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Previous Version History

Version 2.2.4
Included an alignment link, this will work with full size or regular size, aligning the top of the game to the top of the browser window.
(I found if i checked achievements or comments, lining the game up again could be cumbersome, thus this does it for you :))
Look of links:

About the script:
This script enlarges the chat and game to be the largest possible within your browser’s size. This makes your chat the full lenght of the browser no matter what and enlarges the game proportionally in both directions, until either height or width fills the browser limits.

The chat connects to the kongregate server, so scores, badges and cards can still be earned in full size mode.
Room change still works for the standard rooms and game chats.

The page autoscrolls to the top of the game once the full size has been inserted, so there is no need to manually scroll down.

When on the main screen or waiting for the full size, if both the chat and game are visible, but the game is still loading (large games such as scgmd series) you can press the stop button on your browser and it will skip ahead to inserting the appropriate item(s). The wait for the page to complete loading is a precaution to ensure all needed scripts have loaded and are available. Most games with a good internet connection will not have any problems.

A game may also be made smaller with this script. In demo 3, this is shown as Kongai does not display properly on my laptop, because it is too big, but by running the full size script, it is reduced to be the size of the browser, thus fitting perfectly.

3 items are placed into your history during this process, so you will want to either want to manually choose your location when moving back, or simply use the links on kongregate directly the back button may not do exactly as expected.

I have adjusted the padding and margins to appear nicely on all monitor sizes. The corners are no longer rounded, except for the bottom left. I may work on editing the styles to fix it in the future.

Known add-on issues: script blockers such as NoScript may mark this as untrusted, but it is perfectly safe, either allow an unsafe reload, or add to a safe list for automatic use by adding these 3 lines under the advanced—>xss tab settings:


flash blockers such as FlashBlock may be blocking flash files on sub domains of kongregate, preventing proper use, if you have one of these installed, be sure that both and * are both listed as trusted or safe sites to load flash files.

Note: there are some games that the height/width are set statically within the games, and for those few games, this will not work.

If you need Greasemonkey for Firefox, you can get it here.
Script Install: install current version of Full Sized Game and Chat script for greasemonkey

I hope you enjoy the script, as always please enjoy and share!

Demo 1 – Platform Racing (height >= width):

<embed src="" width="425" height="350"> </embed>

Demo 2 – Super Crazy Guitar Mania Deluxe 2 (width > height):

<embed src="" width="425" height="350"> </embed>

Demo 3 – Kongai (shrink a game):

<embed src="" width="425" height="350"> </embed>

Demo 4 – Eskiv (Dynamically size a game):

<embed src="" width="425" height="350"> </embed>

This demo has been added due to issues of image distortion. If you have a monitor of extreme resolution, many games may grow beyond a reasonable size, simply reducing the size of your browser before pressing the link. The game may not end up perfectly centered due to this (I plan to work on that), but it prevents the game from growing to its maximum size. Once it has loaded, you can maximize your browser and the game will stay the same size.


Please post any comments or issues that arise, I will try to answer or make updates to reflect all problems.

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Version History

Version 1.1.0 (never released) Original version
full game size works
no chat room change

Version 1.6.0 (never released)
added proper domain switching
fixed height resizing bug

Version 1.6.3 (never released)
redid entire domain switching code to load in proper page

Version 2.0.1 (never released)
added auto scrolling
added room change functionality

Version 2.1.1 (never released)
fixed new height bug

Version 2.1.2 (never released)
condensed into a single script

Version 2.1.3 (first public release)
fixed link bug

Version 2.1.4
updated to handle FF2 and FF3

Version 2.1.5
Updated to use the new Kongregate variable method

Version 2.1.7
Changed the link to read “Full Size” instead of “Full Screen”
Added “(full size)” to the end of your in chat game information, when playing in full size mode.

Version 2.1.8
Fixed some random chat connection issues, games such as ‘Castle Crashing “The Beard”’ now work with the script

Version 2.1.10
Put the rounded corners back
game resizing/scrolling is more accurate

Version 2.2.0
converted to work with the new kongregate game pages
added a link to this thread with the play full size link

added a link to this thread below the game when in full screen mode

Added error handling to notify when the site has made changes that affect functionality of the script
added an automatic feature (disabled by default)
If the line reads: var full_size_auto = 0; //1 for on, 0 for off
it is disabled
If the line reads: var full_size_auto = 1; //1 for on, 0 for off
It is enabled
I plan to make this feature more user friendly soon.

Version 2.2.2
Chat now uses all the new variables (instead of the older style)
Extended linking function so it does not break due to other common scripts
Split the comments and update links apart in preparation for the new release implementation as an Extension (add-on), which will allow for automatic updates

Version 2.2.3
Handles some of the random errors discovered due to the setup of the ads on the site, being blocked (and not blocked) by adBlock and adBlock Plus.

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I have noticed that the installations far exceed the posts. If you like the script, please comment about what you liked. If you have issues, let me know so I can fix them :)

The overall feedback, both here and in chat has been positive and I think there are many others who would enjoy using the script :)


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This looks amazing, something that should definitely be integrated into Kong itself

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You may need to check in with administration on this.

I’m not sure if this is exactly in line with how developers want their games displayed. Displaying games at a resolution other than what they we’re designed for can cause degradation in both performance and quality, which may upset developers, increase complaints and reports, etc. In fact, checking it out, it does cause unwanted behavior or graphical display in some games.

Regardless of whether it’s user activated or not, [unfair] negativity may come upon Kongregate for any bad side effects and complaints. It may not be a problem at all and ultimately users can mess with it if they want; but it’s always good to get administrations opinion on something like this, just in case; since it is being distributed on their forums.

Basically, you need to check with them to make sure it doesn’t violate the terms of use:

No Viruses, Corrupting Files, Interference, or Cheat Software: You agree that you will not post any software, files or links to other sites except as may be specifically permitted by Kongregate, and that you will not post any content that contains viruses, corrupted files, or any other similar software or programs that may adversely affect the operation of the Site, or feature of the Site.

Greasemonkey scripts are a gray area and can be a great thing a lot of the times, but changing the games display settings to something other than what the developers desire starts to cross the borders of developers territory (a little different than a badge script); which makes it more sensitive regarding official endorsement/allowance. Hopefully no negativity will happen, but being cautious is good.

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I have checked with the administration arcaneCoder, 3 or 4 versions ago, although they do not officially endorse the script, I was given the go ahead to post it. I am well aware of the “terms” and avoided mentioning the admins, due to the lack of official endorsement.

I have played several games with it over the last 2-3 weeks and I have not noticed anything dramatically different in any of the games. If it results in undesired results, I would suggest not using it for that game.

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darn it i can’t decide which is better.

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I have checked with the administration arcaneCoder, 3 or 4 versions ago, although they do not officially endorse the script, I was given the go ahead to post it.

Ok, that’s all I needed to know for now. I need to at least check so make sure it’s within the terms.

However, I hope you do understand what I’m referring to regarding displaying the games differently than what a developer desires. We must be careful about respecting their work and preferences, since in it is their property and Kongregate was developed for them to showcase their work in the manner which they intend. Even if you don’t notice, it still may upset some seeing this functionality here.

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This will screw up anything made with bitmaps.

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no offense, but bitmaps are not web standard, and probably shouldn’t be used in flash either. png and jpg are smaller and just as good. Feel free to post names of games you think don’t display properly. That’s why I made it a link on the page and not automatic, so you have the choice of using it.

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Wow, arcaneCoder, over react much? William_Wilson was just offering a script that some gamers might find useful. I personally hate when I click outside the game but this script will help to stop that. Also from what I’ve seen of William_Wilson he does not strike me as the type to just post something like this without making sure he can first. Maybe next time you should ask him if he checked into it before attacking him or other user that offer improvement to the site.

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no offense, but bitmaps are not web standard, and probably shouldn’t be used in flash either. png and jpg are smaller and just as good.

JPG & PNG are bitmaps, which is what he might be referring to. His point is correct though and is one of the problems with scaling Flash games.

@trollfriend: I’ll respond for the sake of anyone else reading: Not an overreaction at all. My first interaction with Kongregate was as the chief architect of the site’s Flash technology. It was my job to be concerned with how games were integrated, displayed and operating on the site and build the technology surrounding it – so obviously being farsighted about this kind of stuff comes naturally.

Now, as a moderator of the forums, its my job to make sure content posted on the forums is compliant with the terms; as I generally have to do with my own personal Kongregate projects. As a long time developer of games I also have dealt with many concerns from the other viewpoint. I can’t always just assume somethings been done, even though I have interacted with William pleasantly for a long time. Simply double checking to make sure he’s run this by administration and giving feedback – as he requested – is not even remotely an ‘attack’. In fact, the only one overreacting and attacking anyone is you. :)

Though please, don’t derail this topic any further with personal, unrelated comments.

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awesome script, dude! thanks for sharing!!

arcanecoder = verbose moderator FTW! LULZ! groans

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I have added a 4th demo video to show that the script is dynamic in growth. That the script doesn’t have to expand the game to the full window size, if you simply reduce your browser size during the process. You can maximize your browser again the game has loaded at it’s new size.

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I really like the idea, but when I tried it, chat never loaded (blank spot). I’m running Firefox 3 beta 5… I don’t know it that matters any, though.

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Hmm, i only tried it with a few different update levels of ff2.

I did have that problem from time to time if my connection was too slow, but usually refreshing the page fixed it.

I will download the beta to my laptop and test it out and see if i can get a ff3 version working for you and anyone else with this issue. :)

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It appears that FF3 stores the url slightly different, but not a problem to handle. The link has been updated to point to the FF2 and FF3 supported version. Thanks for pointing that out Malachi, I hope you enjoy the update :)

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Ambiguity ftl.

I read it as “Full Size Games, and Chat Script”. That is to say, scripting capabilities for the chat.

This script can’t be used as a tool for cheaters on say.. streamline, can it? Because that would be bad.

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wouldn’t it make the streamline note bigger too.. however particles on the other hand

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It doesn’t seem to be resizing the .swf’s at all for me. Does the updated version still work with FF2?

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Everything in a game will get bigger and every game will grow proportionally, i scripted it to do that on purpose. I don’t know why everyone feels the need to make accusations before trying it first.

@Jabor: It looks like kong has updated how variables are stored. I should have the update to handle it done today. Thanks for catching that!

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>no offense, but bitmaps are not web standard, and probably shouldn’t be used in flash either. png and jpg are smaller and just as good.

As A_C said, I was talking about bitmaps of all sorts, not the .bmp extension or whatever.

By bitmaps, I meant images that work using a 2D array of pixels (whether gifs, jpgs, pngs or whatever) as opposed to vector-based drawings.

I’d agree that most games use vectors for the majority of in-game action, but a sizable percent use bitmaps (of any file type) for small sections and some use bitmaps for the entirety of the in-game action. Bitmaps are great for backgrounds and even forground objects can be made much prettier, with fancy colours and shading, if you edit the pixels directly (and it works faster in the final game than unltra-complicated vectors).

But after scaling, the bitmaps will cover more pixels than they should be and as the array is no longer on a 1:1 ratio, it’ll start looking uglier.

I’m not saying that folk shouldn’t stretch games – folk should be free to do whatever they want as long as it doesn’t harm others – but bitmap distortion and possible extra slowdown are the two things they need to be aware of.

I just hope folk stretching these games are aware of the potential problems.

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I understand what you have been addressing, but I have yet to find a game that is distorted enough to be noticeable. Anyone I’ve talked to in chat who’s used it, has nothing but praise thus far. While the potential is there to cause distortion, there have been no examples thus far.

The effect of this script is merely that which would be caused due to playing a game on a lower resolution (800×600 perhaps) which I’m sure some users use. The games would distort under this resolution the same as my script would cause, which should be minimal in the worst case.

If you or anyone else finds one, feel free to post the game’s name and the resolution at which it displayed incorrectly, then others can avoid using this script on those particular games at such resolutions.

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well i didnt read all the posts and im new i only made this account so that i could find somthing to fix the game screen cuz with the chat box open it cuts away some of the game screen and it is annoying as hell for keeping trake of stats most of the time in games

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Since you say you didn’t read all the posts, is this all the time, or while using this script? If it is all the time, then it likely needs its own thread and include a screenshot so we can tell what the problem is.