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In another game I know of, they give 1 day grace period to keep daily login.

… but then why call it daily?

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Originally posted by gotoxy:

That’s pretty much the reason i dont give a damn about this game. Playmage Inc dont even take care of their golder and even less to their player. Sad to see how this game is going directly into a wall. I’m playing an other game and for all days in a row, i get +100 resources per day as a daily bonus. Those goes from common to epic resources (amount adjust base on the rarity) So be sure im keep my days streak there too.

Since i havent whine much those last months, i guess ill allow myself a lil bit. Those are reason why ppl should never invest more time in this game:

1. This game isnt a game : Its a damn tricked casino. Everything need luck so anything can happen and that’s it.
2. No place for Personalization. Everything is the same. You must follow a narrow pattern to succeed and if u happen to not do it, it will cost a damn lot.
3. There is 5 type of ship but soon enought ull understand that those are kinda useless since u have to do pillar and u lose a lot of ship if those are not Tier 5 or Tier 6.
4. Gears system is really bad. All gears are made from the same root. So again, everyone looking for the same items and no chance to get an Epic Gear with only 1 big stat. Really lack of lots of creativity.
5. The mall, a real joke. Thats it. Everyone who play that casino can say it : snowstorm incoming.
6. after a few months, lots of ppl asked for am auto adjust ships when equip/uniquiped gears. ThankYou PlaymageInc, only took 10 months to make one.
7. The lack of effort from Playmage Inc to maintain the player base. The last patch was a proof of it. Who really give a damn about new stupid war mission and a damn 6th planet. The worst in that is they needed over 3-4 months do make it :S Guess the dev are all drunk and cant type anymore cuz this shitty update could have been done in 1 week.
8. Events… the worst event i saw on any mmo in my life. Giving shit over shit each days is really bad. You get greeny all day long and Playmage Inc are so bright that the only thing that come in their mine for an event is to give crap all day again and again…….oh im wrong, they choose to make Event gear worse just to be sure every one eat some dirt more. “We love you player (cought, cought)”
9. Upgrade are impossible. Skills or gears, they all are a scam.
10. Gems fragment: They are NOT RANDOM if you search a bit the forum, you will find out that once or 2, Playmage Inc made some mistake and the “random” wasnt giving chance for a certain fragment number. I had over 90 frags once and the lower i got was about 50. Always need the same frag #. I bough so many backpack just to keep them and see where i was going with that. Only 1 thing… Playmage Inc scam you on those frags.
11. Price in the mall are truely a scam. selling gem fragment that high for no damn coupons. TBH, you really need to be as dumb as the maker of this game to buy those.

I could type more and more but tbh, im not giving anymore time to it. Its a waste of time since Playmage Inc dont care.

Now, i would like to finish that post with a most positive view:

CONGRATULATION TO EVERYONE WHO HAVENT USED GOLD OR VERY FEW and still play the game. You guys are the real hero in here. I play for near 4 months without using gold and dammit. IT SUCKS. I wonder if you have to be masochism or what :P but Grats again, you really deserve it.

xD Well thx for ur thoughts i agree with almost all :) Hope PM read this and do something :) that will never happen :) But while i am in this cassino :))))) At least i wonna have hope it will get better :P

About non golding, only way to have fun in this game :) Oh damn i just wanted to say that this post is nice and here i am…
1.Non-golding u proove maker of the game, that u will fucking play this game that it dont die not couse of his pocket. Every single day when u get something with ur effort u prove to him that u dont plan to give him money for not working on this game. U prove to him that even that he hates u so much and give u shits after shit u still stay and say u will not make it quit :P And he continue to drop the chances for everything but u still play. Yea myb u are adict but u know one thing that he can lower the chances more, and then more, but u will never give him money to the pocket.

Well i am bored of talking to a wall like every time …… GL
Non-Golding RULEZ!