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Amberial: Nebulosa Realms

Medium badge: Beat “The Duel” in…

Hard badge: Ace “Tower of Glory II” in… / Get all 22 aces in…

Impossible badge: Beat “Tower of Glory II” in under 30:00 in…

A little note, it is possible to get the proposed impossible. It does require knowing a shortcut and having nearly perfect precision though.

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tber123 that is still pretty dang easy and def not worth a medium difficulty

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Reply to amilir post:

Realm Winner (medium – 15 points)
Beat the 16 levels (except on bonus mode).

Nebulosa Baller (hard – 30 points)
Collect all aces, all thunders and complete all levels.


Scary World of Shifters (easy – 5 points)
Collect 3 trophies.

A Zebra World Plus (medium – 15 points)
Reach the last stage of SHIFT 2 – one more trophie!

Megalomaniac Racism (hard – 30 points)
Collect every single trophie.

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Totally Maniacly Crazyly BAdge (impossible – 60 points)
Get perfect in all songs of SCGMD3.

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Gold Finder Rock – easy 5 pts
Collect 5 awards pointin SCGMD3.

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see but there are already 4 badges on SCGMD2 and to have them on the third as well is kinda redundent.

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so do i, i love that game

this was directed towards a post b4 but when i pressed “post” a bunch more came up

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I really think that Submachine2 should have badges.

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hey, hope som1 hasnt alraedy done this game but..

Arrow Guider Badge(easy – 5 points) : Score 1000 points on ANY difficulty in Metro.Siberia

Master of Easy Mode Badge (medium – 15 points) : Reach the end of the first Course in Metro.Siberia

Artisan Thruster (hard – 30 points) : Score 4000 in 3500 in Hard Mode or complete the entire game on Easy in Metro.Siberia

UBERNESS Badge(impossible – 60 points) : Reach the very END of the game on medium or hard difficulty, this is still very hard AND time consuming-ish. Metro.Siberia

lol… i hope these are good^^ but i find that game very hard lol.. mabye all badges increase in difficulty :P

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This doesn’t hav API.

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Is this possible?
All Your Badge Are Belong To Us
Really I don’t Know what game…

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heres some for sonny.

ZPCI Killer (Easy-5 points) Beat the 1st zone in Sonny.
Levelling up! (Medium-15 points) Reach level 15 in Sonny.
No backup (Hard-30 points) Beat the 1st 3 zones on Sonny without the help of Veradux.
Mad skillz (Impossible-60 points) Max out every ability on Sonny

more soon!

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all right some for the classroom series………

Class Cheat: (Easy-5 points) Pass Level 3 in The Classroom.

Bullet Dodger:(Medium-15 points) Survive The Classroom- Game complete

Ultimate Cheat: (Hard-30 points) Beat every level in The Classroom in order without being caught at all.

Chair Fiddler: (Easy- 5 points) Tamper with the teacher’s chair and escape in The Classroom 2

Cheated All Of Them: (Medium- 15 points) Cheat in at least 1 lesson in every classroom in The Classroom 2

Teacher Avoider:(Hard- 30 points) Beat The Classroom 2.

Master of Stealth: (Impossible- 60 points) Beat every level in The Classroom 2 in order without being caught at all.

Trip Back In Time: (Easy-5 points) Complete Act 2 in The Classroom 3.

Passed The Year: (Medium 15-points) Beat The Classroom 3. (Pretty hard for a Medium)

Uber Cheat: (Hard-30 Points) Beat every level in The Classroom 3 in order without being caught at all.

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The Great Badge Collection (medium-15 points) Get out of the living room in The Great Living Room Escape

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They should make a badge for Deady or Fire spawn my new games

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Abstract Achiever Badge (easy – 5 points) Score 200,000 points in Campaign Mode in abstracta

Abstract Survivor Badge (medium – 15 points) Score 1.000.000 points and defeat all four bosses in abstracta

Abstract Vision Badge (hard – 30 points) Score 15.000.000 points in Campaign Mode in abstracta

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Its been about a week or so since Sonny has come to Kong, so I think I’m going to help with the badges (that may or may not be added…)

(Badge name – Requirements – image)
< Its going to go something like that.

1. Maybe we should get outta here… badge (Easy) – Beat the intro -

2. Don’t tread on the dead/Treading on the dead Badge (Medium) – Kill Sensei Ishiguro -

3. Level Grinder (Hard) – Grind your way up to level 30! – (Uh, couldn’t find a decent image… sorry…)

4. Sinjid Slayer (Hard) – Kill Sinjids shadow for ultimate glory! -

Fixed quality

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Razor, I like you badge idea, Except for 1 and 2,

I 3 & 4 are similar, Thats the level when you about beat sinjid, Maybe lvl 25?

And Your second badge should be……. Beat the game.

Your first badge is….. Alright. I dont think it should be in but its not bad.

Good ideas!, Not to crazy about your pics low quality i mean

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How about these for badges for sonny:

Welcome To Hell Sonny Badge (Easy) – Reach Level 10
Wounded Hero (Medium) – Reach Level 30
Blinnged Out Blade Master (Hard) – Reach Level 60 – Have Made A Total Of 100,000 Cash
Champian Of The November Mist (Impossible/Hard) – Reach Level 99 – Have Made A Total Of 150,000 Cash – Kill 5000 Enemy’s

I Couldnt decide to make the last abdeg impossible or hard so i put / also level 99 is max level for the impossible badge

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I don’t think that its even possible for anyone to get that high… I always thought the max level was 50 and anyone higher then that hacked…

Also, once you’ve figured out how the game goes, its not really hard to level up or earn money… It just gets really repetitive.

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Yea sean, Im pretty sure Its impossible, REALLY like, Never.

Also, I made some dif pics for yea razor,

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Hey, Razor’s ideas were pretty similar to what I ended up going with in Sonny. Completing the game seemed more logical than grinding up levels, though.

I honestly have not checked this thread in a while, and part of the reason is because, again, many of the suggestions in this thread would be impossible to implement. Here’s the process that I go through whenever I create new badges:

Step 1. Figure out what’s possible.

Step 2. Decide out what’s fun/reasonable/logical, then assign it a difficulty.

Step 3. Test to make sure it works by getting an idea of when these statistics report to the Kongregate server.

Step 4. 60% of the time, the stats are not submitted often or reliably enough to create a badge, so the developer is hassled over email or AIM.

Step 5. Grab screenshots and create images.

Step 6. Come up with names.

Step 7. Launch.

So, as you can see, there are 7 steps to creating highly effective badges. And most people here are ignoring Step 1. Every single person reading this thread is capable of doing steps 1, 2, 3, 5, and 6.

“But Greg,” you say. “You’re a super awesome badge programmer with lots of admin tools on Kongregate. If only we had access to whatever you have access to!”

“Quiet!” I harshly reply. "I’m not a programmer, and creating badges on Kongregate doesn’t actually require any technical skills. Additionally, beyond developer email addresses, I hardly have access to any information that normal Kongregate users don’t also have access to! I can change statistics to show up in the high scores list if I want, to get an idea of how well people are playing a game, and whether or not something like a “gamecomplete 1” stat has ever been submitted to us. That’s it.

Try this. Go to a game with our API (green light in chat). Type ?debug_level=3 at the end of the URL. When chat loads, you’ll see a bunch of messages being spammed by a user named “info.” These are all the stats that the game is submitting to us. That’s all of them, right there. All conditions used to create badges on Kongregate are merely high scores — even if they’re not always displayed in the “scores” tab! They will, however, be displayed here.

Please reread that. All badges on Kongregate simply use high scores. That’s it. There’s nothing beyond that. So how do I make a badge like “complete Sonny”? Simple. There’s a high score called “game” that Krin (Armor Games) submits to us. If you don’t beat the game, it doesn’t send anything (sometimes other games will send a 0). When you beat the game, congrats, you got a high score of “1.” So when I go to create a badge for something like that, I set the “high score type” as “game” (short for “game completed”) and set the quota to “1.”

That’s it. That’s all I can do. No, I can’t do “complete Sonny without dying.” There’s no high score for that. I can’t do “complete Fancy Pants without collecting any squiggles.” I can’t do these because they are not high scores. I can’t repeat this enough.

Anyway, once you’ve used ?debug_level=3 to see which stats the game is capable of submitting, play the game a bit. If you don’t see anything else, then oh noes, the API is broken. If, however, you see “info” submitting numbers with high score names attached to them, then this is awesome — it means that the game is sending exactly those stats at exactly that time. You can see exactly what our server sees, and you can even see exactly what I see when I’m testing to make sure that the API is functioning properly. Try using this debug menu while earning badges. You will notice that statistics required for earning a badge are sent from “info” in chat at the exact same time that a badge is awarded. We have a server for testing, but I don’t even use it for testing badges before launching them. Instead, I compulsively play a game over and over with my eyes glued to the messages sent by “info” in chat, making sure that stats are always sent correctly and reliably. If you’ve ever encountered a glitch with not getting a badge before, it’s because this stat was not sent to the Kongregate servers by the “info” message.

Try this: Get a badge idea. Let’s say “collect 10 squiggles in Fancy Pants.” Go to Fancy Pants and put ?debug_level=3 at the end of the URL. Collect 10 squiggles. Nothing is being sent, right? What this means is that your badge might not work! Now try going through a door. Suddenly, “info” will submit the “squigglesget” along with the number that you have collected. What we’ve learned here is that Dr Nero is submitting stats to Kongregate whenever Fancy Pants Man goes through a doorway in the game.

Sometimes I’ll use this method to decide that a submission might technically work, but it’s highly unreliable. For example, what if Amberial submitted “Aces: 22” right when you collect all 22 aces? The API must be working perfectly, right? Wrong. If someone collects all 22 aces before the badge is created, that person is screwed. He will need to restart the entire game. Likewise, if someone collects all 22 aces during a connection blip, he will have essentially “wasted his chance” to have that stat submitted. So what oddgoo very wisely does is submit “Aces: X” (where “X” is the number you’ve collected) every time you load up the level screen. Try going to Amberial: Nebulosa Realms yourself and try it, by entering ?debug_level=3 at the end of the URL and loading up the level select screen. You’ll see lots of juicy stats being submitted to us. This means that the submission process is reliable, and oddgoo is awesome. No API hassling from Greg required.

Anyway, kind of off on a tangent there, but my point is that you guys have way more power to investigate these matters than you seem to think you do. Sometimes if I’m especially busy and don’t want to seem too rude about not replying to people’s whispers in chat, I’ll even design and test badges on a secret non-admin account!

So while I really do appreciate everyone’s suggestions, but please keep the above things in mind. I get tons of emails, whispers and IMs from people suggesting achievement designs, and a very large portion of them would be impossible to implement.

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Hmmm im gona do all 5 steps (1,2,3,5) on a game but i dont know which one i will find a popular game without a badge and do it :Dthen you wont have to do the steps apart from 7 ;)

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i think SCGMD3 can have another badge for impossible… it TOO HARD!….and the songs arequite loooooooonnnnnnnnnggggggggggg……..and the songs are too hard

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i think the good impossible badge for sonny ishaving all points….str,vit,speed and other go to 1000! so….thats impossible!