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should the pillar damage ranking in glxy be reset? They are kinda skewed due to the pillar damage bug.

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Seems pillars having more HP now, which is good. But…

We now need to spend twice as much AP to get a pillar down, and yet, coupon prizes are the same. Which means we get half coupons per AP spend. This makes doing pillar less worth it. I suggest increasing the prize rewards, because it’s crap now in my opinion.

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in a few weeks, pillars will be falling just as fast as before the expansion again
pillars aren’t going down too slow now, they were going down way too fast the weeks before this expansion
so basically everyone was getting too many coupons per AP spent then, not the other way around now

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if the pillars stop dropping, then maybe the prizes are bad. For now, it seems the prize/AP is still too high :)

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i have a few suggestions for updates

----------------------WOH SUGGESTIONS----------------------

a few new WOH card

-Barricade (place on field with 10 hp (upgrading health with each level and on purple heroes behind the barricade push it forward to stop enemies from hitting them))

-Spike shield (any damage dealt to attacker will also deal x damage back to attack (X damage before sheild disappears))

-Leap (friendly card jumps forward 2 cells (1 additional cell per card level and +1damage to enemies at blue (if enenmy infront then pushes them forward with you unless purple leap) and +2 damage to enemies and jump over them at purple level)

WOH Troops - spend crystals on making hero like card without needing to care about hero stat points. e.g. make a berserker hero who you can customise with WOH gear that boosts their stats so that will be how they get crit and defense chance, helm gives a special ability (e.g. Beserker skill onto the hero +1 attack for blue equipment +2 for purple equipment no green or below helms as its special and should be rare as it would be awesome =)) , weapon gives more crit boots give defense (or call it dodge by agility :P) chest gives more health

Heroes skills used in ship battes should also be considered for WOH in some way

-------------------AUCTION SUGGESTIONS------------------------------

Auction needs more items as there are so many people playing the game

Mabye a gold user auction house where you pay 50 gold to have access to the auction house for 1 week and it only gives out purple items lvl 25-50 Or a weekly auction that players bid with gold to get the item instead of credits

----------------------------KONGREGATE AND FACEBOOK-----------------------------------

Universe switchover ( 50 gold or your account to be switched to facebook or back to kong again) i initially played on kongregate when the game started and then quit when i couldn't get purple heroes or even blue!! my luck was that bad. i came back and now i just found out Timeworld is on facebok but i don't want to have to start over again. so i will have to make due with kongregate unless this is implemented

------------------------------ACTION POINTS----------------------------------

MaYbe another system along side action points would be good too as action points are used for EVERYTHING e.g Stamina (player energy) used for WOH chapters and WOH battles/ WOH ARENA and you get higher storage from completing WOH Chapters

Action points allow Ship chapters, Stamina could allow WOH chapters Action points allow Visiting other players planets, Stamina could allow Mapping other players solar system and finding ship battles and chests from winning Action points allows pillars, Stamina should be for WOH Arena

Action points should be aloud to be converted into resouces like the tavern does credits to ore and energy incase someone doesn't have to time to use all their action points in one go as they only have 5 mins on the computer. even converting action points to tavern refresh rate would be good 28 AP + 9x refresh giving 37X chance

all taverns can link together in one place and you can choose to refresh them all in this one GODLY tavern wihich gives higher refresh chance (from all refresh chance) and it only gives lvl 1 heroes

ACTION point storage bottle costs 50 gold and you can store up to 100 AP higher storage or upgrading bottle with more gold and a new buyable storage bottle action points in mall (also you can click on bottle and say store current action points for later) same for if Stamina (player energy) is a good idea


SHIP BATTLES Team up with a bunch of up to 5 other players to do TEAM CHAPTERS (would be a little tricky to implement but would make more ship usage) ability to control SHIPs in TEAM CHApters and choose the SKILLS on heroes (mabye each hero gets a starter skill with their primary starting stat (e.g. a new hero with high war stat could get multiple or triple,command gets dodge or absorb damage(take 90% damage like the MF ability) builder gets repair, tech gets invibility which confuses enemies for 1 turn and does 50% damage


Hopefully one of these ideas are good =)


some suggestions defeat the purposes of others as not all points will be seen as good so i'm giving alternative ideas

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Lol price of frags for metal is now 11Gold and 48Gold for the gem… This is completly pathetic. If someone bought that, please let me know cuz i really wanna laught!

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Why is metal boss that easy? HP like Spirit. Drop chances my be like demon. It doesn’t make sense for me.

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The new chapters give way way way way way too little XP. 20% of a level @ 65 to reinforce for the entire chapter 12 and 13 and that is even at double XP :S

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AHahahaha, omg, im sorry, but Playmage inc… you guys are really more than """ CENSORED """. I just notice that you guys added quest for each building over L31.

So there we go: 3.7M Cred and 7.4M ore to build that piece a crap. The reward for completing is 70k cred, 100k ore.

Thats 1/2 what i get from 1 PvP Fight and you call that a reward!!! Its more a slap in the face and to any of your player intelligence.

BTW you know where u can put ur stupid event …. """ CENSORED """ You really cant stop giving those stupid greenies dont you ? Greeny here greeny there. Oh wait its and event, something to thanks our players support and show them how we appreciate them…… GREENIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh man… im so done

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Originally posted by abz329:

should the pillar damage ranking in glxy be reset? They are kinda skewed due to the pillar damage bug.

Or let Leader/Vice perform a reset whenever desired (add a Reset button).
Big benefit is so when new people enter the galaxy, their damages can be comparable to everyone else’s.

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“Rusty Head: One of the kidnappers. Even engine oil can’t stop the rust rusting his poor head.”

this makes no sense, rust can not rust his head, oxygen or other gases create rust. Basic science.
Sorry to nerd-out like that.

some other things that could be re-done
Laser: deal 2 magic damage to 1X4 enemies
WTF does 1X4 enemies mean?

is it ment to be 1 to 4 enemies?
better wording: deals 2 damage to up to 4 enemies

also heal is useless. I am not waiting 2 turns to slightly improve an existing card

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i think what is meant is, that Laser deals damage to up to 4 enemies (if all 4 cells are occupied) on one row. So 1(row)x4(cells).

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The 1×4 was pretty clear to me too. It’s as bensen01 says, it hits one row on 4 consecutive cells. And the AI is even smart about it, it wont use the laser unless it will hit at least 2 opposing characters.

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Who else thinks that we should be able to convert crystals? I have 3k of yellows and less than 100 of greens. What am I gonna do with all those extra yellows…

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Hi all :) I wanted to sugest one more thing u can do with coupons!!!!
Many guys make mistakes of putting skills on hero who dont benifit from them, like me, so i wanted to sugest that u add ppl that they can remove skills or put them from hero for some coupons insted of paying with gold :( It would be good even if it would cost double coupons like 40 k for doing it. I would like to hear what u think about it!!!!!

Many ppl would like that thing, i can garant for non goldiers

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I like that idea, and i would also like to suggest an alternate idea-option to remove skills for free without getting them back.

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Have a “don’t show this dialogue box again” check mark on the “removing this item will reduce the amount of ships on your hero” box. We wanted that feature to have to click less, but that is just another click we have to deal with on every single hero when switching things out.

Like the one that states your WoH hero will change classes with item changes

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Originally posted by abz329:

I like that idea, and i would also like to suggest an alternate idea-option to remove skills for free without getting them back.

same, was being nubish when i got my first purple war/com and gave him talent :(.

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I like the update. It is nice that snipers got the extra hp and attack. However, even now, it seems they still just look like shaman without snare or escape. A skill of some type to distinguish them would be nice. I am not sure exactly what, but here are two ideas I had: “Camo” (50% chance opposing unit fails to recognize, and walks by or attacks another unit); or “Position” (one turn of increased damage or crit-rate the turn after not walking forward in a turn – sort of like Gunner’s Aim in Dream World).

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well when u already mentioned sniper :) This is what PM should do with it :) I know u will think i am mad but what ever :) The word sniper mean the gun with high range. That should mean that sniper in this game should have highest range low movement or headshot. Headshot= Stun 1 round If u wonna focus range. His range should be 6-7 or to have range throught all line :)

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Please have a speed up option for WOH

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A request – please add a bit of resourse changeover for War of Heroes. Yellow, while being more common, appears more often than needed to keep the gemstone appearance ratio for crafting. Seeing as natural resourses (Creds, Energy, Minerals) are interchangeable, tradeable via tavern, making crafting ingridients (Yellow-Green-Blue-Purple) interchangeable will allow for better gameplay.

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I’ve not been one to complain rather than adapt. But I needed two command points in order to get to a perfect 364 com on my Mobile Fortress hero. It took two gems for a 12% equip to get to +19. I spent the additional eight gems on a 38% equip to get the extra +2 points I needed. I failed eight gems in a row. I know it won’t get changed as it applies to skills and I’ve already spent a lump sum higher than most and I won’t complain…,but a system of maybe increasing the odds by a few percent. Even a few percent after four to five gems on high level equips/skills.

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I read somewhere that you are concerned that people will not be able to follow the WoH/Pirate battles if you speed them up.

I’ve become confused with how the PvP and War ship battles are going. Can you please adjust the speed of the ship battles? I suggest letting each individual fighter in a 27,400 stack fire their weapons, so that we can see damage dealt and received per ship. If you do this at say a few hundred per second, this will roughly approximate the current speed of the WoH/pirate battles, and will have the added bonus of leeching about as much cpu as well.

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Hey do you think you could make a new hero class with 4 stars like a super epic make its better than purple

Rouge 8 attack 13 hp
fighter 6 attack 8 hp
assasin 6 attack 8 hp
jester 7 attack 4 hp
hunter 9 attack 5 hp
sniper 5 attack 6 hp
berserker 4 attack 13 hp
warrior 4 attack 15 hp
paladain 4 attack 11 hp
guardian 4 attack 11 hp
shaman 5 attack 5 hp
seer 4 attack 14 hp
adept 5 attack 9 hp
Knight 4 attack 12 hp
Priest 3 attack 7 hp

Tarven = 15000 for epic rare or w/e u want to call it :)