Help with creating a start screen

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I’ve been going through the Shootorials for Actionscript 3 and am stuck on how to integrate a start screen. I’ve looked at the source code from the #8 shootorial and just can’t put two and two together about how to do it. I’ve also scoured the internet trying to find help but I definitely started to realize most other ways of adding a start screen don’t mesh with how the shootorial sets things up.

Can anyone help point me in the right direction with adding a start screen? All I want it to do is just be an initial point that you can click through to get to the actual game.

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If you were able to add a game over screen which is added in Shootorial #6 and your game over screen works then you can compare those two because they work very similar. You might check your linkage and properties to insure that the file source is legitimate because that can change things as well.