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Update December 28, 2011

  • Fixed a bug that might cause in-accurate total power where it may become lower than army strength.
  • Fixed an issue where a few players may occasionally see “Time Data Error”.
  • Fixed a bug where the cost for the 5000 coupon items was still showing 8000 in confirmation dialog.
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Update December 29, 2011

  • Added temporary holding space for new loot when player’s inventory is full, this space is temporary and will be overwritten with newer drops and will be cleared when you logoff/disconnect, so make space ASAP if you want to keep the dropped item.
  • Increased HP for bigger class ships, but reduced fire power proportionally. This will significantly reduce average number of ships destroyed in combat. The build time has been slightly increased for bigger ship, but players should see a shorter total duration to rebuild lost fleets as the losses will be less.
  • Increased emplacement firepower for level 11+, to adjust for the increased HP of bigger ships.
  • Snowman’s HP slightly reduced to adjust for lowered firepower of bigger ships.
  • Increased hero power from 5000 per hero level to 10000 per hero level. The adjustment is delayed to when the player login, attacked, or reinforcement players attacks.
  • Minor bug fixes.
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Update December 30, 2011

  • Revenge now only takes 2AP for everyone (as of yesterday).
  • Slightly reduced exp for doing unfinished story missions, but slightly increased exp for repeating finished missions.
  • Reduced maximum friends to 50 (since you don’t need any more than that to get maximum bonuses).
  • Backpacks now instantly expands inventory space on purchase, instead of going into your inventory.
  • Fixed negative galaxy power issue.
  • Added alert sound when you are invited to a raid team.
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Update December 31, 2011 – (client patch only, requires refresh)

  • Fixed a bug causing some limited-quantity mall item’s remaining counter to not show.
  • Improved inventory item usage by eliminating the server check previously needed to show the context menu for the item.
  • Fixed a bug where Snowgems can’t be thrown away.
  • Fixed a bug causing taverns to display lower secondary attributes than what you actually hires.
  • Fixed a bug where out of Action Points dialog may not appear properly.
  • (Added) Slightly increased emplacement’s power output for level 13+.
  • (Added) Adjusted storyline mission exp (for both unfinished missions and repeating finished missions): increased experience for chapter 3-8, especially 4-7. Decreased exp for chapter 9,N.
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Update January 1, 2012 (Happy New Year!)

  • Mall price adjustments
    • Minor price adjustments (slightly decreased price for upgrade book and action points, slightly increased skill book).
    • Clearance Sale on Snowman Gems, will last until the snowman event is over and item is removed.
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Update January 4, 2012

  • Vice leaders can now kick regular members from the galaxy.
  • Mission rewards will now also go into temporary holding space if inventory is full.
  • Added shortcuts to go directly to the buildings from the mission screen for progress missions.
  • Added level 4 hero cards which become available after reaching chapter 3. The card will yield 1 purple hero and 3 blue hero. (Purple heroes are extremely rare, with 1 in 6000 with x1 odds)
  • Owner of boss gem will automatically receive 200 coupons of the 600 total coupons instead of 100. (Eg. For team of 5, owner gets 200, other 4 players get 50 each for total of 200, and remaining 200 is damage based).
  • Fragment drop rate returned to normal rate of 10%.
  • Bonus odds for item drops from boss raids now reduced to 2X.
  • We extended the The Holiday event to end at 23:59:59 on 1/05 server time (little under 2 days from now). At that time, snow gem fragments will stop dropping, and the Christmas item will remain in the store for couple more days. (We plan to release new raid bosses and new coupon items this weekend)
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Update January 5, 2012

  • Clicking on Taverns, Shipyards, Laboratories, and Institutes now automatically enters the 2nd tab as they are used more often then the 1st (upgrade) tab.
  • To cut down spam reduce exploitation of the referral system, referred player needs to reach chapter 2 for referrer to receive progress toward the invite mission.
  • Misc bug fixes
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Update January 06, 2012 – New Raid Bosses!

  • Added 3 new raid bosses
    • These bosses have 3 stages, where once you beat the first stage the boss gem will level up so your team can fight the 2nd boss.
    • Coupons are rewarded at each stage, with last stage rewarding more coupons. All coupon distribution are give more base amount to owner and members, and less percent of total are damage based.
    • The Bubble Fragments will drop for chapter 6 & 7 players. (6% drop rate)
    • The Spirit Fragments will drop for chapter 8 & 9 players. (5% drop rate)
    • The Demon Fragments will drop for chapter N players. (4% drop rate)
    • Snowman Fragments will no longer drop.
  • The coupon mall items have been updated with post event items.
    • There is no time limit on these like the Christmas items, thus the the cost are much higher.
    • The special event’s discounted Christmas items will be removed in 2 days.
  • Holiday Sale Bonus for purchasing gold has been replaced with a First Purchase Bonus. The bonus pricing will change to standard price after your first purchase.
  • Added a back button when reading mail, so players can click on that instead of the mail tab.
  • If you are inactive for 2 days and is kicked from galaxy, you will not automatically join another galaxy until you login.
  • Added Royal Box to mall, similar to treasure box except it provide a random purple item.
  • Misc bug fixes.
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Update January 07, 2011

  • Players inactive for 2 weeks or longer are now automatically removed from galaxies when an active galaxy member views the member list. (Leaders excluded, players can rejoin when the return to the game)
  • Lowered price for royal boxes.
  • Battle reports now expire in 7 days and other mail expire in 14 days.
  • Coupon changes
    • Increased total coupon drop for the new raid bosses.
    • Significantly lowered the price for Bubble equipments and slightly lowered the attributes. We are adding Spirit and Demon items next week with higher attributes.
    • Coupon tab is no longer displayed for players before chapter 6.
    • The heavily discounted Christmas event items will be removed from the coupon section in 24 hours!

We are planning to release a new Galactic War System later this month!

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Update January 9, 2012

  • Added “stars” to both item name and hero names based on their rarity (uncommon/green=1, blue/rare=2, purple/epic=3).
  • When raid team is not disbanded, returning from combat will still have the raid team dialog open so members can click on “ready” again from there if no adjustments are needed.
  • Added Spirit and Demon gears to coupon section. The new items are more expensive but they are not limited time event items compared to the heavily discounted Christmas event gears.
  • Fixed a bug where old galaxy relations isn’t removed causing old ones to be displayed on each restart. All affected galaxies was given a last-change time reset, so they can update their relation immediate after this patch.
  • Misc bug fixes.
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Update January 11, 2012

  • Added Snowman/Bubble/Spirit/Demon fragments to the mall for players who are missing certain pieces.
  • If your inventory is full and daily spin gives you two items including the bonus 5 min speed up card, the 5 min speed up card will be overwritten from now, so the actual prize will go into your temporary slot.
  • Fixed a bug where inactive friends reinforcement wasn’t properly removed when they are kicked out from their galaxy, causing some players unable to do war missions.
  • You can now mouse over the item names in the mall to get a context menu with item’s full name, incase the item name was cut-off.
  • Minor bug fixes.

We plan to post some preview/information later this week for the upcoming Galactic War System!

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Update January 13, 2011 (Happy Friday the 13th!)

  • Added number formating for raid boss damages.
  • Fixed a bug where returning player who previously created character was able to proceed past the research step.
  • Added clarification to galaxy creation dialog that creation isn’t require to complete the “New Galaxy” research mission.
  • New Super Weekend Bonus for gold purchases: ends 23:59 on January 15 server time. Purchasing gems during this time will not count as first purchase for players who has not purchased before.

The new Galaxy War System is planned to be release sometimes next week (probably mid-week). The new feature will be based on Team vs Team combat, and allows galaxies to fight over one of the 7 “Pillars” that provides different boosts to their galaxy. The first 7 galaxy that completes level 3 galaxy building will receive one of the 7 pillars initially. Afterwards, other galaxies with level 3 buildings can form raid teams to attack teams of owning galaxy, if they win then the raid team will attack the pillar boss. The galaxy dealt most damage when the pillar boss is destroyed will earn the new pillar, while other galaxies will receive coupons based on their galaxy’s performance.

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Update January 16, 2011

  • Ship class balancing tweak: When smaller ships attack bigger ships, the damage bonus of the War stats is reduced by 5% per tier difference.
  • Battle reports older than 3 days will no longer be able to take revenge.
  • Slightly tweaked the trigger rate for multiple attack skills, so the different between the levels are more even.
  • To prevent abuse and exploit, being kicked from galaxy will now also add a 24 hour timer before you can join another one. Galaxy creation cost also have been increased.
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Super Weekend Bonus extended for 1 day to observe MLK day.
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Update Janauary 17, 2011

“Pillar Wars” Expansion (The boss raid system that is already released was part of this expansion)

  • New Galaxy War System:
    • 7 Unique Pillars that will reward the owning galaxy 50% bonus resource bonus, in addition to their unique battle bonuses.
    • First 7 galaxies completing their level 3 building can enter the Pillar world to claim one for free. There will be a enter button that when you have a level 3 galaxy building that goes to the Pillar screen.
    • When pillar has new owning galaxy it starts out at 25% life, which can be built to 100% life by donating ore.
    • Pillars can be attacked two ways, by Raid Teams or by individual attack.
    • To create pillar raid team, team members must be in chapter 7 or later and galaxy must have level 3 building. Go to the second tab of the choose raid target screen.
    • To launch individual attack, the player must be in chapter 7 or later and galaxy must have level 3 building. Enter the Pillar screen and choose a pillar to attack.
    • Defenders with similar total army score will be choosen at random from the defending galaxy for both team attacks and individual attacks. If you win the battle, you can fight the pillar boss.
    • The 100% life pillar boss will take roughly 100 full team attacks before being destroyed, but the defending team can repair the galaxy by donating ore.
    • When a pillar is destroyed, the galaxy dealt the most damage will become the owner of the pillar. Galaxy ranked #2-#5 in damage will receive have all chapter 7+ players rewarded coupons (5000/4000/3000/2000 respectively).
  • Tavern level bonus change: For every 5 levels, tavern will increase 1x more maximum free fresh multiplier (at level 25 will be 10x maximum). However, refresh cooldown reduction has changed from 30 seconds per level to 20 seconds.
  • VIP Card’s new bonus: VIP buff will now also give 5x bonus maximum free refresh multipler on all their planets.
  • Building score change: Building score now only counts the highest-level building for each type across all planets (at same 10k per level), plus 100k planet base power for each additional planet other than home planet. This means if you have level 16 command center on one planet, increase all others to level 16 will not affect your building power. (Change will happen when a player logs in or is attacked).
  • Inactive auto-kick duration changed to 28 days.
  • Minor bug fixes.
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Update January 18, 2012

  • Added raid boss achievements. (no prior history kept so everyone has to start from 0)
  • Added confirmation dialog for claiming pillar, only leader and vice leader can claim a pillar now.
  • Slightly reduced defense of the pillar bosses.
  • Attacking pillars requires to 2 AP (deducted at the vs team/player fight, actually fighting boss doesn’t require AP). This was not subtracted previous.
  • Pillar Note: If the #1 damage-ranked galaxy already has a pillar when the target pillar was destroyed, that galaxy will take over the new pillar and abandon their previous pillar (so please don’t take #1 spot if you don’t want to take it). The attacker’s previous pillar will become a free pillar up to claim by any galaxy with a level 3 building.
  • Fixed couple pillar related bugs.
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Update January 19, 2011

  • Added Ore Donation Rank chart which can be viewed from galaxy setting dialog.
  • Changed calculation of hero power to be based on only your 5 highest level hero. (change effective when player logs in or is attacked).
  • Fixed incorrect mouse-over tooltip for Galaxy Message Board icon on the right side of the screen.
  • Fixed the broken enemy HP bar for the first 2 stage of raid boss fights.
  • Updated help file with raid bosses and pillar wars information..
  • Pillar defense reduced further.
  • When a pillar is destroyed and there is a new owner from the attacking galaxies (not from claiming), the pillar will receive 1 hour protection period.
  • To compensate for temporary double ore donation bug which allowed first 2 pillars to be claimed sooner, galaxy building level 3 now only require 80M ore to complete.
  • If a galaxy owns a pillar and take #1 damage rank when a pillar is defeated, their chapter 7+ players will be rewarded 7K coupons each. If the galaxy wants to swap the pillar instead of take the coupon, galaxy officers can check the new setting option prior to winning (only visible if you own a pillar). In this case, the next ranked place will earn the pillar instead of coupons, unless they too already have a pillar and didn’t choose to swap. If no galaxy takes over the new pillar, the pillar will become a free pillar that can be claimed.
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Update January 20, 2012

  • Starting with next pillar destroyed, there will be a 24-hour cool down for the galaxy who just lost their pillar before they can occupy another one.
  • Made AP requirement for pillar boss more obvious by adding it to the pillar selection.
  • Reduced level 3 building ore requirement to 50M. Galaxy 1 & 8 members each received 600K ore due to this adjustment.
  • Added a way for raid team leader to remind unready team members to be ready by pressing the new “Warn” button in the raid team dialog.
  • Manually hidden advisors will now remain hidden after screen transitions.
  • Misc bug fixes.
  • To celebrate the launch of “Pillar Wars”, we are holding another Super Weekend Bonus gold sale.
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Update January 21, 2012

  • Slightly increased fragment drop odds (increased 1% for all 3 types, new drop rate is 7%/6%/5%).
  • Newly formed galaxies must now wait 24 hours before changing diplomacy.
  • Galaxy 8’s Pillar HP was increased by 27M to makeup for the instant kill bug yesterday.
  • Fixed and changed the swap pillar option in galaxy setting to default to be off.
  • Minor bug fixes.
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Update January 23, 2012

  • Being kicked from galaxy will no longer restart the 24-hour join timer (it will not reset it to 0 either).
  • Galaxy building level 3 requirement lowered to 40M. (Galaxy 1 & 8 members received 200k each, galaxy 2 members received 140k)
  • Reduced amount of damage received by pillar based on damage done to the boss. (necessary change since more galaxies will be able to attack same pillar soon)
  • Slightly reduced price for royal boxes and backpacks.

We are planning to release Chapter 10, 11 (along level cap increases and the 5th planet) in the next 1-2 months.

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Update January 24, 2012

  • Vice leaders can now actually change galaxy settings and diplomacy.
  • Galaxy 18 chapter 7+ members received 4k coupons due to their vice thinking they can auto-swap setting, but wasn’t able to.
  • Galaxies now much deal a minimum of 3 million damage to a pillar to earn coupons.
  • Minor bug fixes.
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Update January 27, 2012

  • New Pillar Wars Coupon Reward mechanism.
    • All raid team members who attacks the Pillar boss will receive 50 coupons as long as they dealt damage.
    • When a Pillar is defeated, the top 5 galaxy’s chapter 7+ members will receive 3000/2500/2000/1500/1000 coupons if that galaxy did not receive the pillar.
  • Minor bug fixes.
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Update January 29, 2012

  • New protection mechanism: whenever a player receives 2+ChapterNumber losses (over any amount of time), their loss count will reset to 0 and will enter a 16 hour protection buff (different from peace buff since they can still attack). The hit protections will no longer be reset at midnight server time, but the 3-hit per day limit is still reset at midnight.
  • Narrowed attack range to between 85% and 120% (intentionally not symmetrical since there is revenge feature). [EDIT: adjusted to 120% after the patch per request, may need to refresh client to see proper text]
  • Tavern will now display the current odds multiple on the recruit tab as well as time countdown to the next one if still below max free multiple.
  • Raid members now will need to deal 10,000 damage to the pillar boss’s ship in order to earn the 50 coupons for attacking the pillar boss. [EDIT: increased to 10,000 based on feedbacks]
  • Vice leaders can now select new galaxies in the diplomacy settings.
  • Slightly increased per ship-tier war attribute effect reduction from 5% to 6%.
  • Minor bug fixes.
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Update January 30, 2012

  • Fixed a pillar raid exploit/bug that was allowing additional players to join after the first fight.
  • Pillar Raid team members now earns 1 coupon per each 1000 damage dealt to pillar boss’s ship, capped at the current maximum 50 coupons.
  • Hero level in the tavern is now moved to the upper left corner of the picture so it doesn’t get cutoff.
  • You can now use Gold to reset Level 10+ Hero’s stats by clicking on one of the 4 attribute icons, which will change the Hero type to that attribute type, reallocated system assigned attribute points up to his current level, and refund user-allocated attribute points to the allocation pool.
  • Galaxy board icon will now flash whenever there is a new player written message.
  • Changed the preloader to be less CPU intensive by removing the lagging bar fade-in/fade-out animations.
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Update January 31, 2012

  • Added an inventory auto-sort function in the Hero screen.
  • The defending team for Pillars may have up to 7 players if the attacking team is much stronger than the top 5 defending players.
  • Galaxies now only need to deal 1M damage by the time the Pillar is defeated to earn the Galaxy placement coupons.
  • Pillar boss’s and Gem boss’s multiple attack skill will hit less targets if 20 or less fleet are on the attacking team. Normally it’s 7 targets, but now it will be reduced by 1 for every 5 fleets the attacking team has less than the maximum (25). (Single player raids will have 3 fleets targeted, so we still recommend attacking in teams).
  • Galaxies with Pillar destroyed after this patch will have claim cooldown of 12 hours instead of 24.
  • Invite mission now requires invited player to complete chapter 2, number of times the mission can be completed reduced to 10.
  • Misc Bug fixes.

EDIT: Following change was added later based on feedbacks.

  • Pillars under new ownership will now receive 12 hours protection instead of only 1 hour.
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Update February 2, 2012

  • Added Personal Damage Ranking for Pillars (total counted from now so values are not accurate for pillars with existing damages).
  • Added a new rule to prevent strong players intentionally exploiting revenge traps and protection buffs:
    • Chapter 6+ players with less than 30% of their maximum potential army strength assigned to heroes will lose 5% of their completed ships stored in the shipyard. Ship destroyed percentage is based on army strength and rounded up to nearest whole ship when needed, deducted from smallest class first.
    • Because ships completed while player is offline isn’t actually added to storage until player logs in, they are not counted in the potential army strength nor would they be destroyed. So there is no need to be concerned about them.
    • Players that will be affected will receive warning messages from the advisor and the fleet icon will flash until condition is resolved. Players are encouraged to enabled auto-assign for their heroes if they have backups stored in the shipyard, to avoid dropping below 30% from repeated losses.
  • New lottery system for blue/purple equipments.
    • Whenever a blue or purple item shows up in the mall, the “Buy” button will become a “Info” button.
    • The Info button will open up a lottery box where player will be purchasing lottery boxes that may contain the equipment instead of equipment itself.
    • The price (in credits) displayed will be deducted even if lottery box is empty, so there is a significant price increase, especially for purple items.
    • Each player can only buy one lottery box per equipment.
  • Resource rewards for visiting significantly increased.