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MF(s) as reinfs - why do they not appear?

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I’m approaching the end of ch11 and, of course, my army strength is way over 100mil by now if “maxed out”.

Recently, I requested an MF as reinforcement but I still don’t see it.
What’s the problem? How high should be my army strength to get a second (eventually, third) MF as reinforcement?

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Ok so here’s the deal. You need 125mill army to receive MF reinforcements. A 125mill army allows your to receive 2 MF’s. 2 MF’s is max reinforcement. Under 125mill army the MF’s will appear in your reinforcements tab but will not be functional until 125mill army is achieved.

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you can only receive reinforcements for AT MAX your average total ships per hero. MF requires 400 com before skill which, divided by 8, is the same as 50 MS. That being said, all 5 hero’s need to support at least 50 MS each, on average, to allow for MF reinforcements. Each MS is equal to 500,000 army so 500,000 * 50MS * 5hero’s = 125,000,000 army required to support MF reinforcements.

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