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Update March 26, 2012

  • New tavern refresh mechanism.
    • All players will start with a downward counter of 900 for blue (rare) and 9000 for purple (epic) heroes.
    • Each refresh multiplier that doesn’t generate blue/purple hero will be deducted from the counter respectively.
    • A refresh that causes a counter to reach 0 or below will yield a blue or purple hero and restart the respective counter (with rollover deducted)
    • Players can still have chance be “lucky” and get a hero before the counter reach 0, in this case the respective counter is reset to 900/9000.
    • To compensate for the new guarantee, lucky blue and purple odds have been slightly lowered to 1:900 and 1:9000 respectively.
    • Using a level 3 hero card will not change your blue counter, using level 4 hero card will not affect either counter.
  • The chat filter is now slightly less restrictive on detective possible bad/spam words.
  • The menu hotkeys and the ‘c’ close hotkey should now work on all dialogs.
  • The HP repair amount when other pillars are defeated changed back to 10M, however it will now only repair up to maximum HP of 40M (instead of 50M).
  • Fixed a bug where chapter N’s elite pirate is requiring level 20 control center (which it shouldn’t)
  • Fixed a bug where battle report does not include the bonus exp hero earned (display bug).
  • Misc bug fixes.
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Update March 31, 2012

  • Added new effect quality option added to the option dialog, which has replaced the previous sound dialog (it’s now a wheel gears icon on the right hand of the screen).
  • You can now view your character image and profile by clicking your picture on the top left corner (the previous shortcut to go to home planet removed).
  • Minor bug fixes.
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Update April 5, 2012 – “Easter Event”

  • Added Easter Event!
    • Event lasts from April 5 through April 9.
    • Get a free chest drop when logging in.
    • Egg Fragments drops at 20% chance when fighting Chapter 6+ enemies from the War menu.
    • Combine Egg Fragments into a Bunny Egg Gem.
    • Fight Easter Bunny Boss using the Bunny Egg Gem.
    • Gold Purchase bonus will last through the event.
  • Restored the previous “Home Planet” shortcut, which is no available by clicking on your character name below the head image.
  • Reinforcement fleets will now also suffer 50% less casualties.
  • You can now enter the Pillar screen to view damage ranking while being ready in a raid team.
  • Misc bug fixes.
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Update April 9, 2012

  • Fixed a bug where when a MF (tier 6) dies, combo or triple skills does not attack again.
  • Fixed a bug that may prevent players completed chapter 11 to not be able to attack PvE.
  • Fixed a bug where chapter 11 players attacking chapter N does not fight correct opponent.
  • Boss HP to Pillar HP damage ratio increase by 25% to make them slightly harder to defeat since player’s damage power has increased.
  • Moved the inventory “sort” button toward the left to avoid misclicks.
  • Added easter egg fragments to the mall for those have some egg fragments.
  • Easter event extended to end of 4/10. Availability of Easter coupon items extended to end of 4/15.
  • Minor bug fixes.
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Update April 16, 2012

  • Pillars Defense Changes
    • For each full day a pillar has been out of protection (or from the time of this patch if already out of protection), the pillar boss will receive 20% more damage when attacked, up to maximum of 300% more after 15 days.
    • For example, if a pillar has been out of protection for 60 hours, the pillar boss will receive 2 × 20% = 40% more damage when attacked.
    • Pillar’s boss ship damage to pillar HP ratio increased further by 20% to offset the new deteriation mechanism.
  • Tiered Pillar Donation
    • To promote active pillar defense, we amount of HP healed by donating ore has changed to chart below based on the pillar’s HP.
    • 0-20M: 1 ore = 2 HP
    • 20-40M: 1 ore = 1.5 HP
    • 40-60M: 1 ore = 1 HP
    • 60-80M: 1.5 ore = 1 HP
    • 80M+: 2 ore = 1 HP
    • For example, if a pillar currently have 19M HP and a galaxy member donated 1.5M ore, then the pillar will be healed by 2.5M HP (first 1M costs 500K, next 1.5M cost 1M).
  • Mall Equip Changes
    • Odds of blue equipments appearing in the mall down doubled, but only 10 out of 50 chests will contain the item. (no change to total available number over time)
    • Odds of purple equipments appearing in the mall changed to 4X original, but only 3 out of 50 chests will contain the item. (50% increase in total available over time).
    • After blue or purple item is sold out from credits lottery, all player have a chance to purchase it for gold while it’s still in the mall.
  • You can now unmute players without adding them as a friend. Go to your friends list (using the doll icon next to the chat line then click on “friends”), then click on the “unmute” tab.
  • Misc bug fixes.
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Update April 19, 2012 (patchless)

  • Increased max number of coupons earned against pillar boss fight from 50 to 60.
  • Lowered non-participation pillar coupon reward (players have not attacked pillar in 36 hours) from 500 to 100.
  • Odds of green items appearing in the mall increased 50%.
  • Odds of blue items appearing in the mall increased 100%, stock lowered from 10 to 8 (net 60% increase in available credits-bought equipments over time)
  • Odds of purple items appearing in the mall increased 150%, stock lowered from 3 to 2 (net 67% increase in available credits-bought equipments over time)
  • Minor bug fixes.
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Update April 23, 2012

  • Top 7 galaxies ranked in total damages will now receive coupon rewards when pillar is destroyed if they do not take the pillar (#6 receives 500 coupons, #7 receives 300 coupons). NOTE: The existing 1 million minimum damage required for the galaxy to earn any coupons still applies.
  • Significantly increased rewards of some of the harder badges. Players who previously completed the changed badges will now be able to claim the (increased) reward again.
  • Boss gem fragments and boss gems can now be sold for some credits.
  • When galaxy member logs in and logout, a message will be sent to other online galaxy members.
  • Royal boxes will now only contain level 25-50 purple items. Players who purchased royal box in the past 7 days and received less than a level 25 item may send me a private message for partial refund based on item level (may take up to 2 days to process)
  • Minor bug fixes.
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Update April 26, 2012

  • On pillar PvP loss, the raid team will still proceed to boss battle but will cost 2 more AP (equivalent of just skipping the PvP stage for second attempt).
  • Reinforcement fleets will receive resource reimbursement for lost ships.
  • Treasure chest appear chances for visiting increased to 20%+ (15% for chapter 1-5). (note: visiting function will completely changed in the next expansion)
  • Increased odds of skill books, special items, and non-white equipments appearing in chests.
  • Random skill books can now be purchased with coupons.
  • Lottery consolation prizes
    • Both blue and purple lottery boxes now contain consolation prizes to bring to total non-empty boxes to 25 (50%)
    • For blue boxes, consolation prize includes 4x energy resources (4H), 4x ore resources (4H), and *5x coupons (300), and *4 gem fragments.
    • For purple boxes, consolation prize includes 5x energy resources (8H), 5x ore resources (8H), and *5x coupons (600), and *8 gem fragments.
    • Since gem fragments and coupons are not available to player prior to chapter 6, if such player draws them, it will be changed to gold resources (8H)
    • Type of fragment (bubble/spirit/demon) rewarded is based on player’s chapter.
    • The lottery ends on the main prize items are all claimed, even though if there are consolation prizes remaining.
    • Lottery items can now be purchased for gold before all equipments are claimed if the player purchased a lottery, prices lowered for some of the items.
  • Phantom galaxy now have 100 members to provide more targets for players who does not have target or prefer to attack virtual players.
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Update May 4, 2012

  • Significantly increased green item drop rates (reducing white item rates) in chests for later chapters.
  • Optimized potential army strength calculation, so it will not assign a different fleet to a hero if the hero is already assigned maximum of ships of the current fleet he potentially lead. This may cause some player to see decrease in total power if their top heroes are fully assigned.
  • You can now view base stats of each ship type in the shipyard by mouse-overing their image (without need to click into the build screen).
  • Minor bug fixes.
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Update May 9, 2012

  • Removed the minimum 1m damage requirement to receive ranking bonus coupons.
  • Fixed an issue where re-assigning different full fleets to a hero wasn’t immediately updating the total power if it changes.
  • Added mouse-over in the pillars screen on the pillar labels which will display the full galaxy name (in case it’s cut off).
  • We had couple new reports of referral abuse since we increased the gold reward, we are still investigating into offenders but the number of time referral mission can be repeated is now reduced to 4 (please use it to send real invites).
  • Added a “Earn Free Gold” link in buy gold dialog, which display Free Kreds offers sponsored by Trialpay and Kongregate. A special flower-shaped shortcut icon is also added to the right side during special promotions (eg: Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day).
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Update May 17, 2012

  • Raid team leaders can now also invite friends in addition to galaxy members to participate in gem boss raids. (Pillar raids still restricted to galaxy members).
  • Pillar bosses will now fire all 4 types of weapons, 1 each round (each boss have their own firing order), instead of being the same weapon type previously.
  • Added an optional mission list to the upper left corner of the screen. (Press the arrow to toggle open/close).
  • Win% ranking now requires 100 total battles to be ranked, and will use exact percentage as tie breaker (although only the whole number percentage is displayed, if exact percentage is also same, then win count is used as tie breaker)
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Update May 25, 2012

  • Added Rare/Epic equipments for Auction
    • Game will general 3 blue/purple items (~20% odd of being purple) at the top of the equip section for Auction.
    • Each new item will have a 3 hour timer before it is sold to the highester bidder.
    • Each new bid must be 5% higher than the previous. You cannot cancel your bid or overbid yourself.
    • When there is a new bid and timer has less than 30 minutes remaining, the timer is reset to 30 minutes.
    • Credits is taken from you when you place the bid. If you are overbid, the credits you spent bidding is returned to you via mail.
    • If you are currently the highest bidder, the item’s picture will have a hammer icon at the top left corner.
    • When the auction end, the winner will receive the item via mail, and a new item will be added for auction.
  • Improvements/Fixes
    • Fixed a bug that might cause some pillars might be destroyed prematurely when it’s very low on health.
    • Changed hero attribute mouse-over to display their attribute related skill level instead of the effect percentage, so it’s not mistaken that the skills add to your attribute value.
    • Galaxy board message will now use the same filter as global chat so it’s less restrictive.
    • Misc bug fixes.
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Update May 28, 2012

  • Auction items is now only visible to chapter 4+ players.
  • You can no longer delete auction mail from the mail list screen, you must take the credits or items from the auction mail to automatically delete them.
  • Increased gem fragment drop rates for both mission fights and visits to encourage more raid collaboration.
  • Reduced amount of consolation prices for lottery system to discourage players who only want the consolation prize blocking those who really need the items (only 16 out 50 boxes contain prize or consolation prize instead of 25).
  • Minor bug fixes.
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Update May 31, 2012

  • The pillar boss ships’ defense and leathality rate has been increased by 5% (lethality was actually previously lowered when it was changed to use all 4 weapons).
  • Pillar boss ships’ multiple-shot target count can only reduced to 5 (for team with 15 or less fleets), to encourage players to form teams instead running solo.

(Updated to reflect the removal of incorrect reversion earlier).

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Update June 8, 2012

  • Pillars will now start with 70M HP, effective starting with the next pillar claimed after the patch.
  • Simplified the tiered pillar repair cost table.
    • 0-20M: 1 ore for 2 HP (unchanged)
    • 20M-40M: 1 ore for 1.5 HP (unchanged)
    • 40M+: 1 ore for 1 HP
  • Mouse-overing the chat window will now bring it to the front so other dialogs will not block it. You can also now type into the chat area when the Mall window is open.
  • Entered chat messages will no longer clear when your previous message shows up in the chat.
  • Increased the bonus gold for the first purchase bonus promotion. The first purchase records has been reset so everyone can take advantage of the new bonus.
  • Purchasing the highest gold package will now include a free 24-Hour Speed Up card sent via game mail.

There will likely be no more gameplay tweaks for the next couple weeks as we will be busy finishing and testing the expansion. However, there will likely be a very nice addition next week that will help bring many new players to the game – please stay tuned!

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Update June 27, 2012

“War of Heroes” expansion.

A new supreme evil being by the name of “Summoner” has appeared. He has summoned minions of evil to attack innocent civilian in each galaxy. Since he hides in his cavern, our heroes must master the art of ground combat and defeat him on foot.

  • New “War of Heroes” gameplay (CCG + TD)
    • Occurs in random encounter chance (50%) when visiting someone’s planet for chapter 3+ players. Difficulty ordered by planet.
    • New “Summoner” raid boss for chapter 4+ players in the raid team creation menu. Everyone gets 5 FREE drawing each day after defeating the the raid boss. The boss summons large amount of mobs so 3-4 player raid team are recommended.
    • In the beginning, all players are expected to only be able to defeat pirates in the first 2 planets and easy mode of the boss. It is expected to take couple months for high level players to be able to defeat 4th/5th planet and the hard boss difficulty.
    • Includes new main character equipments and skill card crafting system.
    • Everyone will receive a FREE gift package with 4 equipments and 4 skill cards!
    • Crystals to craft skill cards drops from both random encounters and as raid boss prizes.
    • Play the tutorial and see help menu section for more how it works.
    • The new gameplay is still not tweaked perfectly yet, so feel free to submit your feedback but remember to be nice.
    • The new gameplay does takes more time (fun time-killer), but IS completely OPTIONAL. It has following minor benefits:
      • Random encounter can reward good experience once you are able to defeat mobs of higher level planets.
      • Main character equipment (dropped by raid boss) have a set bonus that slightly increases ship attack.
      • Higher difficulty of raid boss can reward good amount of resources.
      • Raid boss also have a small chance (10%) of dropping a pillar crystal that repairs 5M damage to your pillar and rewards 1000 coupons when used.
  • Added headgear hero equipments
    • Head gears are rarer level 40+ only equipments. This means they will not drop as loots in the first 7 chapters.
    • They can be found in mall chests and auction tab, but at rarer rate than other equipments.
  • Maximum hero level now increased to 65
  • Viewable profiles
    • You can now view other player’s profile and avatar by clicking on their picture from visit/attack context menu.
    • You can also go the “War of Heroes” tab to view the new equitable avatar that shows up in hero battles.
  • New Auction Tab in the mall
    • The auction items now have their own tab.
    • 6 items will be up for auction at the same time.
    • Gold items and specific skill books might be auctioned in addition to equipments.
  • Various Improvements
    • Hero slots can now be unlocked with coupons.
    • Last chat tab is now remembered and auto set when returning to the game.
    • Doubled maximum length of mail.
    • You can now mouse-over the hero exp bars to see the actual current level exp and required exp.
    • You can now mouse-over the percentage loss in the ship battle report to see actual army score losses.
    • Once you accept to join a raid team, it now automatically opens the raid team dialog (which you can choose to close).
    • Bonus sale enabled to celebrate the expansion.
    • Minor bug fixes.

The next expansion will be focused on new content (new chapters, levels, and gem/raid bosses) instead of new gameplay, which is currently scheduled to release couple months from now.

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Update June 29, 2012

  • Pillar crystal now only restores 3M health to pillars.
  • Slightly increased deck strength of 4th and 5th planet pirates.
  • Slightly increased deck strength of the normal Summoner.
  • The “none” effect setting will now also disable the idle (hovering) animation in addition to debuff/skill animations.
  • Battle report mail now includes loss % in the mail text.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Known issue: If you quit/disconnect from a raid battle team then join another one immediately after logging back in before the previous one is finished, the new battle may act very strangely for you. This should be fixed in the next patch.

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Update July 2, 2012

  • Added prizes remaining info for other players in the invite screen for Summoner raids.
  • Fixed a bug where after abandoning a previous Summoner team will cause player to see incorrect sequences in future fights until the old battle is finished.
  • Fixed a bug where the card in hand and remaining numbers for pirate War of Heroes fights updates too early.
  • Fixed a bug where card strength numbers can be incorreclty displayed in the raid team dialog.
  • Minor bug fixes.
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Update July 3, 2012

  • If you time-out two turns in a roll during the summoner raid, auto-play will automatically turn on for you. (incase someone went afk, just turn auto if you if you are not afk)
  • Fixed a bug where blue seer has the same stat has green seer (blue seer now has 12 HP)
  • Fixed a bug where playing on “none” effect setting may occasionally cause the game to freeze or cards to be stuck.
  • Minor bug fixes.
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Update July 10, 2012

  • Client performance optimization: Setting effects to “none” in the setting menu will now disable scrolling announcements, which can cause the client to lag.
  • Server performance optimization: players inactive for more than 60 minutes may be removed from the server when number of players online reach a threshold.
  • AI/auto will no longer try to use punch skill on enemies it can’t damage.
  • To reduce invite spam generated by surge of new players, a limit of 10 friend invites per day is added. Please only send invite to those who you know or have agreed to become friends.
  • Fixed a bug where player can be invited in middle of a summoner fight.
  • Fixed a bug where player was allowed to join summoner fight in progress by accepting old invite, thus cause weird side effects.
  • Fixed a bug where resource won from summoner raid doesn’t update in status bar immediately.
  • Misc bug fixes

Coming soon: Team vs Team War of Hero fights!

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Update July 17, 2012

  • To allow players to hire command heroes for “War of Heroes” without increasing their total power in the main game, the potential army strength part of total army score will now skip the re-assign algorithm for both fully assigned highest command and highest war heroes. UPDATE: Now it will also try to fully assign war heroes that are already partially assigned when calculating potential army strength.
  • Fixed the AUTO AI to not use punch skill that they can’t hurt. (Previously on the the enemy AI was fixed).
  • Fixed a bug where coupon purchased backpack does not auto add inventory slots, but placed a backpack item in your inventory that needs to be used first.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes snipers target movement range units without moving first.
  • Misc bug fixes.

The Team vs Team “War of Heroes” feature should be released soon (end of this week or early next). Get ready to earn some awesome prizes!

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Update July 24, 2012

  • PvP War of Heroes Tournaments!
    • Tournaments starts at 22:00 server time on Mondays and ends on 22:00 server time Sundays.
    • There are 3 separate tournaments. 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3.
    • In each tournament, awesome prizes will be rewarded to the top 100 ranked players. Ranks and prizes are showed in the Arena.
    • Players are ranked based on a standard tournament “score” system. Everyone starts with a score of 1000, and will earn score when they win and lose score when they lose.
    • You earn a higher amount of score when you defeat someone with relatively higher score than you or your team. You earn less when you fight players or teams with lower score or if you fight same player/team multiple times within a set amount of time.
    • Each tournament has a minimum number of battles required to qualify for rewards. Even if your score is in the top 100, you may not win a prize if you didn’t fight the minimum number of battles.
    • Prizes are mailed to the winners when the tournament ends. Anyone found abusing/cheating in the tournament will have their account suspended or banned.
    • Once you create your team and click start, the game will try to match you against another player/team that also have started the matching process with similar score, and will wait up to 1 minute for similar score player/team to join of one doesn’t exist. After one minute, it will try to match you against any player/team that is also looking for a match.
    • Each battle in the tournament costs 1 action point for all participants.
  • Fixed chat scrolling bugs when multiple-line text is entered.
  • Added a way to debug/prevent client from hanging during War of Heroes battles.
  • Misc bug fixes.
  • Bonus Weekend sale activated early to celebrate the new release.

Known Issue: When exiting the WoH dialog with a single player PvP, you will get a confirmation dialog asking if you want to quit the team. The text will be blank if you reloaded the game as soon as server started – reloading the game will fix this problem.

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Update July 25, 2012

  • WoH PvP battles will now reward experience for heroes and small amount crystals. (more when victorious and less when defeated)
  • The number of WoH PvP wins is now also listed in the ranking list, which use used for tie breakers when score is the same.
  • Decreased the score gap before more/less than 10 score is lost/won from WoH PvP battles.
  • Minor bug fixes.
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Update July 27, 2012

  • Slightly adjusted WoH PvP score reward so fighting slightly lower rank players still reward reasonable amount of score points.
  • Minor bug fixes.
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Update August 20, 2012

  • Increased number of items Auctioned from 6 to 9.
  • War of Heroes ranking will now include galaxy number in parenthesis
  • Clicking on a card in your hand will also prevent auto-play from turning on after 2 time outs.
  • Minor bug fixes.

We are currently working on the next expansion for Time World. The new contents and estimated release date will be announced later.