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Update February 3, 2012

  • Numbers of ships destroyed for defenders when they lose have been reduced further. Previously defenders who lost the battle will only 50% of what they would normally lose, now it is (48 – chapterNumber * 2)%. For example, chapter 9 players will loose 30% of what would normally be lost instead of previous 50% when failing to defend (40% reduction less than before).
  • Players who just joined a galaxy cannot vote for a leader until the 24-hour cool-down timer is over.
  • Pillars occupied after this patch will receive 24-hour protection period (up from 12).
  • Minor bug fixes.
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Update February 6, 2012

  • Significantly reduced energy required for attacking to 1 energy per 8000 army strength. However, ore gained from attacks have been reduced by 25%.
  • Hero’s war stats will now also add defense in PvP battles, each war stat will cancel out 0.5 of opponent hero’s war stat. (effective attack war stat = higher value of [0, attackWarStat – defendWarStat / 2])
  • Due to impact from the change above, the war stat reduction per ship-tier difference have been reduced to 4%.
  • Hero score will now include 2000 per war stats in addition to 10k per level. Only the highest 5 hero is added to the total hero score (change effective when player logs in or is attacked/spied).
  • Pillar’s defending team selection is now based on total power instead of army strength (prevent players from purposely using smaller army for the first battle). For each attacker it will try to find the defending player closest above the player and closest below the player in total power, then pick the one closest in army strength ratio wise, then adjustment may be made for team attacks to ensure enough defending power is present.
  • Increased experience reward for PvP by 25% (for both regular PvP and Pillar Team vs Team fights).
  • Target search function will no longer include galaxy members or friends since you cannot attack them.
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Update February 7, 2012

  • Minimum assigned ratio before ship stored in shipyard destroyed reduced to 20%.
  • The minimal ratio warning window is now can be hidden permanently (the fleet icon will still flash).
  • War command attribute score increased to 5k (effective on login/attack/spy, this will likely not be increased further).
  • New galaxy merge function:
    • Leaders of galaxy with 25 or fewer members can choose to merge all his members to another galaxy where combined total is 50 or less.
    • If target galaxy has a password, the leader must enter the correct password before merging. (There is no other prompt so don’t press the button if you don’t intend to merge)
    • Donated ores as well as the recorded total in donate ranks from the merging galaxy will be brought over to the target galaxy.
    • The target galaxy will maintain their current leader, vices, votes, and diplomacy. (The merging galaxy will be lost)
    • All members of the merging galaxy will have a 24 hour timer before they can join another galaxy or vote.
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Update February 8, 2012

  • Spy reports will now include the target’s galaxy number in subject.
  • VIP card buff will now adds 20 to maximum free tavern refresh multiplier.
  • Since the recent change to war stats have minor impact on some heroes, we are reducing hero profession/stat reset cost by 50% for next the 24 hours. (cannot be free as the reset has more functionality than command/war adjustments). [Edit: We are also doing an extra 24-hour bonus gold sale per request]
  • Donating ore to repair pillar can also now complete the donate ore mission.
  • Minor bug fixes.
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Update February 9, 2012

  • You can now choose “Continue” when receiving the prompt that says you only build X amount of ships due to shipyard capacity, which will build the maximum mentioned in the prompt.
  • Fixed a bug where when a pillar is destroyed with no new galaxy occupying it, the previous galaxy/personal damage ranking would be blank.
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Update February 10, 2012

  • Add Universe Map has been added to the War screen which allow players to access previous chapters. (future expansion chapters will be added on a second screen).
  • Added confirmation prompt for merging galaxies.
  • When trying to upgrade hero skills, you can now use either Upgrade Books or skill books of the same skill. However, the price of random skill book has been slightly increased to account for this new function.
  • Minor bug fixes.
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Update February 13, 2012

  • Heros in the hero screen will now be automatically sorted by their grade (rarity) first, then sorted by level within each grade.
  • When a galaxy takes over a new pillar while have an existing one, they are only giving 1 hour protection instead of 24. Further more, the new Pillar’s HP will be the lower amount of 25M and their old pillar’s HP + 10M. All personal and galaxy damages from the old abandoned pillar are also copied over to the new pillar.
  • Each pillar raid attack can now reduce the pillar’s HP by maximum of 1 million. The damages record however is unaffected for ranking/coupon purposes.
  • Added galaxy number next to galaxy names in the personal ranking, target search list, and the pillar screen.
  • Fixed a bug where chapter N experience becomes too low.
  • Chat filter will now use * to replace offensive words instead of rejecting the message.
  • Super weekend bonus for purchasing gold extended thru Tuesday for Valentine’s Day.
  • Misc bug fixes.
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Update February 14, 2012

  • The collect resource button now collects resources from all planets. (You can still collect from individual planets by collecting from their buildings).
  • Fix galaxy skipping issue with the galaxy list in the diplomacy dialog and added up/down arrows.
  • Misc Bug Fixes.
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Update February 15, 2012

  • Next pillar claimed will start at 50M HP instead of 25M after this patch. (swapped pillar will start at lower value of 50M and previous + 10M)
  • Fixed a bug caused by previous patch’s which unintentionally caused some boss’s (pillars, raid boss, pirates) to be easier than before.
  • Changed the collected all resource’s scrolling display to be multi-line for easier reading and prevent it from being cut-off.
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Update February 17, 2012

  • Added protection count down timers for pillars (both on team creation dialog and pillar screen).
  • Daily Spin resource rewards base value will be the higher value of the previous amount and half of your hourly production rate.
  • Misc bug fixes.
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Update February 20, 2012

  • Fleet targeting algorithm changed from 70% of chance hitting the fleet with highest attack to 70% of chance hitting the fleet with highest power (army strength).
  • Hero Skill Changes
    • Combo attack skill’s second attack is no longer dependent on the first attack successfully landing.
    • Player Hero’s skill Multiple Attack with 3+ shots will have slightly reduced accuracy based on number of shots fired: 3 = 5% reduction, 4 = 10% reduction. A 3+ multiple attack skill is still more powerful then the combo attack skill with this change, but not by too much as combo skill has much higher trigger rate.
    • Fixed active hero skills’ trigger order as follows: combo → multiple shots. dodge → repair. (previously, each hero’s check order is randomly determined at server restart)
  • Raid Team creation dialog will now display each pillar’s HP and name/id of the owning galaxy on mouse-over.
  • Misc bug fixes.
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Update February 21, 2012

  • You can now choose to sort heroes by their command value or hero grade in the hero screen.
  • Added “Loud Speaker”, a 1-use item that allows players to broadcast a message to everyone. (Available in mall for Chapter 6+ and cost set to 5 gold to avoid spam/abuse, message up to 100 characters)
  • Battle Report for attacking pillar boss will now show amount of damage dealt the the pillar instead of HP percentage.
  • Minor bug fixes.
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Update February 22, 2012

  • Galaxy leaders will now see a “Galaxy” button in the compose mail screen. Clicking on it will send the message to everyone in the galaxy.
  • Players can store a short memo (500 chars max) for themselves by clicking on the highlighted area below the screen switcher buttons (below the adviser at the very bottom left corner).
  • Added game and image loading optimizations.
  • Minor bug fixes.
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Time Word Expansion #2 Preview

Codename: “Prelude to Darkness”

  • Chapter 10-11 of the Story Mode.
  • New higher building level cap.
  • New higher hero level cap.
  • New Tier VI ships.
  • New hero skills and forget skill function.
  • New achievements.
  • Phantom Nebula, a “NPC Galaxy”.
  • Other features and improvements.
  • Release date: March 5 (estimated)

More details will be posted after the expansion is released.

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Update February 24, 2012

  • You can now gift 100/200/500 gold to another player if you would have 20 gold remaining after gifting the amount. The option appears below the “visit” button in the solar screen when you click on a friend or galaxy member’s planet if you have 120+ gold.
  • Increased amount of boss ship HP loss required per 1 pillar damage from 20 to 25. (Reducing damage received by pillar by 20%).
  • Slightly lowered gold price for larger speedup cards and loud speaker in the Mall.
  • Minor bug fixes.
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Update February 27, 2012

  • Adjusted coupon cost of non-equipment items in the mall.
  • To encourage active participation and discourage leaching, galaxy members who did not contribute to pillar damage will only earn 500 coupons when the pillar is defeated if their galaxy earned coupon rewards.
  • Galaxies merge into another one if they are created or changed diplomacy within the past 24 hours.
  • You now only need to play 5 consecutive days to earn the extra bonus from Daily Spins.
  • For chapter 6+ players, the extra bonus from daily spin has been changed to (50 * chapterNumber). Player prior to chapter 6 will still receive the 5 minute time cards.
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Update February 28, 2012

  • Loud speakers will no longer drop from treasure chests.
  • When donating ore to repair pillars, players will receive 1 coupon for every 1000 ore donated.
  • If a galaxy earn coupons when a pillar is defeated, then the galaxy’s members who dealt damage to any pillar within 24 hours will receive the full reward amount instead of the base 500. (damage recorded after the patch)
  • Player who reached chapter 6 can now receive 20 bonus gems for Dream World (open the mission screen and click the “Free Gems” text at the top left corner)
  • Minor bug fixes.

Added Later:

  • Increased HP to pillar damage ratio from 25 to 40, making pillars more difficult to defeat.
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Update March 5, 2012

“Prelude to Darkness” Expansion

  • New Unlockable Chapters + 5th Planet
    • Fight the elite pirate in chapter N and to find 5 map pieces. (piece drop rate is 10%)
    • Combine the map pieces and use the map to unlock Chapter 10 and 11. (full map also sold in mall)
    • Players in chapter N can defeat the last boss of chapter 9 again to pickup the slightly altered storyline dialog.
    • 5th Planet will be unlocked after defeating chapter 11.
  • New level caps for chapter N+ players
    • Hero can now reach level 60
    • Buildings can be upgraded to level 30
    • Military and Civil techs can be upgraded to level 30
    • Racial specific weapon levels is now 26-30 instead of 21-25.
  • New Tier VI ships – “Mobile Fortress”
    • Can be built with with level 26+ shipyard.
    • Mobile Fortress is worth 25M Army Strength and require 400 command to lead.
    • Each player can only have 1 Mobile Fortress assigned at any time.
  • New Hero Skills and Achievements
    • Added 3 new Hero Skills
    • Added 4 new achievements
    • Added forget skill function which removes a skill from a hero and return 1 skill book. Click on hero’s skill to access the “Forget” button (costs gold).
  • Phantom Nebula – Virtual PvP Galaxy
    • Phantom galaxy members are clones of random players in the game.
    • Similar to PvP, but takes 3 AP since phantoms does not revenge.
    • Phantoms are rotated every 2 hours, players attacked the phantoms has higher chance to be cloned by the phantoms.
  • Other Changes
    • When a pillar is defeated, all other unprotected pillar below 50M HP will be restored up to 10M HP (not to exceed 50M).
    • In the first 4 hours after a member joined a new galaxy, they will not be able to attack pillars, repair pillars, or receive coupons when pillar is destroyed.
    • Galaxies ranked 6+ in the damage can now take over the pillar if other previous conditions are met.
    • Misc bug fixes.

To celebrate the new expansion, we are extended the Super Weekend Sale by 1 day.

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Update March 06, 2012

  • Attacking players in Phantom Nebula now rewards twice amount of normal PvP experience.
  • Increased ore resource reward on PvP (including Phantom Nebula) from 75% of credits amount to 100%.
  • The new active offensive hero skill trigger order with the new skill is set to: combo → critical → triple → multiple
  • Forget hero skill cost reduced to 20 gold. (Since it’s a released within 24 hours, we have manually credited players who purchased before the reduction the gold difference).
  • Special ships which we removed the expansion accidentally showed up in the mall briefly yesterday, and couple players purchased them. The players were refunded the gold with the ships removed.
  • Extended release sale by 1 day.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Patched in Later during the day:

  • Fixed exp reward for fighting pirates after the first battle.
  • Map pieces will now have higher chances to drop pieces you current do not already possess.
  • If you attack a target an galaxy declared friendly toward you but your galaxy declared hostile toward them, you will gain the resources as if it’s hostile relation and the defender will lose resource as if it’s friendly relation. (the result status will stay say “Neutral” in the Galaxy diplomacy list)
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Update March 07, 2012

  • When a pillar is defeated and a galaxy is being rewarded coupons, all members who dealt damage to any pillar in the last 30 hours will now receive full coupon amount (up from 24 hours). In addition if player dealt damage to pillar during the current round but was more than 30 hours ago, they will also receive the full coupon amount. Players who joined galaxy within 4 hours will still receive 0 coupons.
  • When a pillar is defeated, all unprotected pillars below 50M hp will now only be repaired up to 5M hp instead of 10M (still capped at to 50M total after repair).
  • Minor bug fixes.
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Update March 09, 2012

  • Added hero experience report after battles.
    • Located in the second tab of the battle report.
    • Currently only available to the attacker after the actual battle (does not displayed when replayed from the mail yet).
  • Added equipment Enhancing Gems
    • Increases your equipment attribute bonus on success.
    • Amount increase and success rate depends on item’s grade, the base bonus, and the enhance level.
    • Can be found in chests dropped from visits and pirate fights (6% of chests).
    • Can be purchased with Coupons or Gold from the mall.
    • Allows players to become stronger over time after using the Enhancing Gems, and help them fight tough to defeat bosses.
  • Changed so T6 ships will always have 70% chance of being targeted even if it has lower ship-score than other fleets.
  • Minor bug fixes.
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Update March 13, 2012

(client-only patch, may require browser refresh)

  • You can now drag & drop enhance stones or books to open upgrade/enhance dialog.
  • You can now drag & drop equipments to equip/remove/swap.
  • Slightly improved bullet animation and add different colors to distinguish skill effects.
  • Battle report damage and repair numbers are now separated by ship class (ordered biggest to smallest size).
  • Memory usage optimizations.
  • Minor Bug Fixes.
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Couple general announcements:

  • From now on, we will likely update the server about once per week, which will normally occur early during the week such as Mondays. (not including important changes or urgent fixes).
  • The next major expansion is tentatively scheduled for June. The current planned content includes new gameplay with one or more new meta-games, more customizations, and more player interaction features.
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Update March 19, 2012

  • You can now show-off your hero and equipments to other players via chat, by shift+clicking on an hero name or equipment icon in the hero screen.
  • Hero’s attribute icon mouse over information now includes break down of base stats and equipment bonuses, as well as a skill add percentage.
  • Any members who are inactive for more 30 days will no longer be eligible of being the galaxy leader regardless of vote count, this new check will happen whenever vote or galaxy members are changed.
  • Players under the peace buff can now attack the Phantom Nebula.
  • If you have one of the screen open from the bottom context menu (build/hero/army/war/mail/rank/mall), you can open another one directly which will automatically close the previous one. Also, a new ‘c’ hotkey will be able to close these screens. (We will extend the mechanism and the close hotkey to other screens and popups in the future).
  • Added confirmation dialog when refreshing a tavern that still has a blue or purple hero remaining.
  • Misc bug fixes.
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Update March 20, 2012

  • The galaxy building/pillar resource bonus and the VIP buff resource bonus now also boost the visiting resource rewards. (The productivity tech still only effects amount when collecting from your own planet)
  • We fixed a bug yesterday that was allowing players who built a T6 ship to have their hero to instantly jump from 50+ to level 60. For fairness, we have now lowered these accidentally leveled heroes down to level 55, which should be a fair and generous estimate based on current level-distribution of top heros. (Heros that was leveled to 60 using gold was not affected by this).
  • Minor bug fixes