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Why some players are so into the forum? (locked)

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I was sorta surprise someone would actually bother to check my old posts. This sure explain why someone like nvillian1 hide his profile by private it. Ashamed of them maybe. I wasn’t impressed with someone going to my profile to view my past posts. A computer program can do some clicking too.

Beside the fact he can’t type E for English, in my opinion, his insult could use an improvement since to assert a year later is better than months later.

Thanks in advance for any reasons provided regarding to the thread question.

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Check this:

In asynchronous communication (like on this forum), cmc (aka computer mediated communication) provides to people a sense of being protected from an immediate physical reaction you might endure in real life communication (“shielding effect”) so they feel more free to express negative feelings and behavior. Since they don’t perceive the person they are communicating with through the computer as a real person, but rather as a computer generated persona, they feel that they can be as harsh and violent as they want to be (or as they are inside their head). Add to that personal problems (psychological or not) and you get to the point where asynchronous communication serves as a punching bag.

It’s unfortunate, but you can’t avoid that kind of person on the internets…

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Was it really necessary for you to create a new thread to continue a flame war?

Also, IBTL

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Same nonsense you did in this thread where you wasted your time trolling and trying to call someone out yet pretend as if you are a victim =( THAT’S SO SAD! At least you found a better online translator, congrats!

You were a fool when you did this back in HOG and you are still a fool now

So I don’t have to waste my time saying the same things to you that others have MANY times over said to you in the past, I’ll just quote them once again:

Originally posted by LoganVexx:

So my suggestion to you is quit while you are behind, stop replying to this thread and let it slowly fade away to the HOG thread graveyard where it deserves to be.

Originally posted by ItsColdInHere:

I don’t know you, but you’re probably the dumbest person I’ve ever seen try to troll. Just saying…

Originally posted by muffinmanife:

Just saying, Google translate does a better job then you. (That is saying a lot)

Originally posted by zeptos:

TE disclaimer:
We claim no responsibility for this display of stupidity.
We have also tried to make GS shut up, it doesn’t work. ._.’

Originally posted by Letio:
Originally posted by BrightSky:

You call it stupidity, I call it a bit of fun with the forum. Not like there anything going on this forum much.

Well, thank you for trying to make this forum fun with the sacrifice of showing your stupidity.

Are ya done yet?

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Harassing other users isn’t allowed nor should a topic like this be created on gaming forums designed for discussions based on the game Time World. I shall be locking this topic now.