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This is my idea-

Archemedon Gladius

Hp: 50,000

Def: 50

Atk: 72

Agi: 40

Description: The father of all the Archemedon’s. The Most Deadliest Archemedon.

Appearance: looks like a lord of the lost lands, but some changes, the face is armored, now golden, and the shield is gone (wings thingy).


Phrase 1

Gladius will say “You weaklings are too weak to beat me!” and shoots some blasts at the closest player like oryx. (Damage 127)

Phrase 2

Gladius will say “Say hello to your worst nightmares!” and spawns 3 red demons, lower damage, but higher hp.

Phrase 3

Gladius will say “You weaklings will never hurt me!” becomes invulnerable and spawns 1 Horrific Creation, but higher hp and adds the room some hexing puddles

Phrase 4

Gladius will say “FINALLY! YOU WEAKLINGS HAVE RELEASED MY TRUE WRATH!” def becomes 100 and shoots blasts at the room but slow to fire and medium speed when fired. (Warning! Shotgun! Damage: 400)

UT Sword (Demon Blade)

UT Armor (Any UT)

Ring of Exalted Hp or Dex

White Bag:
2 Demon Blades
3 Pots of the same kind

3 lifes (10.75% to get)
3 spds (42.00% to get)
3 defs (10.00% to get)

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You’re a bit generous with the drops.

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ya but we need it i counted I killed 100 gods in a row and didn’t get any pots

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Epic lie ^^

My Idea:

Denzieus the Wizard god

HP: 10000
Location: Alchemists lair


He will taunt ‘Drink this…and all your troubles will go away’

Fires out red potions, inflict 300 damage in a 2.5 range and inflicts, Slow, confused, drunk and hallucinating for 25 secs

After 4500 damage has been dealt

He will taunt ‘I am your master, OBEY ME’

Fires out bullets in a Completely random pattern, these inflict 25 Armor pierce damage At a dex rate for 70

When 500 hp is left

Turns invincible, Fires out four corrupted wizards, when wizards are killed he dies and can give:


Times end (Ability for wizards UT)

Witches brew (2 def + 1 vit permenantly)

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Meme god
HP: 3000

Spawns trollfaces, ffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuu rage guys and me gustas.
Attacks do 1 damage but hallucinate and slow.

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Originally posted by Gonkeymonkey:

Meme god
HP: 3000

Spawns trollfaces, ffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuu rage guys and me gustas.
Attacks do 1 damage but hallucinate and slow.

Stay realistic please.

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The Dead God

Acts dead,no attacks,100% drops Cbows if you hit it once,you can hit it multiple times to get your cbows,and there are alot of them in godlands!:D

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dude serious then cbows will be worthless

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Originally posted by Kazuya121:

3 lifes (10.75% to get)
3 spds (42.00% to get)
3 defs (10.00% to get)

Why are 3 DEFS harder to get than 3 Lives…
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White Slime

Appearance:He looks like a white bag when u see him but if u move over him or hit him he will appear with a smiley face
1:he will taunt “i tricked you” and shoots out blue bag looking bullets that deal 75 damage armor pierce
2:He spawns 4 blue slimes that look like blue bags with 3000 hp and deal 50 damage
3:After they are dead he turns red and starts shooting rapidly like max dex rapidly dealing 100 damage for 2.5 range(all the slime bullets for these guys do 2.5 range)
4:when near death he will spawn out 10 white bags that are traps and insta-kill u
5:when dead he screams “Oryx will have u for breakfast!”

Brown Bag
HP Pot 90.00%
MP Pot 90.00%

Purple Bag
T8 anything 50%
T9 anything 40%
T10 anything 30%
T11 anything 20%

Blue Bag
Spd pot 30%
Dex Pot 25%
Atk Pot 20%
Def Pot 15%
Life Pot 00.01%

White Bag
EP 2%
Doom Bow 00.01%
Candy Armor 00.01%

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Kuri The Lord of the Gods

1:He will disappear and reappear randomly while firing out shots that do 1,000 damage and armor pierce that have 4.0 range and go very fast
2:after he does that for a minute he will stop in the center and take 0 damage while attempting to control u
3:He will control u to damage each other with armor piercing shots that do 75 damage
4:After he loses control over u he randomly spawns 5 of each god
5:When he has 10,000 hp left he will Summon 10 Versions of Spectavius with 20 damage armor piercing shots and 60,000 hp
6:When he has 7,500 hp he will start doing 6.0 range shotguns that deal 100 damage each shot with 12 shots in each shotgun shooting rapidly
7:When he has 5,000 hp he will then turn red and grow wings and shoot out giant red bullets the size of elf wizard that deal 700 damage with blind in a 4.0 range while moving rapidly
8:When he has 2,500 hp he will then summon 10 Drakes that deal 200 damage in a 2,5 range around him while healing him for 100 hp per second with 5,000 hp per drake
9:When at 1,000 hp he becomes invincible standing there while blocking everything in a 14.0 radius around him in a bunch of blocks that have 10,000,000 hp
10:Next he will summon a bunch of pillars that shoot out bullets with no delay in 5.0 range with 150 damage armor piercing while only having some little times where u can melee them and the pillars have 15,000 hp each
11:When near death he will become invincible for a minute while springing traps that insta-kill
12:When he dies 15 of each god appear to avenge their lord

Brown Bag
HP POT 100.00%
MP POT 100.00%

Purple Bag
T9 Weps 40.00%
T9 Armors 45.00%
T5 Abilities 38.00%
T10 Weps 35.00%
T10 Armors 38.00%

Blue Bag
Dex Potx5 15%
Def Potx5 10%
Def Pot 25%
Dex Pot 30%
Life Pot 5%
Life Potx2 00.01%

White Bag
EP 7%
DB 5%
Demon Blade 4%

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The Troll god

1:It looks like a troll face,does nothing

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My idea: Iluminius 70,0000 55 def 20 atk 200 Agi 10 Hp Phase 1: You wont defeat me! He will shot gun the nearest players Phase 2: I shall summon! he summons 2 Mini Ilumininus Archers and Swordsmen Archers have 10,00 Swordsmen Have 30,00 Phase 3: Arghh and he Regenerates his health Phase 4: He says nothing He stands there are shoots Bullets rapidly around him Special: Eeach player killed by him or his minions will gant him 10,000 health

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Oh yeah and he Drops: Candy armor spd potion def potion in white bags and he drops brown bag full of hp pots

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Def: none
Phase 1 Fools! none shall take the treasure I guard!
walks around shoot a few bullets now and then. (100 dmg) Summons lots of weak minions
Phase 2 75,436HP Do you really think you can defeat me?
throws grenade type weapons (50 dmg), 5 bullet streams that go in a circle around him (100dmg), and a lot of bullets everywhere (75dmg). Summons average strength minions. Every 15 sec. he becomes invulnerable to stat for 10sec
Increases def by 10
High Hp crystals (5k) go in a wide circle around him to trap players, shooting short range blasts dealing 100dmg each. Random bullets float everywhere (50dmg) he shoots many different weapons that cause many stat effects. Every 20 sec, he drains all MP and shoots a highly predictable super laser for 500dmg.
Phase 4 3,000HP NOW I WILL SHOW YOU MY TRUE FORM! (turns into a chicken) Def increases to 400
Runs around doing 350 damage to everyone he touches. Shoots bullets that cause every status effect. shoots tons of bullets in tons of patterns. drops 1000hp bombs that will explode for 400 if shot.
Phase 5 100HP NOOOOOOOOO000000000oooooooooooo my treasuuuurrrrreeeeee!!!!!!!!
all bombs turn into bags that have some T5-T7 items. Shoots out a slow, undodgeable blast that heals everybody. Dies and drops really really really really good loot. (T10 stuff, pots, and a good chance at some UT stuff.

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Lucky 7 God
HP: 77777
Def: 77 Etc, etc…

Drops: All pots, 7% chance of dropping 7 pots of one type

777 xp for killing him!

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Emperor Freeze
HP : 64562(phase 1)
47225(phase 2)
25021(phase 3)
DEF : 25
ATK : 60
AGI : 40
Description : The emperor of the ice kingdom.
Location : Godlands

Appearance : It’s a goddess with an ice crown, an ice armour and ice staff. Icy much?

Phase 1 : “Oh, what a surprise. More losers.”

Emperor Freeze shoots out iceballs, some aim at you, some forms into a circle around him. However every 5 sec the iceball circle disappears and you get to attack him.(Damage 80-120 for each iceball)

Phase 2 : “Pretty nice there, but it’s still farrr away.”
+25 DEF, +10 ATK, +2 AGI
Emperor Freeze spawns corrupted wizards to go around him and shoots ice spikes. When wizards are killed you could attack him, but after 4-5 sec he spawns other wizards. The ice spikes are fast. (Damage 150-180 for each ice spike!)

Phase 3 : “LOSERS! What are you?”
+25 DEF, +20 ATK, +10 AGI
Emperor Freeze shoots out a dense pattern of ice spikes and iceballs at fast speed, and shoots random enemies(Hobbit Mage, Undead Hobbit Mage, Corrupted Wizard). (Damage 150-180 for each ice ball, 190-290 damage for each ice spike!)

Brown Bags
HP Pot(100.00%)
MP Pot(100.00%)
Purple Bags
T5 Abilities 50.00%
T8 Weps 42.00%
T8 Armors 42.00%
T9 Weps 39.00%
T9 Armors 39.00%
T10 Weps 30.00%
T10 Armors 30.00%
Blue Bags
Dex Pot x5 25%
Def Pot x5 25%
Def Pot 45%
Dex Pot 45%
Life Pot 30%
Life Pot x2 15%
White Bag
EP 10%
DB 10%
Demon Blade 5%

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hp 100,000
def 70
att 100-200
agi 80

sister of medusa and stheno
stheno is fuchia and medusa is green euryale is blue


celestial blade

first she says



she spawns crhysoar




when she died

medusa and stheno shall appear along with chrysaor if not die

chrysaor’s stats

the same as eurale

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Euryale isn’t your idea it’s xDalla’s idea when he made the gauntlet dungeon idea on the forums.