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How about life of a boss a game where you play as a boss and get to see how it is to be a level boss also other players can play as well players.

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Originally posted by Jareth247:

Well, there’s one idea I can part with:

It’s for a 2D fighting game, akin to Mortal Kombat, where all 7 fighters are based on the 7 deadly sins.

The story brings together seven metaphysical embodiments of the SEVEN DEADLY SINS to fight for the amusement of Lucifer, ruler of Hell, and his bride, Lillith, Queen of Sin Itself.

  • Pride: once a beautiful actress, Lilly Andrews was the most attractive woman in the world. But age slowly soured her looks, and thus sought any means to enhance her beauty. With any and every cosmetic and procedure at her disposal, she soon became an empty shell of a woman, consumed by her vanity. As Pride, she is shown as having unnatural beauty, like a living (or more accurately, undead) doll. Her weapons are 16-inch claws where her fingernails once were.
  • Envy: Unlike her twin sister Pride, Tilly Andrews never had anything worth having. She coveted all that she did not have, and hated those who had too much. So consumed by her envy, she began to rot from the pit of her soul outward, now resembling an ugly ghoulish figure. Her weapon is a warhammer, which weighs one hunded pounds for every ounce of envy she had in life.
  • Wrath: The ever nerdy Charles Thompson was tired of being bullied and ridiculed by those around him, from his classmates and teachers, to his alcoholic mother and pedophile father. So one day, he decided to silence their taunts… permanently! But soon, he found that he loved that surge of anger that flowed with each kill. And soon, murder was an addiction. As the embodiment of Wrath, his skinny body is scarified and adorned with stitches and piercings and his mouth and eyes are sewn shut. His weapons are the knife and hook that he killed his victims with.
  • Lust: Lienna Lovett only had to bat her eyes, lick her lips and clutch her ample breasts to make anyone, man or woman, bend over backwards for her. To her, everyone was just slaves to do her bidding. But when you use sex as a bartering chip, you better know who you’re dealing with. She now wishes she knew that, before she “bartered” with a mafia don who she tried to cheat out of his “reward” as he called it. So, if she would give up her body willingly, then she’d do it UNwillingly. She fought and struggled… but failed. Defiled and disgusted with her reflection, she took two stilettos from her drawer and planted them into the skull of the man who defiled her… and then herself, right in the heart. Her weapons are her stilettos.
  • Avarice: Last in a long line of mafia dons, Georgio Belucci had it all and wanted more. Nothing was enough for him. His vast amount of wealth attracted a rather worthless little tease named Lienna Lovett, who only used him for his money and power. But it was power that he gave her one night, when he decided to show her her place as the whore she really was. This, however, was his last mistake. His weapon is his trademark cane sword, made from the bullets that his great-grandfather used to take out the Castella family.
  • Gluttony: Lonnie Smith always had an appetite. Mostly for food. Lots of it. And it showed. But didn’t eat just for sustenance. Sometimes, he just ate out of boredom, out of anger, or even for no reason at all. But one day, his mother decided that she couldn’t afford his hefty appetite, so she just stopped feeding him. Well, except for copious amounts of syrup of Ipecac. Weeks later, he was nothing but a pile of bones wrapped in what felt like MILES of skin. It used to be he ate just to eat, but now, he was actually hungry. But his mother refused to feed him, so he decided to find his own food. And she was delicious, though his mother was always stringy. But soon, only the taste of human flesh would satiate him. Armed with two cleavers, he’d hunt and eat any poor fool to cross path with him… until one night, he attacked the mayor’s daughter. And his tragic life was ended with several shotgun blasts to the torso, forever leaving him with an empty stomach. As Gluttony, he is outright skeletal, except for a bottomless whole where his stomach once was. His weapons are meat cleavers.
  • Sloth: there is no story for Samuel Otosh. That’s because he never lived his life. He never did anything. He never saw anything. As the embodiment of sloth, he always wears his striped pajamas (blue w/ yellow stripes), his shirt open to show a cadaverlike body covered in bedsores and a Y-incision. He wields no weapon, since his whiplike limbs just dark out like a crack of the whips they resemble.
  • Lucifer: he challenged God for the throne of heaven and lost. He serves as the sub-boss, armed with his blood-stained pitchfork. He basically resembles a well-dressed man with flowing black hair and horns that are curled and roughly three feet in length.
  • Lillith: while many believe that Lucifer wields power in Hell, it is actually his bride Lillith, the original woman herself, who rules over Hell. She dresses like a dominatrix, in a blood-red leather outfit studded with metal, and partially mummified in barbed wire. She is too powerful to need a weapon and therefore fights with her bare hands and dark magic.

To unlock Lucifier, beat the game with each character.

To unlock Lillith, beat the game with Lucifer.

The gameplay is like Mortal Kombat, with weapon-based combat and the three-button (swift attack, strong attack and block) configuration akin to Soul Calibur.

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this is going to be long but here it is:i want a sandbox factory building game where you can put conveyor belts down and add empty machines which you could add peaces to the machines inside and out so for example you could have metal coming from another factory which is a mine and you get conveyor belt make it go int a machine with a heater inside it and you can afterwards get another machine which you place a crusher inside you double click it and set it to ingot and then you get another machine which has crane arms which will stack the ingots and then you get them to a machine that is a bigger size which will put the ingots into boxes and then the boxes get put in another factory that you chose to be an airport or delivery station to deliver ingot boxes and get money in the campaign mode or in the sandbox mode do it for fun and i’m thinking you can get trays to anti matter engines. yep that’s my idea

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Zero escape 3: Nevada test site.
Yeah this game is the third part of the zero escape series, but it’s in development hell right now :(
Please i want this game!