What are your controls?

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I just thought I’d gather some information on what controls people use…

Mine are:

Arrows – Move
Enter – Chat
Ctrl – Special
Shift – Nexus

Yep… then they released the health/mana hotkeys. I’m debating whether to use / or 1 (on the number keypad) but if I used 1 then I wouldn’t have a key for inventory slot 1… oh, whatever.

What are YOUR controls, then?

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Mine are

wasd: move
enter: chat
space: special
e: nexus

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mine are
WASD: Move
Q: nexus
E: health pot hotkey
F: mana pot hotkey
space bar: Special
Lshift: autofire toggle
Enter: chat

Personally i think this is one of the best set-ups but ofc I’d think that, thats why im using it xD

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mine are
WASD: Move
Q&E: Camera Control
space bar: Special
Enter: chat
Only bad thing is that if you want to nexus, you just high 5 the top of the keyboard in terror

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Move: WASD
Rotate: Q/E
Special: space bar
Auto-fire Toggle: 5
Centering Toggle: R
Default Angle (0): T
Nexus: F
Mini-Map Zoom: Z/X
Item 5-8: 1-4 #I reserve my bottom row for Holy Water and Ghost Rum.

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move: WASD
special: space
MP hotkey: Q
HP hotkey: F
Nexus: E

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mine are
Default angle:r
mini map:- and =
Chat: Enter

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2 different controls i use.

Laptop mode.

Space- autofire


wasd- move

f-v hp-mp

Then legacy controls

(Everything same as laptop apart from)

A- rotate left

D rotate right. Nexus is always R

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Mine are wasd move
space normal
1-8 normal
e nexus
thats all i do