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Summoner, card game, and other beginner questions

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I’m a somewhat new player who’s having difficulty orienting myself to some of the later aspects of this game. I’ve taken a read through the full “Questions and Answers Guide,” but since entire aspects of the game (such as the little card game or the “summoner-easy” I keep hearing about) appear to be absent completely, I’m guessing the guide is outdated. So any answers to the following questions (or links to where these are already answered) would be greatly appreciated.

1. What’s the point of playing the little card game (when you visit someone and attack pirates from a flashing building)? Are there any rewards besides the colored crystals used to create more cards? Is this worthwhile to participate in?

2. I keep getting unannounced invites to something called “summoner easy,” something I’ve seen referenced in chat with regularly frequency. What is this event, and should I be accepting these random requests?

3. What’s the most useful way to quickly spend my unused AP? Visiting friends, fighting other players, or replaying old War battles?

4. Is there any advantage to visiting different friends as opposed to visiting the same friend over and over? For instance, is there any harm in revisiting the first player alphabetically on my friendlist 20 times consecutively to burn through AP?

5. Is it generally accepted by the community that the speed bonus of attack Fighters outweighs the attack reduction experienced against bigger ships? I’m having difficulty wrapping my mind around that.

6. At what point should I consider attempting my first raid?

Thanks in advance for any input you can give me.

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1) You get lots of exp for ALL of your hero’s and the amount is significant. It’s a nice little additional reward for those that either can’t or don’t PVP and use all their AP on visits normally anyways.

2) These are the raid versions to your 1st question. You and 3 other friends will battle a boss. Defeating the boss rewards you with the chance to spend 1 of your 5 daily loot chances on ore/energy/crystals/avatar gear.

3) Loaded question: The answer is “YES” as each have their own benefits.
-Visiting: Minor resources, small chance for mini raid(see #1), chance for items, exp for all hero’s
-PVP: Lots of resources(if you win), minor exp for your 5 attacking hero’s
-War: Lots of exp, that’s it

4) You have a daily quest to visit 3 different friends or galaxy mates. After that quest has been completed for the day then there is no difference who you visit or how many times.

5) Fighters have higher damage but less HP. They also only attack twice. Unless they can significantly damage the enemy to the point where their attacks do barely any damage then they are otherwise useless. They are also expensive/costly to maintain. They are best used on defense since they lower your power while at the same time receive a much higher lethality defense bonus. You can attack with them of course but you will lose a lot of them needless to say.

6) Pillar or summoner? In either case ASAP! Ask your friends/guild mates for help/suggestions if you are completely lost. If you are referring to pillar then that depends on your galaxy. I wouldn’t recommend solo attacking as you’ll lose a lot of ships.

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1. pirate games(flashing building) gives hero a great amount of exp when u win(and a small amount if u lose) and some crystal used to craft cards. The craft will help you fight harder pirate which give more of both. In the long run, that pretty much sums up to more and more exp for hero. the 1st planet gives 1000 exp if u beat it, 2nd planet 10k exp, 3rd planet 100k exp, 4th planet 1m exp per hero per fight!
2. summoner is found under “raid” button on the right side. After you open it, it will have multiple tabs, first is battle raids (bubble, spirit, demon) second tab is summoner, 3rd is pillar. You may make team after creating a summoner and invite ppl to it OR accept invites to participate. The first 5 summoner you WIN in a given day will yield rewards.
3. early game (before chap 9 mostly) visit, after that you can choose to attack, do pillars(after joining a powerful galaxy) or visit. attack give resource, pillar, if you win, can yield coupon while visit gives hero exp.
4 and 5 see the above post~
6. summoner u can do ez as soon as u unlock it. normal when u get 1800 or so power with NO MORE THAN 15 cards in deck. hard… i’d say 3000ish thou not sure, not many does those.
bubble raid you should be 50m+ fleet power to join other ppls, thou u can host starting at about 30m, just find a couple ppl that are strong to help out. the reason for waiting for 30m is so u can do more dmg which yield more coupon.

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I’ve just found this thread and it has answered all my current queries. Is it possible for a Mod to add this to the guide thread that has been stickied?