miss your message altogether. If you do not get a response from a moderator within 30 seconds, go ahead and contact another moderator from the list.


For easier and faster results, I bookmarked the friends page. Please feel free to do the same.

Reporting an Abusive Moderator

If you feel like you have been abused by a moderator or you feel that a moderator has abused his or her powers, you can report that moderator by sending an email to explaining the situation. DO NOT MAKE A POST IN THE FORUMS!

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Referral Links

This guide will show you where to locate your referral link and how to check the status of the people
who you have referred.

1) Click on “My profile”

2) Scroll down to Invite a Friend!:

Here you will find two different “portions”. I will explain each segment.

On the left side, you have the choice to email a Kongregate invitation to your friends. Just fill out the form and
they will receive your message via email.

On the right side, you can see:

How many points you will receive.

Your referral link.

A link to the privacy page.

With the referral link, you can send it to someone via AIM, put it on your myspace or Facebook profile, or put it
in your profile on another website or game that you play. For every person that clicks on your link and registers,
you get 15 points plus additional points for each level they get up to a certain level:

Point Chart
Sign up – 15
Level 2 – 5
Level 3 – 6
Level 4 – 7
Level 5 – 8
Level 6 – 9
Level 7 – 10
Level 8 – 11
Level 9 – 12
Level 10 – 13

Total – 96

There is no limit on the number of people you can refer. If you make false referral accounts specifically
for leveling up your account, you will lose those points and may incur other penalties.

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Transferring Save Files

In response to the Vista transfer help, I have decided to make a thread on how to transfer Mac save files from one website to another. If this is a repeat thread, I apologize.


1) Open Finder

2) On the left side of the menu, under the PLACES tab, click on the USER name (Below desktop and above Applications)


4) Scroll down to PREFERENCES – open

5) Scroll down to MACROMEDIA – open



8) Open the folder that appears there (My computer has A32PLE33)

9) Open the website folder that the game is in.

10) As in the PC case, we will use Gemcraft. Go to the folder and copy both giabGencraftPreferences.sol and giabGemCraftSaveData.sol over to You can just post it there in the file without going any deeper.

It should look something like this:


Thank you Razzi3l for this information.

Sol Files
These are the save files for Flash. You can transport them between computers so your progress on games aren’t lost between computers.

To see the folder that the files are in, you must enable Show Hidden Files & Folders in Folder Options.

In Windows 2000/XP

C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\random series of letters and numbers\

In Windows 95/ME

C:\Windows\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\random series of letters and numbers\

In Mac OS 9

Macintosh HD/System Folder/Preferences/Macromedia/Flash Player/#Shared Objects/random string of letters and numbers/

In Mac OS X

/Users/Short name/Library/Preferences/Macromedia/Flash Player/#SharedObjects/random series of letters and numbers/

There will 2 folders, called and They both contain .sol files.

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Uploading a Game

This tutorial will show you how to upload a game. Please be aware that any game uploaded must be your own work; if it is not, it will be removed and you risk having your account banned.

Before I start with the tutorial, I would like to state a few things.

1. Uploaded games must be .swf or .dcr formatted. .exe programs are not supported.
2. Anything uploaded must be a game, meaning there needs to be interaction between the program and the user.
3. Obscene, pornographic, and hateful material are not allowed. Games that are deemed obscene, hateful, pornographic, stolen (you must be the creator or one of the creators to upload a game) or not even games will be deleted from the site, and it’s very likely that the uploader will be banned permanently.

In the top Navigation Bar, go to DEVELOPERS, then click Upload Game:

There are three steps to uploading a game.

Step One – Game Info

Fill out the fields with the appropriate information.

Step Two – Upload

Fill out the form. It is highly advised that you read the License Agreement:

You can also add API here:

Step Three – Preview

Once you click Upload at the end of step 2, your game will be uploaded. (This is what prevents me from providing information. I do not have a file of my own to upload)

Once you’ve uploaded a game, you’ll be prompted to provide a bit of information required for Kongregate’s revenue share program. If you don’t fill out this form immediately or you wish to change the information you entered originally, you can go back to the form at any time through your account profile.

You will then be taken to preview your game. It should appear as the normal chat game window, but the game has not officially appeared to the public. Hit “publish” to finish your upload.

Thank you Yllier for providing a picture.

Editing Information

Inside your profile page, you’ll find a list of the games you’ve uploaded beneath your profile information. Clicking the “manage my games” link will bring you to a separate page in which you can edit information for games you’ve uploaded. While you won’t be able to change the title of your game (that title is, after all, part of the game’s URL) or delete your game entirely, you can update anything else, including the description, instructions, tags, etc. You can also upload a new version of the game, or a new icon.

Because Kongregate links to each game, they don’t allow removing games through user profiles (broken links make them sad). If you’d like them to remove your game manually, email kongregate staff at

Hidden Games

if games receive an overall rating of 2.0 or less after a certain number of ratings, they will be hidden on the site. When a game is hidden, it will not appear in any of the lists (such as latest games or highest rated games). Hidden games are still on the site, however, and they can be reached manually by going directly to the URL, running a search for them, or following a link through someone’s profile (as either a favorite or as an uploaded game in the developer’s profile). Games also need a minimum rating of 3.0 to show up at all in the “highest rated” games list or on the front page under a specific category.

Revenue Bonuses

Kongregate offers some of the most developer-friendly sponsorship terms on the web. In addition to allowing Mochi Ads, Kongregate allows its sponsored games to sell site-locked licensed versions on other websites, in which the Kongregate branding is removed. Kongregate-sponsored games also receive 15% additional ad revenue from Kongregate.

Kongregate shares between 25% and 50% of ad revenue generated by games with their respective developers. The specific percentages of ad revenue share are subject to change. However, Kongregate will honor whatever percentage your game held at the time of upload if they decide to change their share percentages later.

By default, all developers receive 25% of the ad revenue generated from their games. This includes all ads within the games and any potential ads on the game page that may be added in the future. Games that are integrated with all of Kongregate’s APIs earn an additional 10%, and games that are offered exclusively on Kongregate’s site earn an additional 15%. Thus, it’s possible for a game to earn 25%, 35%, 40%, or 50% of ad revenue. Note that games sponsored by Kongregate also qualify for this exclusivity bonus, even when they’re uploaded elsewhere.

More information can be found here.

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Using the Search Bar

This tutorial is a direct response to this post.

Apparently some people are having trouble using the updated search bar, so I will share some techniques you can use to improve your searches.

1) Thank you xxXPsychoFadeXxx posting this tip! Use the formats below to make your search results more specific.

User’s profile

What you type: {user’s name} profile on Kongregate


What you type: Part of the game/the whole game name


What you type: {thread’s name} discussion on Kongregate.

2) If you are looking for a game, type the name or part of the name into the search bar. Wait 5 seconds. A drop down menu of games should be visible. Select the game you are looking for. It will take you directly to the game page when you click on an option.

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Whispering In and Out of Chat

This tutorial will show you how to whisper to players both in and out of chat.

To whisper in chat:

1) Type /w_name_message. It will appear like this:

It will appear in chat like this:

The response will look like this:

To respond quickly to the message, you can click the reply button. It will insert /w (person’s name) into the chat box. Long or complicated names will become easy to use with this feature!

To Whisper to Someone Out of Chat:

1) Go to that person’s profile.

2) Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page to see the message functions.

3) Click on either shout or whisper. Shout messages are viewable by the public. A whisper is only viewable to the recipient.

4) Type in the message and click either SHOUT! or WHISPER! when you are finished.

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Flagging Posts

In this tutorial I am going to tell you about the Flag Post feature of the forums.

First off, the Flag Post feature is used pretty much the same way as the Report Abuse button in a players profile.

1)The Flag Post button is right under the “quote post” button at the beginning of a post.

2)Once you click the Flag Post button you will be brought to a window that pops up in front of the page you are on but darkens the background.

3)After you get to the Flag Post box you will have to select why you flagged the post in the first place. The options for this are “Spam”,“harassing Other Users”, “Inappropriate link/image” or “Inappropriate Language”
-Spam:Just a post that is meaningless or disruptive post.
-Harassment:Posting mean and hateful comments such as “I will kill you” or “Go Die”
-Inappropriate Content:Any content that can have pornographic ties, or a link that leads to an inappropriate site.
-Inappropriate Language:Use common knowledge, suggestive language and/or intense swearing.

4)For the final step of Flagging a Post you will have to fill out an optional description. This step being like the report abuse system all you will have to do is just state why the post deserves to be flagged.

5)After you have submitted you Flag Post report you will get a message under a the post telling you that you have successfully flagged that post.

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Flag Post

Badge Quests

You can find a list of the currently available quests in the ACHIEVEMENTS tab of the navigation bar. The current quests are located under the general list for badges, as shown in the image below.

Quests are essentially a group of badges picked to be specific to the type of quest, such as the Pixel Pack.
There are two types of badge quests. One, the type of quest that is going to be available for all users for an unlimited amount of time; and two the type of quests that are sponsored by a company.
After you complete a badge quest you are awarded a points bonus and a shiny new medal to add to the awards section of your profile.

Rewritten by adv0catus

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Report Abuse/Thank a Mod

In this tutorial I will be telling you about both of theses things, the “report abuse” button in your profile and also the “thank moderator” button. First off, I will talk about the “report abuse” button.

Report Abuse

In every player’s profile there is a report abuse button used to send a message to Kongregate, informing them about an offense a player has committed. This button will be right next to the “mute” button and near the bottom left of the players badge box.

You are able to choose from a list of different offenses that you can inform Kongregate on. The list options are:

Inappropriate Usename

Anything that could be offensive in any way. Use your judgement.

Inappropriate Avatar

Anything that could be pornographic, or be very suggestive. Pretty much just stay away from stuff that is evil like swastikas and things of that nature.

Offensive Profile Content

Swearing, suggestive themes, links to inappropriate content, and things in that neighborhood.

Chat Behavior

Spamming, trolling, pretty much just anything that you would get silenced in chat for. Remember if you are reporting someone, make sure to include the time of the offense and the chat room it happened in so that the administrators can check chat logs.


Anything you would think is against the rules, use common sense. Some examples are badge trading, stolen game, promoting illegal activity, etc.

Thank A Moderator

In ever moderator’s profile there is a “thank moderator” button right after the “report abuse” button.

You can just use the feature to send a little message expressing your thanks to a moderator, in this case I choose to thank EndlessSporadic.

After you send your message of thanks you get a little memo that says “Thanks for showing your appreciation for (moderator’s username)!”

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Flag Post

Reporting a Missing Achievement

In this tutorial I am going to show you how to submit a “missing achievement report”.

Missing achievement reports are used when you have completed an achievement(card, badge or point) for a game but there were some technical complications and you didn’t end up with the achievement.

To start an achievement report you should first go to the “ACHIEVEMENTS” tab of a game with badges or a card challenge. Next go to the bottom of the tab and click on a button that says “Report missing achievement”, doing so will bring you to the “Send us a message” page, it should look like this. Note, if you there appears to be no link to click, click out side of the game box and hit the keys ctrl+0(zero).

Lucky for you what game you navigate from to this page will already automatically selected in the “Game” box, also the “Message Subject” will already be set to “Report Missing Card or Badge”. The “Game” box has a nifty little auto-complete feature so you will be able to find your game in a more timely matter.

The next thing you have to do is select the achievement you are missing from the “Badge/Card/Challenge”, they will be listed under the “Available Accomplishments” section.

The penultimate step of sending a “missing achievement report” is filling out the description box. Include details of what happened in the game, and any problems you may have noticed.

Now the only thing left to do is submit a screen shot of your screen when you completed your achievement, chat and all to prove that you met the requirements of the achievement and then click “Submit”. The report will be sent to Kongregate for one of the admins to look at and judge if you deserve your achievement.

All you have to do after this point is wait, you should receive your missing achievement in the next twelve to forty-eight hours if you actually deserve it! Once you are approved for your achievement you will be sent a whisper from Kongregate saying that you now have your achievement.

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