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Emergent surface tension of pillar times

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Hello. Sorry; the title is ripped off a pretty cool paper in material science.

Here is an observation. Suppose that all of the pillars open up within 6 hours of each other, as they do now. They have 7 owners. Suppose also that the pillars open in rough order of overall strength of these 7 galaxies, as they are now.

When the pillars open, These 7 galaxies will be in cooldown for all 7 pillars (the width of the cluster is less than 12 hours, so the first of these 7 galaxies can’t claim the last pillar) but any other galaxies can claim one of the 7. In general, the galaxies claim in order of overall strength, and in general, galaxies’ pillars last in proportion to overall strength.

We note that the earlier pillars will last longer than the later pillars, since I’ve assumed that the first pillar has about the strongest galaxy of the 7, and whose pillar will last the about the longest of the 7, etc. This means that the fall times of the pillars will be closer together than they used to be, and again, the pillars are claimed in order of overall strength.

We’re back where we started except now the pillar times are closer. I claim that we are threatened with the prospect of all 7 pillars within 6 hours of each other for a long time.

Arguments against my claim:

TW will run out of firepower for the later pillars in the cluster; thus although they are held by weak galaxies, they will nevertheless held surprisingly long.
This is true: For example, 3h+ by g1267. I hope it will start to undermine the trend, but recently, the last pillars in a cluster have fallen within an hour.

Galaxies will orchestrate ‘pillar holds’
This is how pillars happened to get so close to each other, and hopefully, this will decouple (or “deseptuple”) the pillar times one by one.

Note: I’m not sure if this has happened before, but this pattern is highly dependent on TW having enough firepower for 7 pillars in 6 hours, so the current moment could be the perfect alignment of pillar times and pillar fighting strength.

comments very welcome

tl; dr
omg pillar times are close together and I claim that they will stay like this for a while

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I think you sort of have a point, but today proved they will still fall fairly quickly. The top guys will still log in and do 1m damage per hit, and hit 30 times. with about 50 guys doing that much damage there is 50×30×1 damage on the whole from top guys alone, or 1500 damage.

The tier of .5 million hitters is about 250 deep (i am normally ranked in the 300 range, and do about that damage), and most of them do about 20 runs on the rounds it is open, so 250×20×.5 or 2500 damage.

Then stragglers put a few million up, but not much. That would still be 4000 damage from big hitters, at 300×7, that is 2100 total for the rounds. So even if i overestimated hitter totals and the such (the 2nd tier is likely much smaller due to comm gimped players), it is still easy for them to all still fall

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You’re missing the bought APs…