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Update September 10, 2012

The “War of Heroes” tournament minimum rounds requirements for winning prizes has been reduced to 20/10/5 for 1v1/2v2/3v3 respectively. Please note that we will be more actively revoking/suspending players who collude with alts/friends to boost their wins/ranking.

The next expansion is currently slotted for roughly around 10/31, and will be a content focused expansion (tentatively will includes new story chapters, possibly bonus WoH chapters, new gem bosses, new raid bosses, new WoH cards, new building/hero/tech levels, feature improvements, etc). I will post a better approximate release date and more details regarding the expansion next month when they become available.

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Update October 30, 2012

“Cursed Destiny” Expansion

  • Expanded Storyline
    • Added 2 new exciting chapters (no additional map unlocks required for players who finished chapter 11)
    • Unlock the 6th planet by completing chapter 13 (starts with lv 20 control center & emplacement)
    • Added Metal World Gem Boss (fragment drops for chapter 12+ players, select boss from the second page of the “Gems” tab in raid team creation flow)
    • Added New Royal hero equipment set – purchasable with coupons in the Mall.
  • Expanded War of Heroes
    • Added 3 New WoH Skills Cards: Heal, Repel (damage + pushback), Laser (AoE damage)
    • Added a New WoH Boss
    • Added 3 WoH bonus chapters (unlocked after main story chapter 3, 7, 10. use map screen to access)
    • Added new main character equipment set
    • All snipers have both Attack and HP increased by 1
    • Card rating location moved to the top where it’s more visable
    • Maximum deck size set to 40 (previously was limited to 39 naturally)
  • Increase Level Caps
    • Maximum Hero Level increased to 70
    • Maximum Building Level increased to 35
    • Maximum Tech Level increased to 35
  • Pillar Changes
    • Added pillage damage ranking in the galaxy setting’s rank screen (damage counting starting from expansion, resets if change galaxy)
    • Pillar maximum health increased to 200M.
    • Newly claimed pillar will have higher starting life value.
  • Special Event
    • Limited time Halloween Boss (fragments drop until 11/4, boss available until next event)
    • Bonus event chest given out every day until 11/4.
    • Added limited time Halloween hero equipments purchasable via coupons in the mall. (to be removed in couple weeks)
  • Misc Improvements and Changes
    • Switching equipments to a different “build” attribute bonus now automatically adjust task time (no long preventing switching to lower build value).
    • Switching equipments to a different “command” attribute bonus now automatically can now automatically adjust ships assigned (increases only if previous fully assigned, decreases if accept prompt to change)
    • The 1 attack per hour limit applied to both victory defeat when attack another player’s planet (previous only applied when attacker wins)
    • When bidding Auction items in the Mall, galaxy member’s bids will appear in gold italics.
    • Increased resource generation for building lvl26-30
    • Minor bug fixes

Known Issues:

  • If you remove command gear and have the game automatically reduce the assigned ship amount to 0 (more likely to happen with T6 ships), then the hero is still assigned a T6 fleet with 0 ships, even the game doesn’t show it that way. If you try to assign ships to another hero it will say you can only have 5 heros with assigned ship even game only shows 4 hero with ships assigned. To fix this, assign ships to the hero whose ship assigned dropped to 0. We will release a proper fix for this bug in the next update.
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Update November 5, 2012

  • Added “Decompose” context menu option for Avatar Equipments that will destroy the equipment and give player crystals (WoH skill crafting). S1 armor will return better/more crystals than other armors since they are harder to obtain.
  • Setting effects to lower setting (Good/None) will now also affect the ship hoovering animation in ship battles.
  • Fixed a DST bug causing WoH Arena timer to spin between 1 and 0 seconds until next session.
  • Fixed a possible display bug that might cause avatar equip slots to appear empty and the avatar to appear without equipments.
  • Fixed a bug where equipping item to reduce ship assigned to 0 does not remove the fleet.
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Update November 22, 2012

  • Thanksgiving Event: Bonus Daily Chests will drop when clicking on your adviser. (until end of server day 11/25)
  • Special Black Friday Sale: Gold purchase during the event will contain extra bonuses (same bonus as First Purchase).
  • Halloween coupon gears and Gem removed from the mall.
  • Misc bug fixes.
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Update December 20, 2012

  • Holiday Event: December 20 2012 – January 2nd, 2013
    • Mr. Snowman is back, and a little stronger than before
    • Added brand new Christmas Gears in Coupon section of the mall
    • Get Bonus Chests Daily during the event
    • Extra bonus Gold on purchases during the event
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed a bug where Gem Raid boss was giving 2X base coupons to Gem owners none to team member who hasn’t attacked
    • Fixed a bug where using Auto during WoH fight can cause cards to be “stuck”
    • Misc minor bug fixes
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Update January 9, 2013

  • Galaxies who currently owns a pillar can no longer merge into another galaxy.
  • Snowman Gem removed
  • Christmas Coupon gears is scheduled to be removed 1 week from today.
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Update January 16, 2013

  • Added a guarantee limit for hero skill upgrade books similar to tavern refreshes.
    • The “100/odds”th book used on a hero skill will have 100% success chance.
    • Eg: The 16th book will have 100% success when odds is 6%, 33th book will have 100% success when odds is 3%, and the 50th book will be 100% success when odd is 2%.
  • To encourage new players, all new accounts are given a lv3 hero refresh card and a magic book at the beginning of the game.
  • Increased dialy spinner item odds (not credits/energy/ore) from 10% to “15% + 1% for each 10 days of consecutive login, capped at 40%”.
  • Christmas coupon gears will be removed tomorrow.
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Update March 8, 2013

“The Hourglass” Expansion

  • Chapter 14: Ferme Mountain
    • Fight the elite army of the Professor and obtain “The Hourglass” from Master Heddon.
    • Use tactics and reinforcements battle the most challenging mission chapter so far.
  • War of Hero Bonus Chapter 4 – Lost Planet: Elys
    • Unlocked after defeating chapter 12 of the main missions.
    • Discover the secret behind the the Lost Planet.
    • Rewards a purple War of Hero gear.
  • Added War of Heroes Achievements
    • 13 new achievements have been added.
    • New achievements will reward crystal fragments.
  • New Temporary Boosts
    • Slightly increases ship battle attributes for a duration.
    • Shorter duration boosts can also drop from daily spinner and mission/visit chests.
    • Longer duration version can be purchased for gold.
    • Shorter duration boosts can be purchased for coupons.
  • Level cap increased
    • All heroes can be increased to level 75.
    • No building/tech level cap increase this time.
  • Your FB/Kong friends can now reduce your upgrade/production/research time!
    • You can now post a help request to your FB/Kong profile (new option in the speed up menu).
    • If your friend clicks on it while it’s being built, they can save you some time!
    • Time saved is between 15 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the total duration of the task. (5% of total time, with minimum of 15 minutes and max of 2 hours).
    • Each task can only be helped by 5 different friends, once each, for the life time of the task.
    • When a friend clicks no the help link to enter the game, they will receive a “free” visit to your planet if the task is still available, even if it’s reached help limit.
    • Each player is limited to 10 free visits (up to 10 successful helps) per day. Players below chapter 2 will not be able to help.
    • Please use this new feature to help get more players into (or back into) the game!
    • The helping player does not have to be an in-game friend (but they need to click on your profile post).
  • New Friends bar/ranking (Pending Kongregate admin to increase game frame height)
    • Your in-game friends are shown and ranked at the bottom of the game.
    • You can now click on their picture to go directly to their solar system.
  • “Insane” level for War of Hero bosses.
    • Expect to be only beatable by full groups high ranking players.
    • May drops purple grade War of Hero gears from chest drawing.
  • New War of Hero item set for Arena tournaments.
    • Each equipment contains additional attribute bonus.
    • New set’s set bonus and extraction reward is same as old set’s.
  • New lv55 and lv60 purple grade hero gears
    • Have a chance to show up in the auction tab of the mall.
    • Have a chance to show up in the lottery. Each lottery only contains 2 items.
    • Can be drawn from the royal chest, item range changed to 35-60.
  • Pillar War changes
    • Maximum pillar health has been tripled. Initial pillar health also increased for new pillars. (Eg. pillar last longer and gives out more damage based coupons because they have more health)
    • Owner Galaxy’s galaxy board will receive an alert when their pillar health falls below 20% of current HP.
    • Fix an issue where pillar bosses where assigned different ship class numbers (between 13 and 19), which caused some bosses to be easier than others because the 4% war reduction when smaller ship class attacks bigger ones. They are now using same class (15), so couple pillar bosses will become slightly harder and others will become easier.
  • Major improvements and fixes.
    • Resetting hero stats can now be done with coupons in addition to gold.
    • Battle report mails will now show whether it’s a assault or defensive report. (for reports after this expansion)
    • War of Hero is now available starting chapter 2. However, arena entrance will now require chapter 4+.
    • Vice leaders can now send mass emails to galaxy members.
    • Alloy Raid boss difficulty significantly increased, coupon payout for alloy raid boss also increased.
    • Changing hero stats will now automatically adjust the remaining task time hero is currently performing.
    • Fixed a bug there T6 ships where assigned ship class num too high (23), causing them to be way overpowered against smaller ships due to the the 4% war reduction per class tier rule. They now are properly set (to 15) and ships attacking T6 will receive 32% less war penalty.
    • Fixed an issue where a few players who completed chapter 11 before previous expansion was released had no main missions. Their mission has now been set to start at end of 13 and have been credited sum of all mission reward resources.
    • Minor bug fixes.
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Update March 11, 2013

  • Added building level 36-40. (no image changes until we can add them later)
  • Added tech level 36-40.
  • First time defeating chapter 14 final boss should reward a random lv35-60 purple equipment. Those already beat it have been manually credited 310 to purchase an royal box.
  • Slightly weakened the insane level for General Staudt by reduce his HP and initial card pool.
  • Fixed progress display issue.
  • Fixed display issue for synthesize purple card.
  • Friends bar for Kongregate version will be removed once Kongregate staff gets around to it.
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Update March 14, 2013

  • Based on the feedback, all new pillars now will start with only 25% of maximum HP, at 210M.

[Edit] this is now set to 210M after responses against lowered HP when we initially lowered back to 150M. We will leave the starting HP at this value for few days to see how things are before making further adjustments.

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Update March 29, 2013

  • Added Easter Event. 3/29-4/08
    • 2 new sets of Easter Coupon Gears
    • The bunny boss is back, slightly stronger than last year.
    • Get a bonus chest daily during the event.
    • Bonus chests and fragments ends on 4/08. Coupon gears to end 2 weeks afterwards.
  • Maximum hero slots increased to 40. (note: WoH hand maximum is still unchanged at 40)
  • Increased resource reward prizes for insane level WoH bosses.
  • Totem warning now only send when it falls below 60M. (10% instead of 20% max hp)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented vice leaders from properly sending mass mails.
  • Minor bug fixes.
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Update May 9, 2013

  • You can now click no a players name in chat (when not in battle) to “view” their solar system.
  • Fixed a bug that might cause a debuff to disappear in team based War of Heroes when multiple player throw debuff skills at the same target at the same time.
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Minor UI improvements.

Next Expansion is currently planned for early July. We will post more details about the expansion later this month.

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Below are the tentative major features being worked on and tested for the early July expansion:

  • New Chapter 15 + New Planet.
  • New War of Hero Bonus Chapter.
  • Increased hero/building/tech level caps (with 2 set of new art, 1 retrofitted for 36-40).
  • 2 new WoH skill cards (will help make insane bosses easier).
  • 2 new hero (ship battle) skills.
  • New combat mode: Team up against your own galaxy’s pillar boss for coupons. (including level1-3 pillars!)
  • New tier 7 ships (players may only assign 1 T6 or T7 ship)
  • New hero grade promotion system that allows all skills to be fully retained.
  • Limited golden heroes (1 per player, promoted from purple via new promotion system)
  • Weekly rewards for top ranked players in various categories.
  • Various improvements based on suggestions (mail flood control, ore mine increases, beta removal, pillar tweaks, etc)

More details will be provided closer to the tentative release date in early July.

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Quick update on the next expansion: The release date is currently set for July 10. Everything mentioned in the previous post is currently still in the expansion.

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Update July 10, 2013

“Manifesto” Expansion

  • New Chapter
    • Get the Space Shield from General Lane at Mille Crag Lake.
    • Rewards a new planet after completion.
    • Completing the new chapter before next expansion will reward purple gear. (defeating chapter 14 no longer rewards purple gear since it’s no longer the final chapter).
  • New WoH Chapter
    • Drive out the Demon Army in Wastia.
    • Requires completion of chapter 15 to access.
    • Rewards the final piece of the purple WoH Gear for completion.
  • New levels
    • Max Building Level increased to 45
    • Max Tech Level increased to 45
    • Max Hero level increased to 80
    • 2 new sets of building graphics added (36-40, 41=45)
  • New Hero Skills
    • Added two new hero skills (average rarity)
    • Cloak: Passive, reduces attackers hit rate. (different from dodge which ignores attacker’s hit rate).
    • Pierce: When activated, completely ignores all defending fleet’s defenses (techs, hero skills, buffs).
  • 2 new WoH skills
    • Added two new War of Hero Skill Cards
    • Nuclear Fission: Explodes and damages all nearby targets if defeated when the debuff is on.
    • Poison Dispersion: Spreads poison to nearby enemies.
  • Tier 7 Ship: Grand Fortress
    • Can be built in level 41 Shipyards.
    • Requires 700 command to assign.
    • Players may only have 1 T6 or T7 ship assigned.
  • Golden Heroes / Hero Promotion System
    • Added new Golden Hero Tier.
    • Each player may only possess 1 Golden Hero via the new promotion system.
    • Green/Blue/Purple heroes can be promoted to the next tier with crystals when they reach max level.
    • Promoting to a golden hero will require some golden crystal, which is a very rare raid boss drop.
    • The promoted hero will drop to level 1, but will retain all their skills at previous skill level!
  • Training Mode
    • Requires players to be in chapter 5+
    • Create a raid team to fight against your own Galaxy Building Boss. (lv1-3, base building excluded)
    • This first fight in the raid is against mirrored image of your raid team for 2 AP. (No ship losses)
    • Regardless of win or loss, the next fight is the Galaxy Building Boss which cost 0 AP.
    • Coupons rewarded based on boss level and damage dealt. This mode is intended for galaxies who are unable to compete in Pillar Wars.
  • Weekly Ranking Rewards
    • At fixed count-down time each week, the top 10 players ranked in some categories will get rewarded.
    • Currently, the top 10 in Total Power, Army Strength, Tech, Building, Hero, Deck ranks are rewarded. The rank category and reward may change in the future.
    • A new week is started immediate and previous winners can be viewed in a Hall of Fame page.
    • The reward is sent via mail.
  • New lv65 and lv70 purple grade hero gears
    • Have a chance to show up in the auction tab of the mall.
    • Have a chance to show up in the lottery. Each lottery only contains 2 items.
    • Can be drawn from the royal chest, item range changed to 35-70.
  • Chapter Gift Boxes (helping newer players catch up to veteran players)
    • In addition to start items, new accounts is given Chapter 2 Gift Box that can be opened in chapter 2.
    • After reaching new chapter, players are rewarded a Gift Box that can be opened in the next chapter via mail.
    • Existing accounts are retro-credited a Gift Box that can be opened at their next chapter on first login via mail.
  • Game Improvements
    • Remove beta tag from the game logo (expansion contents are still beta)
    • Increased ore production of level 31+ Ore Mines by 10%.
    • Forget Skill can now be purchased for coupons.
    • All races can now research all weapons, but research time for level 21+ will double for non-racial weapons.
    • Building ships in the ship factory automatically limit the building amount to max capacity in addition to resource available.
    • Pillar damage cap increased from 1m to 2m, starting health doubled.
    • Added 1 message per 5 minute mail flood control between strangers (non-friend & non-galaxy member).
    • Fix a continuous animation loop bug when upgrading equipment quickly.
  • Bonus Daily Chest and Launch Sale Event through 7/14 23:59 server time.
    • UPDATE: We have significantly boosted blue/purple item rates in the equip section of the mall (by 12X/15X) and doubled purple item rate in auction section!
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Update July 11, 2013

  • Level requirement for promoting green/blue heroes have been dropped to 50 and 65 respectively.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented loading of the battle result that requires displaying of the Practice Pillar Boss or T7 ships if the browser has cached old version of the boss ship module.
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Update July 12, 2013

  • Further lowered crystal costs for promoting heroes.
  • Temporarily lowered starting pillar health for future pillars to 300m. We will only slowly increase this back when players get stronger and pillars to fall way to fast again.
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Update July 15, 2013

  • War of Heroes increased speed option
    • Press the 2x button to double the animation speed
    • Press the 1x button to return to normal speed
    • In WoH raids, if all players use the 2x speed, the round pace should also increase.
  • In-game ranking to match weekly reward ranking
    • Changed in-game ranking to use same id tie breaker as reward ranking.
    • Starting with week reward ranking, players not in galaxy will not be ranked/rewarded.
  • Present boxes can now be tossed.
  • Extended the New Expansion event/bonus/sale to July 26. (We will get a week of Kong home page promotion starting July 19!)
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Update December 20, 2013 – “Escaped Memories” Expansion + Holiday Event

Sovereign’s Log Entry: Escaped Memories
As we got closer to our final objective, I am starting to forget the details on how we got here. Things start to become blank after having random headaches. My subordinates have filled me in but the description sound quite surreal and unbelievable. I have decided to revisit some of the places to recapture those escaped memories.

  • New Collection Story Mode
    • Revisit previous defeated mobs and bosses and try to collected their figure coins by defeating them.
    • You will get the same experience/reward as fighting your current chapter, but their army strength are also scaled up.
    • Get 0.5% bonus exp per each silver coin collected, 1% bonus exp per each gold coin, and 5% bonus exp per each completed chapter set!
    • Drop rate is set to 5% for silver (mob) coins and 2% for gold (boss) coins.
    • In addition, you can collect a bonus achievement reward for completing each set in the Achievement screen!
    • The new mode is available for players Chapter 5+. You can only collect for chapters you fully completed.
  • New War of Heroes Raid Boss
    • Travel to the Land of the Dead and fight the Mummy King!
    • Added new obstacle elements in the battlefield!
    • Difficulty modes: Normal, Hard, Insane (no easy mode).
    • Collect new Zirconium Gear Set!
  • New Story Chapter 16
    • Captured the Escaped Charrluzar!
    • Fight the baddest opponents in the story so far!
    • No new planets after completion, but you can finally open the Chapter 17 box!
  • New War of Heroes Arena Gear Set
    • New S3 Arena Gear Set is here!
    • This week reward has been upgraded to the new S3 set!
  • Crystal trade system
    • You can trade inferior crystals for better crystals.
    • This is limited to up to purple crystals (golden crystal cannot be traded).
    • We may add ways to downward trade in the future.
  • New Player Catch-up Program
    • Increase new building and tech to level 20 will only require 10% of time and resource.
    • No AP is required to fight your current chapter mission up to chapter 8.
  • Strengthen Gem Guarantees
    • Added guarantees for gem enhance like skill book!
    • Lowered base success rate on higher levels so average expected tries remain same as before.
  • Added New Achievements
    • In addition to the new collection achievements, we added 11 War of Heroes Achievements!
    • Earn new achievement for Arena consecutive wins and winning the new raid boss.
  • 2013 Holiday Event
    • The Snowman returns!
    • New 2013 Christmas Coupon Gears!
    • Gold Bonus Sale through the event!
    • Ends on January 2nd, 2014
  • Ship Tier Balancing
    • Instead of flat 5% war reduction between each ship class it’s changed to below:
    • Between T1 and T5, war reduction increased to 10% per class)
    • Between T5 and above, reduction reduced to 4% (Note: T6/T7 is class 15/16, boss ships are between class 6-19)
  • Misc Improvements
    • War of Heroes items add to list of possible auction items.
    • Golden Hero now have 2 additional skill slots.
    • Added a button to auto-decline invites for the next hour.
    • Coupon gears sell value is now 10x of their previous sell value.
    • Number of helps remaining for each task in progress now listed the in command center.
    • Fixed a issue where bunny ears might cover hp in War of Heroes.
    • Fixed a rare case where galaxy member bids might not display in yellow italics.
    • Misc minor bug fixes.

Happy Holidays!
Playmage Team

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Update March 27, 2014
- Phantom Nebular will now filter out players who has too low of army/power ratio to prevent possible abuse.
- Minor bug fixes.

The next expansion is currently planned for early June. We are unable to share any other information at this point but will post more as time gets closer.

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The new expansion will include the follow features:

  • A new hero spirit system (equipable with bonus) and its crafting system
  • Story chapter 17
  • The 8th planet
  • Increase in building/tech max levels
  • Increase in hero max levels
  • New WoH arena equipments
  • New Daily Missions (rewards resources)
  • Tweaks and improvements to address various current game issues (fighters will likely get nerfed further).

The current target release date for the expansion is July 9th. More details will be posted when the expansion is released.

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Update July 8, 2014

“End oF Time” Expansion

  • New Hero Spirit System
    • Added a new type of craftable and enhancable hero equipment.
    • Each spirit has a primary bonus (war/command/tech/build) and a secondary that affects ship battles (attack/defense/speed/hit/avoid).
    • Spirit is crafted by using one of the 5 crafting NPCs buy paying them credits.
    • Crafting with a lower tier NPC has a chance to unlock the next NPC (1 in 3, 5, 10, 100 respectively) for one use.
    • Higher level NPC can only craft once after unlocked. If it does not unlock the next level, then you will start with the base NPC again.
    • A golden crystal can be used to directly unlock the Gold tier (Grandmaster) NPC crafter for one use.
    • Spirits can be enhanced to increase their level up to level 80, by consuming other spirits on the enhance tab.
    • Spirits bonuses may increase as they level up through enhancing.
    • Hero Spirits are equipped on the base hero tab, toggling “Hero Spirits” button below the inventory slots.
  • New Chapter 17
    • Challenge Time Devil’s unstoppable fleets.
    • Fight and defeat the Time Devil for good!
  • The 8th Planet
    • Complete chapter 17 to unlock the 8th planet!
    • Visit friend’s 8th planet for the ultimate pirate challenge and get 2X EXP of the 7th planet for winning.
  • New Building/Tech Maximum Level Cap.
    • Increased building max level to 50 (no new images).
    • Increased device/tech max level to 50.
  • New Hero Maximum Level Cap.
    • Increased max hero level to 85.
    • Level require to promote hero unchanged.
  • New War of Heroes Arena S4 Set
    • Join the tournament to get the improved rewards.
    • S3 Set items will be added to the auction list.
  • Two New Daily Missions
    • Get rewarded for crafting any War of Hero skill cards daily.
    • Get rewarded for winning any War of Hero battle (arena, chapter, pirate, raid) daily.
  • Game Improvements
    • Increased ship damage mitigator from 10% to 12% per tier, from tier 1 fighter to tier 5 motherships. (Fighters are slightly over powered for the power rating and this should help with the deadly leth fighter issue)
    • Daily chest spin reward: replaced 5 min speed-up card with 1 hour card.
    • Doubled the resource rewards for visiting.
    • Increased heal amount of pillar crystals to 5M.
    • Minor bug fixes.
  • Bonus Daily Chest and Launch Sale Event through 7/13!
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Update July 9, 2014

Fixes and improvements for the above Expansion.

  • You can now shift+click a Hero Spirit to show off in Chat!
  • Crafting a purple or gold Hero Spirit will now display a message on broadcast.
  • Equipping Hero Spirits with higher command now automatically increases your assigned ship similar to other items.
  • Misc bug fixes

Update July 12, 2014

- Fix a bug where attack/defense Hero Spirt bonuses wasn’t applied properly.
- Increased starting Pillar health from 50% to 55% of full.

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Update August 27, 2014

  • Labor Day (US) Event: Extra daily bonus chest (mission advisor) + Bonus Gold Sale.
  • Event ends September 2nd.
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Server Update 10/28/2014 – Halloween Event

  • Added 2014 Halloween Coupon Gears
  • Enabled Halloween Boss Gem Fragment Drops
  • Bonus Gold Sale
  • Event last through 11/03