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Some time ago I’ve written farming guide .
Now I want to gather all the info to more compact form and to make additions based on
experience I’ve got till that time.
Plus I’ve thought that I do not want to repeat wiki much so I’ve shortened some topics.

If you’re newb, then, to understand this guide, you need to get somewhat accustomed to RotMG – check out sticky posts in this forum.
Again, I assume that you have char with no stat bonuses from pots (0/8 in RotMG slang). Here is how you get stat pots/gear/lvl for future maxing of any char that you will like the most.

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Leveling guide
For unlocking new chars and for more easy farming OK items you need 20 lvl char.
1→5-8: you need to be near when mass of mini-enemies die. Build 1.21 had somewhat decreased spawn rates in desert, but they still give experience fast enough;
Low-level quests are now close to each other and can be also used for faster leveling. If you didn’t have stuff for current char vaulted then go for quests/pirate caves – they drop T1-3 stuff which is ok on these lvls.
5-8→10-20: now you have decent exp gain cap (you cannot get >10% needed to lvlup (20-25 for bosses) exp from any mob).

  • Fastest way is to find some dungeon and don’t die in there.
    In dungeons don’t rush forward and be ready to run back/flee to nexus. If you have high level guys in team, let them do killing part – you will go in dungeon for items next time and for exp you need just to be close enough to dying mobs.
    Preferable dungeons – snake pit, undead lair (UDL).
    Don’t go – sprite world (not enough exp).
    Abyss can get you nice exp too, but it’s pretty dangerous even if you stay behind (lava, charging monsters).
  • Another OK way is to go in highlands and kill lesser gods and medium mobs.
  • Or you can follow any big party in godlands and leech exp from realm gods killed here and there. It’s dangerous though and can get you killed/people to hate you if you screw their farm by wandering away and bringing too many gods on your tail. Don’t hesitate to flee to nexus if damaged – you can get back in no time.
    And don’t hate this game if you’ll go somewhere too dangerous and die on lvl 19 or with good gear.

20 You won’t levelup past level 20 but the more exp you gain the more base fame you will have (look wiki for details).

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Godlands – snow/volcanic area near the center of map, inhabited by realm gods and lesser gods mostly.
Here you can gear up to T8+/T4+/para ring (look wiki for tier system) and get pots and fame.
Soloing godlands:
Basically you clear out some territory from gods/mobs and proceed with caution, trying to aggro gods one by one (3 at max), then fall back a bit and deal with them on your ground.
This strategy can get ruined easily by any noob teleporting on you. If you got surrounded, flee to nexus, even if you will lose some drops – greed kills people here.
Best chars for this strategy are necro and priest – priest has better survivability and range, but necro dishes out more damage and farms faster.
Swarming godlands:
If there are many people in god lands then you don’t need heal so much yourself. Farming is easier but if you have lags, they will increase in crowd tremendously. Just dodge-kill-dodge-kill-collect.
If you’re damaged for 200hp+, better ask for healing – you can easily get shotgunned for 300-400 and if you have full hp you may still survive.

To get good items that cannot be picked by others (SB, soulbound) from any god/mob that can drop SB, you need to deal a chunk of damage (caps differ from 1%to 10(?)% for different mobs) to them.

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Big bosses, surrounded by crowds of minions, drop potions and sometimes items up to T11/T5.
If you’re 0/8 then you can just ignore them – minions tend to rape chars with low armor very fast and you won’t be able to deal any damage to boss.
However there are some exceptions where you can still get SB from events without spending too much time on it.

  • Skull shrine – Immovable big red skull armed with wide-spread fast-moving-bullets shotgun.
    Minions: fast-moving blue skulls and stationary red skulls.
    Can be solo-ed in reasonable time by 0/8 rogue with patience, T4 cloak, some mana pots and priest/paladin in safe spot nearby (3-5 hit-n-run’s).
    SB chance: heavy nukers (assassin, wizard) and rogue.
  • Cube god – big deep blue cube armed with insta-kill long-range blue shotgun.
    Minions: Cube god spawns cube overseers (brown ones) orbiting around it, overseers spawn yellow and blue ones, blue ones inflict slow.
    Hard to solo with rogue and risky.
    SB chance: same, but more chance to die/be forced to escape.
  • Pentaract – pentagram of 5 connected towers that throw grenades.
    Minions: Incredibly fast-moving eyes that excel at hit-and-run tactics and can tear unaware character to pieces in one second – don’t stop running if you haven’t maxed defense.
    Tricky part is that all 5 towers must be finished off in 15 seconds or it will regenerate lost towers and spawn more eyes. Nice variant would be to leave all towers at the brink of death then circle around and finish them off. Sadly, they do not have hpbars =( .
    Can be swarmed, but easier to kill with several trusted people because noobs will finish off towers you try to weaken.
    SB chance: any steel-baller that survives running within pentract.

All events become harder if they’re in godlands, because realm gods can really mess up any your strategy.

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Grand sphinx deserves individual post for its kill count.
Very durable, hard-hitting, half time invulnerable, with badass minions (horrid reapers) – it is a fearsome enemy. Thankfully it’s got nerfed a bit.

  • Object-piercing yellow swirls, 2*90 degrees cones, inflict blind.
    You hide behind rocks like cowards, but you cannot hide from this! (obsolete)
  • Red bulbs shotgun/all direction shots/aimed shots, can damage more then one time if you run along shot, some maxed chars died like that.
  • Mini red bulbs volley, inflicts weaken

1.21 UPD – other sphinx’s shots also pierce objects.
1.23 UPD – added sphinx enviroment with unpenetrable walls and changed quotes.

Minions phases (heck they have them too)

  • Wandering, shooting red bullets.
  • Chasing intruders, shooting black bullets.
  • Very fast random movements (slowed a bit in 1.21).
  • Stationary, shooting black shots in five directions, main source of insta-kills if two of reapers stop on you.

Easiest way is to kill sphinx is with nukes, couple of wizards can rape it in few minutes.
Otherwise it’s pure waste of time – it is being killed slowly, drops are not so good and danger is gravy. Consider killing it only if realm is near closing. (Again I mean unmaxed chars)
Drops: Tomb entrance (very hard and time-consuming dungeon, only source of life pots), vit pots [and wis pots since 1.21].

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Debuffs surviving

  • blindness – train yourself not to panic when hit by blinding. If you cannot see a thing while blinded, adjust brightness of your screen. (main users: Beholders, hermit god, underwater crabs)
  • confusion – can make you go in most bullet-filled area, deadly debuff. Train to use changed controls somehow, for example you can train small confusion times on desert triangles (devils?) and long on UDL constructs and undead dwarf gods.
  • slow – slows your movement speed to minimum, hard to dodge bullets like that. Teleport away or flee if you’re slowed in dangerous place alone (common debuff).
  • quiet – dangerous for ability-based char like priest, removes mana completely, renders quaffing mana pots useless. Can be used to regen mana fully by fleeing to Nexus/using any portal (flayers, sprite gods, vampires, LoLL, some others).
  • armor pierce – shot ignoring armor, purple damage ^^.
  • armor broken (tomb/water trench) – next shots will ignore armor completely. Deadly debuff if you’re under attack.
  • paralyze – (tomb/water trench/hermit minions) renders you immovable, deadly as hell, tpout or flee immediately if you’re caught under heavy fire.
  • weak/daze – lowers you firepower a lot (effective 0 att/0 dex stats); consider even stop shooting and focus on using abilities/getting in better position while under these debuffs.
    Teleporting tips
  • Try not to teleport to lone godland farmers ‘cause you don’t know direction in which they are moving and you can bring to them too many gods.
  • Never teleport on 20 lvl rogue before asking him. You will likely get both you and him killed.
    UPD you cannot teleport on cloaked rogue now, but still if you teleport on him while he’s recloaking near some event boss he will be forced to nexus out.
  • Teleporting to center of big crowd is more or less safe.

Coward style. Do not hesitate to flee when damaged while farming solo (or even swarming, nearby priests can ran out of mana or be dumb and you will die) if enemies are near. Don’t rush forward anywhere where you are not 100% sure you will survive rush.
Find friends. You will survive a lot more and get better drops per time spent if you will play with someone that will cover your back. If you’re wizard/archer, find priest (and vise versa), if you’re rogue, find paladin. Imho, this game is too fast-paced for groups of more than 3 people except for some big challenges like crystal, sphinx, Oryx or free-for-all wine cellar raid where you don’t need much coordination, only big damage output.

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Controls tips

  • Key binding. For better survivability, bind some inventory slots and “flee to nexus” on buttons close to WASD (I use ‘q’ and ‘e’ for inventory and ‘f’ for fleeing).
  • Teleporting away. While in dungeons if you flee to nexus you lose chance to get your drops from boss. If there are many people then find some person that is newb/coward and preferably is a priest and lock him for the time being. Then if you are in trouble, then while running away, select him and teleport to him. Same if you’re stuck before boss/event without super-pros, strategy there will be rush in→nuke/damage target→teleport away.
    UPD remember, that since 1.21 you cannot teleport in Oryx castle, Oryx lair and wine cellar. You either stay in and get loot with chance to die or nexus out in danger.
  • Screen turning. Some people (me included) bind use rotating and un-centering view (look controls for more info).
    ++ Your range of view increases from ~6 (bows range) to ~8 (staffs and cwand range) which is very useful to long-range chars (wand chars still hit some targets they cannot see).
    In dungeons, walls will hinder your view less.
    — You have less vision behind you and will need to look radar also for enemies trying to crawl behind you.
    If you’re confused then rotating changes from clockwise to counter-clockwise and vice verse which adds insult to injury.
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Realm gods – most of tips are in wiki already. These guys each drop one kind of pots and items up to T8/T4/para rings.
There are 3 main strategies of solo-ing any god – circling – you circle around it, can be bad ’cause you aggro on you others, sidestep dodge by tiny movements; not so easy against some gods with dense shotguns, outrun bullets – get in firing range then fall back to safe ground, repeat until target is dead; not so easy against enemies with fast-moving or long-living bullets.

  • White demon Big white dude, armed with many-bullets short-range shotgun, and armor piercing star. Drops att. circling, outrun bullets.
  • Medusa – snake-ish thingy with snakes for hair. Most kill count of all realm gods due to high damage and splash. Stupid (does not try to predict your movements, fires in your current location). Drops spd and Abyss entrance. circling.
  • Ghost god – bane of melee chars. Armed with wide-range slow-moving-bullets shotgun. Low durability. Drops spd and UDL entrance. sidestep, outrun bullets.
  • Beholder – big eye, armed with 5-way cannon and blindness stars. Drops def. sidestep.
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  • Sprite god – arguably most powerful one, armed by fast-moving, long-range bullets, inflicts “quiet” debuff. Lazy (doesn’t like to chase intruders). Most durable of all realm gods. Drops att. Often surrounded by sprite children that drop Sprite world entrance. sidestep, circling +may be >1 go (hit-run-regen, it won’t chase you).
  • Flying brains – big purple thingy, armed with purple low-damage hard-to-dodge 5-way cannon. Weakest of all realm gods. Drops att. sidestep.
  • Slime god – big slime, armed with fast-moving bullets shotgun, inflicts slow. Drops def. sidestep, circling
  • Ent god – durable, armed with piercing shotgun. 1vs1 are nothing, but packs nice punch against crowd or in combination with other gods. Tries to predict your movements, fails at that like a boss, tends to shoot away from you if you’re sidestepping. Drops def. sidestep.
  • Djinn – invulnerable while not shooting, otherwise dies very quickly; floods field with ton of bullets, blows itself if dies. Drops spd. sidestep, outrun bullets
  • Leviathan (thanks, falisten) – worm-like abomination, circles around you instead of blind chasing. Shoots either 2 aimed blue bullets or aqua missiles in 3 sides in “Y”-like pattern (“levi dance”), huge damage. Sometimes appears in highlands rather than godlands. Drops def. sidestep. Consider leaving it alone and proceeding in another direction if you’re 0/8.
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Chest guards – do not drop good items by themselves but have chests with ~5 random items. Some of them grow in strength if overdamaged in “growth” phase. Look wiki for more info.

  • Red demon – big red guy armed with purple shotgun, spawns lesser demons. Taunts. Knows your name. Apparently likes BDSM. No overdamage.
    What do you know of suffering? I can teach you much, %username.

    Lives in volcanic areas close to river of lava.
    If you gonna go solo, be patient and clear path to him. It deals not much damage to ranged units and dies OK.
    The tricky part is to loot it because if you rush to chest you will be surrounded by enemies on a small bridge in lava river and that’s bad :P .
    Clear area around chest, get items fast before new minions will come, flee/continue farming.
    If you swarm it, it dies pretty fast and fastest people get loot (or die in lava/killed while looting).
    Why to kill: Oryx calling, chest items up to T9/T4/T8.
  • Ghost king – most time-consuming quest monster, armed with close range weak single shot. Melancholic person.
    Just you? I guess you do not have friends to play with.

    Lives in tower close to godlands.
    If disturbed, spawns bunch of stationary archers. These, if killed, have chance to grow in size. Archers of different “levels” shoot in 4 to 8 directions with different attack speed, highest two levels spawn imps on death and have chance to drop eggs.
    “Growth” phase – while it shoots 4×50 dmg shots and flashes blue. If overdamaged, spawns more archers when you kill first pack.
    Misery loves company!

    Has multiple conditions in which it shrinks and become vulnerable -
    1) Random archer contains its soul, kill it and you’re done.
    Your secret soul keeper is dying, your majesty.

    2) Sometimes you kill all archers and he’s still not dying. Just wait and he will shrink.
    You have sapped my energy! A curse on you!

    Why to kill: Oryx calling, ton of exp (~800-1000 with all archers), chest items – up to T8/T4/T7, tinks/eggs.
  • Cyclops king – Big fat guy, spawns suicidal minions. Does not like intruders. Lives in castle either close to or in godlands. No overdamage.
    Get off my castle!

    Easiest way to kill – circling strategy (within castle).
    Why to kill: Oryx calling, chest items – up to T8/T4/T7.
  • Ent ancient is not a chest guard, if that matters.
    Can be found sleeping in the center of tree circle. “Growth” phase – 4 seconds. If overdamaged it spawns some nature sprites and bigger minions, nature sprites drop att pots and some untiered item (look wiki).
    Easiest method to kill – wake up (hit once), wait until it’ll grow to the max size

    finish it, sidestepping big branches.
    Why to kill: Oryx calling, 350+ exp, beginners items, nature sprites drops (UT quiver, att pots, may be something else), bigger minions drops (dex tinctures).
  • Lich
    UPD Thank goodness, no more lich-hunt, now it appears on radar before drakes!
    If overdamaged, spawns some phylastery bearers (red-cloak ghosts) that drop some loot (tincs, orange eggs, sometimes even some UT) and haunted spirits. Be careful, haunted spirits are mostly invulnerable and can continue to wander within castle when lich dies. So do not rest/chat/whatever in lich’s castle after kill if you don’t want to die stupidly.
    Why to kill: Oryx calling, loot from overdamage.
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Look wiki for detailed loot; Dungeons can be entered via portals in realms which drops from various mobs or if someone bought key for real money and you happen to be close when he uses it.

  • Pirate cave.
    Drops from: low mobs (small cubes, pirates, etc).
    Danger: nil. Loot: beginners. Exp – 100-200. Too easy to give overview of.
  • Spiders den
    Danger: nil to low. Loot: spider ichors(150 hp pots). Exp – 300-500.
    Lots of small mobs. Not very popular.
  • Forbidden Jungle
    Drops from: temple snake.
    Danger: low. Loot: pollen powder (potion: 100 mana for all ppl in range), cstaff (60-70 damage, slightly better range than normal staff).
    Exp ~500?
  • Snake pit
    Drops from: lesser gods that produce mobs (undead dwarf gods, flayers, etc).
    Became rare after decreasing amount of flayers and its drop rate overall.
    Danger: low to med for low-armor classes.
    Exp: 1000+.
    Preferable amount of people: 1-3 drop farmers+some exp leechers.
    Loot: speed pot, snake oil (100 hp 6 range heal), rarely items up to T10 weapon/T9 armor.
    Extremely rare loot: wine cellar incantation, Wand of the Bulwark.
  • Sprite world
    Drops from: sprite children that surround sprite gods. Most common portal in godlands.
    Danger: low if you know what you’re doing.
    Exp: low.
    Preferable amount of people: 1-3 (best to be done with priest or pally).
    Loot: ~90% chance of dex pot, low chance of up to T5 ability.
    Extremely rare loot: wine cellar incantation, Staff of Extreme Prejudice, Cloak of the Planewalker.
  • Undead lair
    Drops from: Ghost gods.
    Danger: low to med if you’re reckless.
    Exp: immense.
    Preferable amount of people: 2-4 drop farmers+some exp leechers.
    Loot: ~1/2 chance of wis pot and sometimes T4/T5 abilities from boss, some speed-worthy items from mobs.
    Extremely rare loot: wine cellar incantation, Doom Bow.
  • Abyss of demons
    Drops from: Medusa’s.
    Danger: med to gravy if you’re rushing.
    Exp: 2-5k.
    Preferable amount of people: 2-4 damage dealers and 1-2 priests+some brave exp leechers.
    Loot: ~1/2 chance of vit pot and sometimes items up to T10/T4/T9 from boss, some speed-worthy items from mobs.
    Extremely rare loot: wine cellar incantation, Demon Blade.
  • Tomb of the ancients
    Drops from: Sphinx.
    Danger: deadly.
    Loot: up to para rings/T10? stuff in treasure room (gold floor somewhere in the map).
    Life pots and tons of good gear from 3 bosses. Tinctures from sarcophagi.
    Preferrable amount of people: few coordinated pros and some newbs that won’t mess around and will do what said. Guide to tomb is somewhere in wiki. My advice – don’t go if you don’t want to die horribly.
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First of all, before lvl20 you won’t need big items for sure.
Yes, its easier to levelup if you have better equipment, but don’t wear best things you have on low level characters to avoid stupid deaths in godlands/dungeons.
Second thing is that high-tier equipment gives bonuses less than its cost in potions, so buy it only for maxed chars – here is example with daggers:

  • Daggers
    Last “free”(not pot-worthy) dagger is T7, mithril with 100 average damage.
    Next one is T8, firedagger(120), which is worth 1 spd mostly, so if you buy it you will pay 1 spd for 20% damage increase (same as +10 att, even better if you’re weakened) which is good deal.
    Ragetalon(125) is worth ~1 att to 1 def so you’ll get ~4% damage bonus for few spd which is OK too.
    But emeraldshard is worth ~2 def and gives same ~4% damage bonus, not worth it if char isn’t maxed.
    So, items, effective for unmaxed chars are mithril dagger, fire dagger and ragetalon dagger.
  • Bows
    Archer needs golden bow (RotMG gbow) for farming badly so consider starting some other char if you do not have gbow or any stat pot vaulted.
    Effective for unmaxed chars: gbow(T8, 1 spd), vbow(T9, 1 att to 1 def).
  • Staves
    Because wizards/necro are the most popular damage dealers, Necrotic Arcana (T9) worth 1 def but gives <4% damage bonus.
    Effective for unmaxed chars: Destruction (T7, free) and Horror (T8, 1spd to 1att).
  • Wands
    Priests/sorcs are not meant to deal much damage so these do not cost much, but damage increase is also poor.
    Effective for unmaxed chars: Arcane flame (T7, free), Death (T8, 0-1 spd) and Deep Sorcery (T9, 1spd to 1att). Crystal wand boosts farming very much since it pierces, but costs a lot.
  • Swords
    I do not recommend melee classes for farming, but if you are for class quests or just want to play melee, then either use gold sword (T7, free), ravenheart (T8, 1 spd) or Dsoul (T9, 1 att) for beginning. Also consider buying crystal sword (costs a lot in 1.21) – it has slightly better range which can be very helpful against some enemies.

Same thing applies to armor – before you’ve maxed def better do not buy high-tiers.

  • Leather armor
    Gives dex as well as def.
    Effective for unmaxed chars: Studded (T7, free), Drake (T8, 1 spd), Roc (T9, 1 def).
    Gives most side bonuses – max mp, att, wis and are most expensive.
    Effective for unmaxed chars: Illusion (T7, 0-1 spd), Master (T8, 1spd-1att), Magus (T9, 1-2 def).
  • Heavy armor
    Gives no side bonuses but most def of all armor types.
    Effective for unmaxed chars: Dscale (T8, 1 spd), Desol (1 att), Veng (1 def).
  • Abilities: All the abilities items except traps are more useful on high-tiers (traps consume too much mana and do not give any stat bonuses to be considered useful), consider also using T3 skull instead of T4 for farming due to lesser manacost, T4 is more useful only against armored enemies. Only abilities cost-effective for unmaxed chars are T4 (2% fame bonus), their average cost is 1 speed pot.
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Oryx – big dude with various attacks, sometimes summons tanky minions which deal minor damage and inflict slow, game’s boss. Appears when you kill all chest guards and events, closes realm, after battle destroys it and creates another one with fresh quests.
UPD In 1.20 number of minion spawns had been increased and they nearly stopped to drop loot.
UPD2 No tp in Oryx zone since build 1.21.
UPD3 Since 1.23.3 or smth phases are going in random order with first and last remaining the same. Most of them are modified and became lot harder.

  1. First phase – shoots shotgun of red piercing bullets then summons minions. Hard to use this phase because it ends very quickly.
  2. Silence phase – waves inflicting silence/weak, silencing circle, bombs within circle, some minions out of circle. Stay away and regen. (If you have decent weapon and dex you can try to deal some dmg there).
    BE SILENT!!!
  3. Artifacts phase – dodge big bullets, avoid blinding medium bullets, sidestep or ignore anti-spectators; <350 hp – better stay away. Not modified
    My artifacts will protect me!
  4. Don’t look at me – eyes cannon phase, if you have 280 or less hp stay away – you can be insta-killed. Dodge eyes cannon. Nothing tricky if you’re not melee char. Modified: Added small spam-bullets, annoying, but if you have good range you can dodge these also.
    Insufferable fools! If I see you I will kill you!
  5. Dance phase – flood of bullets in circle + bombs. Stay within circle and hit or stay away and look. Never panic; if you’re dancing badly just flee to nexus – storming the circle will silence and deal decent chunk of damage or even kill you, so must be used with caution. Modified: used to be easiest phase, now it’s dangerous :< .
  6. Minions phase – piercing (both chars and armor) razors, minions. Modified: now 2 types of minions, “Tanks” and “Ninjas”, last ones deal lot of damage.

at least 3 more phases I’m too lazy to update

I am the master of this existence!

Feel my cosmic might!

The universe bends to my will alone!

ending phase
If you did nice dmg to Oryx (1-3k for various SB) you will get nice loot – up to T11/T5/T11/exa.

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PVP in RotMG.
Well, RotMG has no actual PVP, but there still are many interactions between players =) .

  • Price check before trading If you got some good loot, don’t rush to sell it, most of the times people will buy it underpriced and fool you. Better at least ask in Kongregate chat, how much does it cost like this:
    PC> Ring of exalted defence
    Even better, vault it for times when you’ll know it’s actual worth. – good price guide by Kazansky.
  • Safe trading. There are many ways to fool people in trades, some of them are more or less acceptable in RotMG community (fool people about actual price of item for example) while others are for what people will call one scammer (unclicking, item switch, etc). Basically, if you agreed about price, then you must pay it if other guy pays what he was meant to. I assume that trading using kong chat is more or less safe (I never got scammed that way and I’ve traded more than 200 times for sure). On other side, in servers there are plenty of scammers and newbs that try to buy stuff for shit (well, Kong has some of later ones too), but you can buy/sell with more profit there with patience.
  • Trolling people. This can be done either for fun or for profit like reducing amount of people in castle to reduce lags. Beware, try on your risk, people can start to hate you for this. Here are some examples:
    Crystal here!!. Class – trickster.
  • “Jump” with prism somewhere you cannot go out from on foot (pools of shallo water near castle will do fine)
  • Yell something like Crystal here!! or Teleport on me!!! or Free pots here!!!
  • Wait for people to teleport on you then jump out and watch them wander in pool helplessly (well, at least for 10 seconds before they teleport out).
    Even better if you dragged some mobs near.
    Wow, ent! Lets kill it together!. Performer – wizard with T4 spell (other good damagers require good loot and/or stat pots quaffed).
  • Find any crowd of newbs killing ent ancient.
  • Overdamage it (waste all your mana planting spells in center of ent).
  • Gtfo.
  • Watch newbs die (my best – 8 frags, 3 of them lvl20).
    Best if performed on last ent in realm.
    Castle rush. Performer – any player that can keep up with rushing pro (0/8 char wouldn’t have enough firepower to destroy walls by himself). Profit: if you succeed, you will split Oryx’s loot between low amount of people (in 1.21 Oryx rarely drops good items though), hate from non-rushers. Negative sides: high risk, castle fame boost missed.
    Here, have more mobs to kill. Performer – any class. In castle when people are busy killing mobs, go out and gather more for them to kill. Usually, two big mobs (brutes) are enough to entirely wipe out one part of newbs.
    Profit: Less people on your side, most of times people do not understand why there are so many mobs around. Negative side: high risk, possibility that there will be too less people on your side to burrow through castle.
    Crystal protector (thanks for reminding, greycat1234 ) Performer – mystic. Obviously, when people are trying to break crystal, stasis it from time to time. Better if you stasis just when they boost. Extremely annoying.
    Hunted armor overrun (thanks, explorers) Performer – any class. At the end of castle in the same room where guardians are, there are two rows of sleeping “hunted armors”. Wake ‘em up and watch people die. Positive side: kill off newbs, nexus off pros. High risk. UPD doesn’t work as cewl as it supposed too, but still forces some ppl to stay from the sides of room and here’s when they got killed by guardian’s sword.
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Reserved: extras 2

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Edit: Cleared info with was already added.

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man you realy need very good stuff or a big group to farm i farmed 1 time a stat in my whole live

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Originally posted by qlzqlzuup:

@ Megaritish1 UPD = update. Thanks, added/fixed. Can you edit your current comment instead of posting new ones if you find some mistakes/have new additions? I do not want to see guide spammed again by ton of comments =) .

Okay. :)

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Originally posted by qlzqlzuup:

(too less exp)

I think you mean something like not enough exp. If you don’t know where it is it is in the second post.

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Doesn’t the Ghost God only drop Speed Potions?

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hmm all good but there are 3 flaws:
Ghost god drops only SPD pot, it never drops ATT.

Misses the Leviatan god strategy, so i will add mine:
Leviantan – worm-like abomination that rather circles you then chase blindly. shoots 2 blue bullets that does high damage and are very well aimed. After few seconds it began to shoot green bullets at 3 sides in “Y” like patten and it moves in triangle like way, very hard to evade, also known as levi dance. drops defs and sometimes appers in lesser god lands.Sidestep it only, any other way may result in failure.

3th this that there is no phoenix, oasis giant and liches chest guards in list(bonemancer too but he is not requied for closing relam)

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2 things from me
1 leviathan really isn’t a worm, it is supposed to be a serpent. and here’s one way i know how to defeat it. if you are a rogue you can only cloak it during its dark blue attacks, for some reason it will still attack with the light bluish green color even if you’re cloaked.

2 it seems to me now that the highlands are harder than godlands know because of all the spawns(mainly the ogres). the reason i think it is harder is because u can’t really dodge in the highlands, but it is much easier to dodge in godlands. but i guess this all depends on the class. if you are a close range class the godlands will be harder, if you are long range than the highlands will be harder.

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I think spider den is quite popular for the healing ichors. I go in all the time to get them.

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@ hooverboy worm, serpent, it’s hard to tell with pixelized graphic =). Okay, added your tip.
@ sonofhades666 well, I haven’t seen people entering it for quite a while.

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Originally posted by qlzqlzuup:

@ hooverboy worm, serpent, it’s hard to tell with pixelized graphic =). Okay, added your tip.
@ sonofhades666 well, I haven’t seen people entering it for quite a while.

i wasn’t talking about graphics, i was talking about mythology and facts from the bible and it is described in there as a serpent.