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Update November 28, 2011

  • PvP changes
    • The 3 attacks from same attacker limit was not tracked between server restarts, this will be tracked from now forward.
    • Each player can only lose 5 battles on defense per day before going into protection.
    • Defending players will repair 50% more ships at end of battle. The resource required to build destroy ship will be returned to defender (or reduced from plunder amount).
  • Other Improvements
    • You can now mute other players on chat
    • Mail will now display current server time and mail time stamp changed from EST to PST.
    • Motherships required command attribute points reduced by 20%. (changed as of yesterday)
    • Diplomacy screen should now display correct information.
    • Army screen will not display ship designs with 0 available ships to distribute.
    • Fixed various minor bugs and typos.
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Update November 29, 2011

  • Army Strength now counts 5 times more than before in total power calculation (everyone with an army will see an increase in army strength and total power). This is done to prevent higher ranked players attacking players with much weaker army but similar or higher build/hero/research power.
  • Resource gained from plunder changed. Actual formula is: Credits/Ore=(remaining army strength at end of battle before repairs) / 1500, Energy=(remaining army strength at end of battle before repairs) / 3000
  • For each defeat defending player recieves, their loss will be capped by 2 hours of their total resource production (does not affect how much resource winner receives).
  • Chat area can now be increased in size.
  • Fixed a bug with the limit 3 features. Some players who were attacked between 00:00:00 and 03:40:00 might be attacked by those players more than 3 times. This should not happen again after the bug is fixed.
  • Fixed a bug that may cause ships to increase or decrease when changing assignment from one hero then changing another hero.
  • Disalbled remaining HTML tags in the chat window input.
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Update November 30, 2011

  • Galaxy Board feature added for players in galaxies (players reached chapter 3).
  • Attackable range changed from 80% – 125%.
  • Added online indicator in the galaxy screen.
  • You can now salvage small amount of resources by deleting a ship design that has ships remaining. The button can be found in the rebuild tab.
  • Lowered hero slot unlock price by 50%.
  • Emplacement attack power increased for higher levels.
  • Changed resource costs in the mall so they make more sense assuming similar building levels.
  • Fixed a bug here players were unlocking 4 hero slots with just by adding 1 friend, changed total unlockable hero slot by friends to 3 (previously unlocked slots unaffected).
  • Fixed a exploitable bug that was allow planet resources to be collected multiple times by refreshing the screen.
  • Misc bug fixes.
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Update December 01, 2011

  • Added “Back” navigation when viewing other players planets and solar systems.
  • The collect resource button will flash when the current planet’s resource is full.
  • You can no longer view last login data for members of other galaxies.
  • Added better formatting and different coloring to in-game chat.
  • Misc bug fixes.
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Update December 2, 2011

  • Resource per raid gained by attacker gained increased by 50% (defenders lose cap unchanged). New amount are: Credits/Ore=(remaining army strength at end of battle before repairs) / 1000, Energy=(remaining army strength at end of battle before repairs) / 2000.
  • New Reinforcement Rule: If the reinforcement fleet’s power is over 20% of the receiver’s total army strength, the ship amount that participate in the battle will be reduced accordingly.
  • Fixed a bug where reinforced fleets that may lower reinforcement fleet’s weapon/device level during the battle.
  • Fixed a bug where players were staying more than 24 hours inside protection. We had to manually clear the attack limits during the patch to fix this, so some players who were attacked between midnight server time and the first patch may get attacked over the limit.
  • Increased chance of getting blue and purple hero when using hero refresh cards.
  • Misc bug fixes.
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Update December 5, 2011

  • VIP card now gives +30% resources on collect
  • Resource per raid gained by attacker gained increased by 25% (defenders lose cap unchanged). New amount are: Credits/Ore=(remaining army strength at end of battle before repairs) / 800, Energy=(remaining army strength at end of battle before repairs) / 1600.
  • Added congratulation message to players who recieved blue/purple hero/equipments.
  • You can now open the mission dialog to active new day’s daily spin after 00:00:00 server time instead of requiring to refresh.
  • When spying someone with no assigned fleet but has ships restored in the factory, a fleet will also be automatically assigned to one hero (previously this only happens when the player is attacked).
  • In the build dialog (leftmost menu icon) can now be used to switch between planets directly, by double clicking on the planet name.
  • Fixed a bug where hero initial levels can go over tavern’s level.
  • Fixed a bug that may cause disconnect during battles.
  • Misc minor bug fixes.
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Update December 6, 2011

  • Friends list is now alphabetically sorted and have a reinforce button for easier usage.
  • Fighting pirates now will loose 50% less ships due to damages. Resources to rebuild the damaged ships will be returned to player as well.
  • Galaxy Wonder level 1 now yields 10% more resource collection instead of 5% (lv2=20%, lv3=30%)
  • Galaxy message is automatically added to chat window on login.
  • Fixed a bug that stops you from assigning maximum fleets if you fired a hero with fleets.
  • Misc bug fixes.
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Update December 7, 2011 (client patch only)

  • We made some major optimazations on our client so it now uses less cpu time and memory.
  • Since yesterday, we enabled smart swf caching, so some players will often notice much faster loading time on revisits.
  • Fixed bug where a few battle report may look incorrect. They were displaying lose % based on total scores of ship lost, instead of % of tatal HP lost in battle that actually determins victory.
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Update December 8, 2011

  • Visiting players now have 5% of chance of having a treasure chest on the planet screen. (may require reloading the game by refreshing screen)
  • 10+ day consecutive login players will receive a bonus 5-min speedup card in the daily chest.
  • Laboratory will now also reduced amount of ore required to build ships on their planet.
  • Institute will now also reduced amount of energy required to build ships on their planet.
  • Attacking players will now require energy, 1 for every 5000 army strength sent out on the attack.
  • Daily task reward significantly increased for later chapters.
  • Private messages now also shows up in galaxy channel (as of yesterday).
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes the HP damages caused by emplacement wasn’t reported correctly in the total result.
  • Fixed a bug where “War” and “Hostile” text was swapped in the display.
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Update December 9, 2011

  • Number of losses before players go into protection is now equal to “3 + chapter number”. For example, chapter 2 players can lose 5 times daily, chapter 7 player can lose 10 times.
  • If player is under loss protection, their name will be appear in light yellow (beige) instead.
  • Energy confirmation prompt will now only display in the event the player is attackable.
  • Items in the inventory will not reflect the item grade by using correct color for it’s name.
  • Added hokeys to open bottom menu (b=build, h=hero, w=war, m=mail, r=rank, l=mall). A close hotkey is planned for next week.
  • Resource loss cap now now depends on diplomacy (normal=2hr, hostile=3hr, war=4hr, friendly=1hr).
  • Galaxy ranking will now contain the galaxy id in the name field.
  • Minor bug fixes.
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Update December 12, 2011

  • Chat will no longer auto-scroll if you scrolled up to read previous text
  • Energy required for attack increased to from 1 energy per 3000 army strength
  • Added estimate army strength for players in the galaxy screen.
  • Resource gained is now multiplied by the ratio of your target’s total power vs yours. For example, if you attack opponent with 80% of your total power, you will gain 80% of original amount. If you attack target at 125% of your total power, you will gain 125% of the original amount.
  • Defender will now have 0 ships destroyed if they win the battle.
  • Resource gold cost in the Mall has been reduced.
  • Experience reward for research significantly increased, experience for building bigger ships have been decreased.
  • Added Peace Card to mall that allows player to opt out of PvP, and War Card to cancel the peace effect.
  • Fixed a bug where reward dialog for visiting treasure bonus won’t display correctly.
  • Fixed poorly written hero skill descriptions. (may require refreshing game).
  • Minor bug fixes.
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Update December 13, 2011

  • Emplacement’s attack power increased for level 6+. (effective at server restarted at 02:50 server time)
  • Resource capacity slightly increased for resource buildings level 9+.
  • Added revenge button in battle report mails. Revenge attacks bypass power limit and regular loss protection (but do not bypass peace effect or 3 attack limit), but requires more action points.
  • Players under loss protection is now also indicated in the ranking list. (can be inaccurate since ranking list is delayed)
  • Fixed a bug where players always fires first against pirates regardless of ship size/speed.
  • Increased difficulty for chapter 9.
  • Shipyards can now only store 2 million unassigned army strength per total/combined shipyard level (ships in production or not assigned to hero). For example, player with 2 planets with level 12 and level 6 shipyard has total combined level of 18, and thus can hold 36 million unassigned army strength. This check is performed when you build ships and does not affect ships already in progress or stored.
  • Detect buildings will now always reveal players total resources.
  • Increased amount of text you can type on chat.
  • Minor bug fixes.
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Update December 14, 2011

  • Galaxy boards now also contain system messages such as ore donation and join/leave messages.
  • Added tip popups with helpful reminders for new players (can be turned-off)
  • Added a fee based search attackable target option in the ranking dialog (credits = army strength/1000, free to VIP members).
  • Using hero cards will now reset the taverns count down timer to avoid immediate rotation of good heroes.
  • Added a 24-hour limit before re-adding friends previously removed (prevent friends from putting each other into protection).
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Update December 15, 2011

  • Added 1-hour cool-down timer that prevents the same attacker from immediately attacking the same defender again if the attacker won the battle. (this duration may be reduced when more players are in the game).
  • Slightly increase attack bonus of level 11+ for some weapons, to better balance the races.
  • Added a spy hero option that show command/war attributes and hero skills for enemy heroes with ships assigned.
  • Reduced energy requirement for attacking to 1 per 4000 army strength.
  • Increased energy won on raids by 20%, but still limited to amount of energy the defender has at end of the battle. (Spy buildings to get resource info is still recommended).
  • Added a maximum of 160 friends limit per player.
  • Fixed a bug where rebuilding ships was giving same exp as producing them. They only now give 20% of original exp as intended.
  • Minor bug fixes
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Important Upcoming Changes:

  • The patch tomorrow will likely contain a change prevents players from hiding their true power after they are done attacking others, and prevent the very top players from dropping very far down to pick much weaker targets. Total power calculation will be based on potential army strength, which is the maximum army strength you can assign based on the ships and heroes you have. This change in calculation will only affect players who logged in after the planned patch, so those currently hiding their true army strength will not be caught off-guard
  • To allow players to slightly drop down in total power to reach someone barely within their reach, we will be allowing players to salvage part of the fleet, and ship salvation will return 50% of resources instead of 20%.
  • We are likely to patch in a less drastic change then proposed earlier. Instead attacker’s resource gain will be multiplied by ratio of (attacking army strength / max potential army strength) to discourage top players from dropping to low to attack lower players. Also, defenders loss will be multiplied by ratio of (max potential army strength / defending army strength), capped at 3X and applies after the loss cap, to discourage intentional hiding
  • There will be a building level cap based on chapter, allowing players to increase building levels to 3X their current chapter number. This cap will only be placed on new upgrades and will not affect existing buildings or upgrades in progress.
  • We are also planning to patch in raid bosses next week so top players who will now have less targets have another possible alternative way to spend action points.

Edit: Based on player’s feedback, we may go directly with original proposal of based total power on potential army strength instead of actual army strength.

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Update December 16, 2011

  • Total Power is no longer dependent on your current army strength. It’s now equal to sum of building, tech, and hero power plus your max potential army strength based on the heros and ships you have. The new calculation will be effective when players login to their account, so offline players are not caught off-guard.
  • In addition to complete deleting a ship design, you can no salvage part of your unassigned ships in the shipyards by going to the 3rd tab of the build menu.
  • Resources for salvaging ships increased from 20% to 50% of the build cost. The cost is before ore/energy cost reduction so players with level 25 laboratory/institute can get up to 2/3 of resources returned.
  • You can now only upgrade building levels 3X your current chapter number.
  • Reduced raid resource lose cap to 1 hour if defending army strength is same as maximum potential strength. This number is increased if less than max potential army is defending, up to the previous 2 hours cap if defending strength is 50% of the potential or lower.
  • Hero card now reflect the actual increases (they were displaying lower then actual previously). Level 3 cards have been changed to always provide one blue or purple hero, but never more than one.
  • Fixed a bug where hero’s auto-increase attribute was based on their current highest stats instead of initial stats, which allows the hero to change profession but equipping items. (Reverted fix)
  • You can no longer make ship assignments that will leave yourself with 0 army strength (no heros with assigned ships).

Additional changes: (Added after the patch)

  • Resource gained in successful raid is now double from previous amount with energy slightly increased even more. Current amount is remaining army strength / 400 for credit & ore, and army strength / 640 for energy, then multiplied by ratio of your target’s total power to yours.
  • Energy cost for attacking have decreased to the previous cost of 1 energy per 5000 army strength.
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Update December 17, 2011

Following changes are made to ensure the attacking players will always receive enough resources required to rebuild their ships when they win the fights.

  • Attackers will now receive 100% of resources to rebuild ships destroyed if they win the fight, and 50% if they lose.
  • Resources raided from defender is now reduced to attacking army strength / 2000 for ore & gold, and half of that for energy. As before, this is multiplied by the diplomatic relation ratio and the defender/attacker power ratio, and capped by amount of resources defenders have after receiving resources for their destroyed ships.
  • Defenders resource lost is still capped to 1-2 hours based percentage of max army assigned (1 hour for assigning maximum army), multiplied by diplomatic relation.
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Update December 19, 2011

- Added option for hero to replenish ships destroyed in combat from the shipyard if they are available.
- Reinforcements will no longer participate in PvP, but will still show up in PvE (Story missions from the “War” menu).
- Achievement rewards are now manually claimed from the achievement screen. When completing the 1000 wins, 4 planets, and level 20/25 building achievements, it will be broadcasted to all online players.
- Added indicator in the buff area for players when they are in protection status.
- Battle mail will now contain galaxy id of the opponent. (Known Issue: there is a display error with galaxy id in battle reports prior to the patch).
- Improved mailbox loading speed when only looking at mails on the first page.
- Added Hero Rename Card.

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Update December 20, 2011

  • Defenders will now earn resources equal to 50% of attackers destroyed ships for successful defenses.
  • Number of attacks before going into protection reduced to 1 + chapter number.
  • You can now produce ships for the same ship design on multiple planets, but you cannot redesign ships in production or vice versa.
  • Added new treasure box item. Unlike equipment boxes, treasure boxes guarantees a minimum blue item with increased odds (1 in 15) for purple items.
  • Attack energy required correctly reduced to 1 per 5000 army strength again.
  • Misc bug fixes.
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Update December 21, 2011

  • To prevent good heroes from being lost to refresh and provide better control, tavern refresh is now manual. Click the “Refresh” button when the timer hits 00:00:00, then click the “Refresh (x?)” button at the bottom of the dialog.
  • The free tavern hero refresh odds can now increased up to 5 times if you have not refreshed the tavern for 5+ refresh time intervals. The multiplier is indicated in the “Refresh (x?)” button in the refresh dialog.
  • Fixed a bug that may cause inaccurate resource returns for both attacker and defender when attacker loses.
  • Attackers who attack players will now receive minimum of half of the expected resources even defender does not have enough.
  • Heroes of the winning side on PvP battles will now receive small amount of exp based on the starting army strength of the opponent.
  • Resource output increase for level 16+ buildings (up to 44% increase at level 25)
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Update December 22, 2011

  • Added holiday theme clothing for advisors for the duration of the holiday event.
  • All gold packages have been updated with increased bonus through the holiday event.
  • Everyone will receive a daily free chest from the advisor the holiday event. (by clicking on them when arrow is pointing) during
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • The items in the new “coupon” tab of the mall will be purchasable with coupons, which will be dropped from raid bosses. We expect to release the first raid boss tomorrow.
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Update December 23, 2011 – “Da Snowman” Patch

  • Snowman Raid Boss for chapter 6+ players.
    • Collect gem fragments from chests dropped in story missions during the event.
    • Once you get all 5 pieces, combine them to create the Snowman Gem.
    • Create a team of 3-5 players with the new team button on the left side of screen.
    • Total team army strength of 200M is recommended for this boss.
    • The Gem disappears only if the boss is defeated.
    • If the boss is defeated, the gem holder will receive 100 coupons, and 500 more is shared with team members based on damage contribution.
  • Added limited-time Christmas coupon items, redeemable from coupons dropped by the Snowman boss.
  • Fixed a bug where players were getting double resource returned to them when winning PvE battles.
  • Tavern cards now also benefit from the wait interval multiplier (eg. level 1 card will become 25x when normal refresh is 5x).
  • You now only need to raise Control Center to level 2 to fight the first boss.
  • Further reduced difficulty for Chapter N’s practice boss.
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Update December 24, 2011

  • Snowman Gem fragments now properly drops for all chapter 6+ players from storyline mode instead of just for chapter 6 players, with increased odds (10%).
  • Visiting other players now also have an 10% chance to get a Snowman gem for chapter 6+ players.
  • Removed AP cost requirement to attack the Raid Boss, which used to be set to 5 AP.
  • Snowman Boss bonus chest drops will now be different for all team members, with same item level as PvE chest items, but with 5X odd increase for green/blue/purple.
  • Fixed PvE battle reports where NaN is showing for certain numbers.
  • Increased exp reward for winning in PvP.
  • Further significantly reduced the difficulty for Chapter N’s practice boss, but lowered exp reward. (This will be properly tweaked again next week)
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Update December 25, 2011 (Merry Christmas!)

  • Fixed a problem where gem fragment #1 was not dropping. Drop rate will be boosted to 12% for next few days to compensate.
  • Slightly lowered peace cards and exp cards prices.
  • Increased tier IV ships base attack from 7200 to 8100.
  • Re-adjusted exp for chapter N’s practice boss by slightly increasing it, but fixed a bug where it was dropping chest for every win.
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Update December 27, 2011

  • Reformatted the help menu to allow viewing of entire section at a time.
  • Fixed the coupon number reporting issue in Battle Reports.
  • Fixed a bug that might cause total win achievements to be delayed.
  • Misc bug fixes.