[Guide] Realm of the Mad God F.A.Q.

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How do I start killing monsters?

When you play Realm of the Mad God for the first time, you start at the tutorial, which explains you some things like fighting, using your ability and equiping stuff.
 When you end the tutorial, you head to Oryx’s Kitchens. Kill all the guards and the boss to go to a Realm.

Where do I get more stuff?

Fighting monsters, loot their bags. The more you advance in the realm, the better stuff you get. Oh! and monters become more powerful too.

How do I change my class?

You need to unlock some classes to play another. You start with the Wizard, the default class. You need to reach level 5 with all Tier 1 classes to unlock them all. To unlock Tier 2 classes, you need to reach level 20 with all Tier 1 classes. To unlock Tier 3 classes, you need to reach level 20 with all Tier 2 classes.

Who is Oryx the Mad God?

He is the boss of the entire game. He is very powerful! You don’t want to be near him when you’re in his chamber! unless you’re a powerful adventurer.

Is there a way to get Realm Gold without buying it?

No, there isn’t. If you buy Realm Gold, you help developers to keep working on the game.

What is Realm Gold and where do I use it?

Realm Gold is the game money. You start with 50 free Realm Gold, but you can buy more at the Nexus shop, just stay on the big gold coin. You can buy plenty useful stuff like character slots, vaults, backpacks and more!

How do I sell stuff?

You can sell stuff with other players. Click on a player name in the player list at the right-corner, then click “Trade”.
 Both of you can select any items you want to trade. Think what are you doing, then press “Trade”. The other player needs to accept the trade to make it succesful.

After level 20… what?

Defeat Oryx

Band together with other players to defeat all Quest Bosses, including Skull Shrines, Cube Gods, and Pentaracts and finally Oryx will show up to duke it out. All players on the server will be transported to his lair and he will appear on your mini-map as a red dot in the middle of the map no matter how far away you are. It will take a team to defeat him, as he continually spawns his own demons to shield himself from your attacks.

Collect the best equipment

As you level up, you’ll find plenty of equipment that your class may or may not be able to equip. Find other players via chat to share loot with until you have the best equipment for your character as described in the Equipment section. The maximum level is 20, but equipment is not limited based on player level.

Farm the gods

In addition to dropping good equipment, the gods also drop potions that can permanently increase your stats. Many players have taken to farming the gods for these potions, but you have to be careful… kill off too many and they won’t be able to reproduce!

How do I max my character?

You max it with stat potions. Stat potions are harder to get if you’re not powerful. With a level 20 character, go to “godlands” with a group of adventurers, kill gods and see if they drop stat potions. In the way, you get great equipment.

What is fame?

Fame is useful for many things. You can Drake Eggs in the Nexus shop. You can use your fame to create a guild, upgrade your guild hall or pet yard.

What are pets?

Pets are helpful creatures that will follow you in your journey. You find pet eggs when you kill a boss. Hatch them in your pet yard! remember you must have your pet yard upgraded if you want to hatch a higher level egg. Feed your pets with equipment or delicious food to increase their ability level. You can fuse your pets to unlock new pet abilities or evolve into a better pet. Remember to reach the maximum pet abilitiy level before fusing, it’ll end up being a bad fusion and will make the level cap worse!

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Is there a rubric to earning FAME? I cant figure it out. Is it based on quests?

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Copypasta from the Realm of the Mad God wiki

Fame Earning

When your character dies, you earn fame after the great deeds your character has achieved. Fame can be used to buy certain items in-game, and also a requirement for completing Class Quests.

There is a certain “base fame” your character recieves, and the different achievements add a percentile bonus to this base value. Your total earned fame will be the sum of both.

How does one earn base fame?

Gaining experience. The more you have, the more fame you earn. It’s advised to kill minor gods and quest bosses, these give more xp thus fame comes faster. Aside from simply gathering XP, You earn 1 fame / 100 kills.

How does one earn bonuses?

Exploring the landscape. After a million tiles seen you gain 5% bonus fame, with the title of “Explorer”. After 4 million tiles you recieve “Cartographer”, which stacks with the Explorer, and means an additional 5% bonus.
Helping others to level up. You gain bonus fame if there are 100 level-ups in your company, along with the title “Team Player”, and 10% fame bonus.
At your first death, you gain bonus fame and the title of “Ancestor”.
At latter deaths, if you achieve more fame than last time with the same character type, you gain 10% bonus fame and the title “Firstborn”.
If you complete each kind of dungeon, you’ll recieve the title of “Tunnel Rat” and 10% bonus fame.
If you don’t participate in killing any cubes, then you recieve the title “Friend of Cubes” and bonus fame. At level 20 only.
With good aim you also earn fame. Titles and fame are earned if you had at least 25% (title: “Accurate”, with 10% fame bonus), 50% or 75% accuracy.
If more than 10% of your kills are gods, you recieve the title “Enemy of the gods” and 10% bonus fame. Requires level 20.

For the full list of Fame bonuses and percentages, as well as how Fame bonuses are calculated, view the Achievements page.

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Does my gold disappear when I die?

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No, gold is bound to your account, not your character

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Originally posted by Kewlkarl:

No, gold is bound to your account, not your character

Oh ok, thanks! I bought 500 gold and I was scared of losing it.

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What do drake eggs do?

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Kewlkarl: Drake eggs will summon a drake that will fight by your side for a short time.
There are several colors of drake egg, and each one causes a different status effect when attacking (except for white, which just heals you).

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How about a list of current pot prices? As in how much each pot equals compared to the other pots. Like, __ Def Pot= __ Speed Pot= __ Dex Pot etc.

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fatcom: because they fluctuate wildly based on things such as time of day. I can get a Def for 1 ATK and 1 Dex sometimes, other times I have to offer 3 Dex. I can often get a Dex for 2 Spd, but sometimes they’re just not available for less than 3.

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Originally posted by jonny0panic:

fatcom: because they fluctuate wildly based on things such as time of day. I can get a Def for 1 ATK and 1 Dex sometimes, other times I have to offer 3 Dex. I can often get a Dex for 2 Spd, but sometimes they’re just not available for less than 3.

Right. Or how about just a chart showing which ones are more valuable than the others? Like, _ pot> _ pot= _ pot< _pot etc. Oh, and also maybe have a FAQ question on how the fame bar works at level 20. (I don’t get it either. :D)

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That’s also a toss-up, fatcom. A lot of people say Vits are more valuable than Defs, they usually trade for more, but then those same people will argue that Def is the most valuable stat in the game, while the hp regen of Vit just isn’t as crucial mid-combat.

There’s also the issue of which pots are the most accessible to farm… it’s generally universally agreed that Spd pots are the easiest by far, but some people may find it more to their liking to hunt Sprite Gods for their dungeon (Sprite World) and farm there for Atk/Dex pots while others might prefer to jump into the thick of Godlands and farm Def/Vit pots.

As far as the Fame bar: Those stars when you make a character are “Class Quests”. Each CQ takes X amount of Fame to achieve.
The first one is always 20 fame, the second is 150 fame, and so forth. If you hit level 20 but not 20 fame, you’d see the bar read something like “12/20” where you currently have 12 fame and need to to achieve 20 fame and that first class quest and earn one star in that class.If you hit level 20 and have 37 fame, the bar would read “37/150”, where you have 37 fame (and so obviously have completed the first class quest) and need 150 fame to earn that second star.

Stars in a class are permanent even though earned fame resets with a new character (so if you have 3 stars in Wizard and make a new Wiz, the new Wiz has 0 earned fame even though you may have 3965 total fame, but he will not need to earn those three stars again, although you still need to get his earned fame up from 0 to earn stars 4 and 5 if you want them)/

Total stars can give other players a rough idea of your skill and accomplishments, as a star appears next to your character’s name in-game, and the color of the star changes as you accumulate more Class Quest stars.

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Oryx is 40k. The fake oryx is 65k

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If you buy a color of dye for your character, does he lose it when he dies?

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what is the best teir one char? (wizard preist archer rouge or warrior?)

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Originally posted by killaman44444:

what is the best teir one char? (wizard preist archer rouge or warrior?)

It depends on your playstle. Wizard for DPS, priest for reliable healing, archer for sniping and crowd control, rogue for soloing large enemies, warrior for group support and damage.

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Tier 1 classes are actually some of the best classes in the game. Tier 2 and 3 classes suffer from a combination of no real stat upgrades over their base classes and no progressive abilities… they only get their class abilities and none of the abilities of the base classes.

PRIESTS are hearty. They have long range weapons, although the weapons are a single, one-hit bullet per shot. They also have the ability to area heal with no resource needed except mana. Their defense tends to fall short, and they have no burst damage, but, between their long range and self-sufficient healing, they can be hard to take down. They’re also VERY desired in group efforts, for obvious reasons.

WIZARDS are the single biggest source of burst damage in the game. They have fairly long range weapons… not quite as long as a priest, but still pretty long, and their shots are always parallel double bullets for more oomph. Their ability not only causes an area explosion wherever the mouse cursor is, BUT also fires bullets in many directions from the explosion. The catch is, if you can position the cursor just right in many larger targets, you can make them eat not only the explosion damage, but also many or even ALL of the resulting bullets! Like priests, their defense tends to leave something to be desired.

WARRIOR There are no redeeming points for a Warrior except in groups, really, except for the classes they unlock. Their ability is nice for cracking crystals and group burst damage against bosses, but, ultimately, the healing+damage boost of a Paladin or the increased Defense of a potted Knight will win out for most players. A Warrior, once other classes are unlocked, is a character you choose to play only for specific reasons… mostly when you plan to play ONLY in groups. Their weapons are high-damage but very short-range, and their defense, technically, is second-best in the game, tied with Paladin but behind a potted Knight.

ARCHERS are a somewhat specialized class, really. Their ability can deal considerable damage AND slow or even paralyze any targets it hits, but your aim has to be spot-on to land it. Their defense is moderate, with high-end monsters requiring considerable dodging skills. Their weapons are better designed for crowd management than for killing single big-bads. Bows have moderate range and their arrows go through all monsters they hit, and high-end bows tend to shoot in two or three directions, but their damage tends to be poor and increase slowly with tiers. I, personally, am not a fan of archers, as their weapon damage falls behind in the late game and their ability requires more precision than most, but the ability to Paralyze monsters can have it’s place. Their bowmate, Huntress, has similar stats, weapons and armor, but their ability is a trap that triggers an area damage explosion with slow… which doesn’t paralyze, true, but requires much less precision and can be planned for ahead of time.

ROGUES are a soloer’s character. Their weapons tend to be moderate range (a little shorter than a bow) and decent damage, and their armor is similar to the Archer’s. They have no burst damage ability, BUT their ability has two key uses: 1) To invis up and get in close to a particularly mean monster and hammer away at it with their daggers with no fear of return fire, and 2) As a nearly foolproof escape from trouble… if you find yourself caught between multiple vicious monsters, you can just invis up and they ignore you completely as you run away or Nexus port out! As long as they have the mana and no other characters near them, they are very hard to touch. Their weak points tend to be finding themselves in one of the above scenarios either with no mana or when some noob decides to teleport to them.

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Do i need 2 character slots for tiers 2 & 3, or do i just level a class to level 20, die and do the same with a different class to unlock the class?

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Originally posted by MoCkShOtSalT:

Do i need 2 character slots for tiers 2 & 3, or do i just level a class to level 20, die and do the same with a different class to unlock the class?

you don’t need to buy gold for anything but a faster way to get things or look cooler so no, you don’t need to buy another slot with gold.

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heads up to Wild Shadow, those drake eggs being the only thing we can buy with fame…. not workin, give us some more motivation to get fame, and continue playing. let us unlock a special character, have 1 character slot, make it ridiculously high amounts of fame, but it will get us to get back on after we just died instead of leaving

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^indeed. Especially since dragons only last like 30 seconds….

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amulit of rezerection….

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can someone remind me off all the stats and what they do? (like vitality, speed, ect.)