[Sonny] In-Depth Psychological Legend Guide with Zones 6 and 7

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This guide is for the Legend achievement for the psychological class. To achieve Legend, you have to play on heroic and use NO TRAINING WHATSOEVER. This includes repeating previous boss battles (so you can’t go back and fight the Hydra). Some guides will recommend you turn autosave off in options so you can get a special weapon (such as Emerald Death from the Hydra in Zone 4). If I have bolded a fight, that means that an important item COULD be dropped in that fight. This guide will not require that, but it would probably help a bit. If you follow the guide, you should have no trouble through the legend, however. This is the easiest way to get the legend achievement for a psychological. I have done the legend run with all classes, and psychological was the easiest using this strategy.

There is a bit of a learning curve as far as Sonny 2 goes – it takes a while to get used to the game, so you might want to try it once in easy mode if you have never tried it before. That way you can learn how the build works instead of getting stuck in a battle.

On ability points
Put 10 points into vitality after respec-ing after the first battle. Then put all points into Instinct.
Get Armor that offers (1) High Instinct and (2) High Vitality. Strength is worthless, and Speed is almost irrelevant because Shock Therapy automatically hits.
It may be useful to have lower speed than your allies because when you traumatize an opponent, they will not receive the damage reduction until you move.
You’ll never miss a Shock Therapy or Traumatize – they are automatic attacks that never miss.
You have good survivability because of Salvation, and later, Tenacity (good in the 5th Zone).

This build includes (in order from most to least important):
Shock Therapy
Electrical Storm
Charged Blood
Wraith Form

Another useful move is Shock Coma, this is optional - it is a 4-turn stun that heals your opponent slightly and recovers its focus. This sounds like it would be bad, but it will save you a lot if you use it. It basically reduces the number of opponents from 3 to 2 and helps with crowd control. It's especially useful in Z5 (zone 5) and Z7 Thanks to Vesperbot for this suggestion.

A note about double moving: You will get two turns in a row if before you had less speed than the opponent, and after you move you had more. This can be caused by the wearing out of a buff or by one of you casting a buff or by casting Wraith Form on yourself. So if the opponent moves first, you will most likely double move with Wraith Form.


Veradux has three moves:
Healing (his healing is 500% his instinct + 100% of his strength). Since you will not be healing, Veradux’s healing is very important to have, so just give him your extra instinct armor. He starts off with pretty good items.
Electro Bolt – it deals more damage than his regular attack and dispels a buff from the opponent.
Some physical attacking move – it is a weak attack that restores focus. It is always used when he has less than 15 focus left – keep that in mind.

Roald has several moves
Two notables – his fire attack has a chance to stun for 2 moves. Very useful.
He can also silence the opponent so that they cannot use focus. This can be very useful against some opponents, like the Specialist in Zone 5, and very detrimental against others, such as the ZPCI Elites, since it will make them more likely to Aim For The Heart and use Auxiliary Power.

Felicity has several moves as well
A few notables –
She has an attack that has a chance to stun for one round.
Another attack silences. See above for notes on Silence.
She also can Knife the opponent, causing them to lose focus. This is useful against the Android Guards in Zone 5 if you are trying to get them to lose focus quickly.

Difficulty level
0 – Personally think it’s impossible to lose
1,2 – Should have no problems
3 – No real problems, may need to employ minor strategy.
4 – Easy, but your team couldn’t do it alone.
5 – Requires strategy and if you make too many mistakes, you could die.
6 – Moderate, but you shouldn’t have too many problems following the strategy.
7 – Can get tough. Need to employ specific strategy to win.
8 – Tough battle. If you get unlucky, you may need to replay to win. Follow the strategy.
9 – Incredibly Challenging – expect multiple deaths
10 – The toughest battle in the legend run – get past this and you’re "home free." It’s the most trouble you’ll have with any 1 opponent through the whole game.

Zone 1 – New Alcatraz: The Prison

You will be facing … at level (level) … and it is this difficult
Prison Guard x1 … (Level 1); Difficulty: 0
Prison Guard x2 … (Level 1); Difficulty: 1
Agile Convict, Brutal Convict … (Level 2); Difficulty: 2
Cunning Convict, Agile Convict, Brutal Convict … (Level 3); Difficulty: 2
Doctor Leath, Prison Guard x2 … (Level 4); Difficulty: 3
Twisted Experiment (Level 4); Difficulty: 5
The Warden (Level 5); Difficulty: 5
Doctor Hedger, Frankie (Level 5); Difficulty: 4
ZPCI Elite (Level 6); Difficulty: 5
Felicity (Level 6); Difficulty: 6

These are the abilities you should get:
Level 1 – Shock Therapy 1/3, Traumatize 1/2, Dark Echoes 1/4, Destruction 1/4.
Your ability bar should have (From most important to least important)
x3 Shock Therapy, x1 Traumatize, x1 Dark Infusion, x1 Corruption, x1 Destruction, x1 Dark Echoes.
Level 2 – Shock Therapy 2/3, Traumatize 2/2.
Your ability bar should have x3 Shock Therapy, x2 Traumatize, x1 Dark Infusion, x1 Corruption, x1 Destruction.
Level 3 – Shock Therapy 3/3
(no ability bar change)
Level 4 – High Voltage 1/4
Level 5 – Salvation 1/4
Your ability bar should have x3 Shock Therapy, x2 Traumatize, x1 Dark Infusion, x1 Salvation, x1 Destruction
Level 6 – Electrical Storm 1/4
Your ability bar should have x3 Shock Therapy, x2 Traumatize, x1 Dark Infusion, x1 Electrical Storm, x1 Salvation

Prison Guard x1: This battle is easy – you don’t really have to do anything. I don’t think it’s possible to lose. Trust me –I’ve tried (because in the old Sonny the game gets all weird if you lose the first battle).

Once you complete the battle, it is important to Re-spec: you get 19 free skill points. Put 10 into vitality and 9 into instinct.
For your ability points, get:
1/2 Traumatize – This stuns for two rounds that, when maxed out, will stun for two rounds and drain a total of 15 focus every round. It is very useful against 1-player opponents. The only drawback is that the target receives 50% less damage.
1/3 Shock therapy – This is a powerful attack that, when maxed out, will attack for 330% instinct (this is actually more if you factor in piercing)
1/4 Dark Echoes (will not be used)
1/4 Destruction (will not be used, these are just used to get salvation and tenacity.)
You should have 1 ability point left. We’ll use this at the next level.

Your ability bar should have
X3 shock therapy
X1 traumatize
X1 dark infusion
X1 corruption
X1 dark echoes
X1 destruction

Prison Guard x2: again, an easy battle – just take one out, then take the other out. Their stunning can get annoying though.

You gained a level – so spend the 2 skill points on
2/2 Traumatize
2/3 Shock Therapy

On your ability bar, replace a dark echoes with Traumatize.

Brutal Convict, Agile Convict: It’s a good idea to take down the agile convict – he can cast agile exposure, increasing the damage received by 100%. Another easy battle.

On the level up, get 3/3 Shock Therapy

Brutal Convict, Agile Convict, Cunning Convict: Take down the Cunning convict first – he can heal full health and that gets annoying. After that, the battle is easy.

Once you gain a level, get 1/4 High Voltage.

Doctor Leath, Prison Guard x2: Take down the doctor first – his buffs on the prison guards are annoying. After that, once again, it is an easy battle.

Twisted Experiment: This is an annoying battle for most classes, but easy here because we have Traumatize and Shock Therapy. One option is to use this combo: Traumatize, Shock Therapy, Shock Therapy (he moves), Traumatize, Shock Therapy, Shock Therapy, and keep going. If you’re low on focus, switch to Traumatize, Dark Infusion, and Shock Therapy. The only drawback is that he will probably cast Withdrawal using this combo, but it may prevent him from combining it with Shadow Blend, and anyway, he can only use that move once.
Once he gets down to half health, he’ll start casting Withdrawal, which heals him about 400 health per turn, and Shadow blend, which, in conjunction with Withdrawal can kill either you or Veradux.

Luckily, we have something to dispel Withdrawal’s healing and the Shadow Blend – Shock Therapy. Put Veradux on defensive for this battle. Remember to keep an eye on our focus. If it gets below 50, simply use dark infusion on yourself when Twisted Experiment is stunned. If you run low on health, traumatize Twisted Exeriment. Once he gets down to around 500 hit points, traumatize him so that Veradux can heal you, and go all out with Shock Therapy.

For gaining the level, get 1/4 Salvation. Replace Corruption on the ability bar.

The Warden: If you liked the last battle, you’ll like this one too! The Warden hits hard, but he can’t heal. Traumatize him to begin with. Then, use Salvation and just keep hitting him with Shock Therapy. If you run out of focus, use Dark Infusion. If you run low on health, use Traumatize and Salvation. Put Veradux on defensive – you don’t want either of you to get killed because the Warden can cast the debuff “Death Sentence” and even if you kill him after that, it still shows up with the “You’re Dead Sonny” screen.

The Warden sometimes drops Persecution. If you get this, equip it yourself (don’t give it to Veradux.)

Frankie, Doctor Hedger: Frankie has a lot of health, but this battle is easy. Take out Doctor Hedger first. You might wonder why, because he casts Doctor’s Watch on Frankie, which causes the damage you inflict to be doubled. However, he has Envenom and Infect, which can do tons of damage if you’re not careful. Also, Frankie consistently uses blood attacks which drain his health ~300 endurance per turn. Frankie cannot hit very hard.

If you’re having a little trouble, give Veradux Salvation at the start of the battle.

You gained a level, so put your points into 1/4 Electrical Storm. Replace Destruction on the ability bar.

ZPCI Elite: This guy is not too bad. Just remember to not use up your Shock Therapies because he has two buffs that can kill you – his Aim For The Heart and Auxiliary Power, which can both be dispelled by Shock Therapy. Traumatize him if necessary. Should not be a tough battle.

If you get the Standard Rifle, equip it, if you got Persecution, you should give Persecution to Veradux.

Felicity: This is not a tough battle – just really long. Look out for her Black Metal, which reduces your healing 95%.

Once she gets down to half health, she’ll say “Don’t start what you can’t finish, boys” and she casts Serious Business, which increases the damage she does and decreases the damage she takes by 50%. (However, I have successfully stopped her from doing so on the legend run by traumatizing her twice just before she goes into Serious Business.) She’ll stop casting Black Metal, but she’ll start hitting for about 275. Another 500 hp later, she casts Shadow Blend, which is easily dispelled using Shock Therapy. Get her down to less than 475 health, and you win!

Congratulations – You have finished Zone 1 and gotten “The Tape.”

Spend your skill point in 2/4 Electrical Storm. You can consider replacing Dark Infusion with a second Electrical Storm – not really important though.

Zone 2 – Oberusel: The Frozen Village

Frost Zombie…(Level 7); Difficulty: 1
Insurgent, Roald … (Level 7); Difficulty: 0
Frost Zombie (2), Frost Terror… (Level 8); Difficulty: 6
Knight… (Level 8); Difficulty: 1
Priest, Knight … (Level 9); Difficulty: 3
Frost Lord… (Level 9); Difficulty: 3
Knight, Priest, Mage (Level 9); Difficulty: 7
Knight, Mage (2)… (Level 10); Difficulty: 8
Cult Leader… (Level 10); Difficulty: 6
Baron Brixius… (Level 11); Difficulty: 7
Cut scene… (Level 11) Difficulty: 0
Armored Hound (2), ZPCI Elite … (Level 11); Difficulty: 8
Captain Hunt, ZPCI Sniper, ZPCI Medic…(Level 11); Difficulty: 8

Level 7 – 2/4 Electrical Storm
Your Ability wheel should have x3 Shock Therapy, x2 Traumatize, x2 Electrical Storm, x1 Salvation
Level 8 – 1/1 Wraith Form
Your Ability wheel should have x3 Shock Therapy, x2 Traumatize, x1 Electrical Storm, x1 Wraith Form, x1 Salvation
Level 9 – 2/4 Salvation
Level 10 – 3/4 Salvation
Level 11 – 4/4 Salvation

Frost Zombie: This battle is easy. If you got through Felicity, you’ll get through him.

Roald / Insurgent: You get Roald

A note about Roald: Roald uses strength for his attacks, so equip him with your strength gear. He is not as important as you or Veradux, so it’s better to let him die than Veradux die.

Spend your skill point on 1/1 Wraith Form. Replace 1 Dark Infusion (or electrical storm if you replaced it) on your action bar with Wraith Form.

From this point onward, it is useful to put Veradux on Defensive / Phalanx 24/7.

Frost Terror, Frost Zombie x2: Not too tough a battle. Go for the top Frost Zombie first (Roald likes to attack that one). Set Roald on Relentless and Veradux on Defensive. Cast Salvation on Veradux if you start getting low on health. It may be useful to Traumatize the Frost Terror while you go after the Frost Zombies to keep him from casting Vascular Arrest (-60% healing). Knock out one, then the rest is easy.

Note: your Shock Therapy CANNOT dispel their healing over time ability (but Veradux’s Electro Bolt CAN). Too bad, but you still shouldn’t have too much trouble.

Knight: Easy.

Spend your skill point on 2/4 Salvation.

Knight, Priest: An easy battle; Traumatize the Priest twice, and you can go after the Knight for two other turns. The Priest will heal the Knight for the next two turns, then traumatize him again. By the time he revives from those traumatizes, he will have no focus, so he stuns himself. Kill the Priest (Don’t traumatize him), unless the Knight shields him for 20x his strength. If he does that, you can try to dispel it with Shock Therapy (sometimes it works), or you can turn on the Knight.

Frost Lord: This guy is only annoying when he does Reconstruct. The good thing is that this costs 60 focus, so all you have to do is Traumatize him twice to get him to 40 focus. The rest of the battle is easy.

Knight, Priest, Mage – This is a battle that gives lots of classes difficulty. This is because of Mage’s doom, which makes Veradux’s healing next to nothing. Also, Mages can go into their energy phase (healing all their health), and receiving and dealing 100% more damage. First person to go for is the Priest, because he heals and can’t regain much focus. Traumatize him, then put Salvation on Veradux, then Traumatize him again, Electrical Storm on priest or Wraith Form. Put Roald on Aggressive until the Priest has less health than the Mage (then put him on Relentless), or until the Mage casts Doom on one of your characters (put him on Defensive). From my experience, the Knight likes to guard the Mage more than the Priest, but if he guards the priest, just turn on the Knight until it wears off. Keep an eye on your focus. It is easy to get carried away attacking and Traumatizing. The battle becomes much easier when you get the priest down. Turn on the mage. Once he gets down to less than ~600 health, put your teammates on relentless, traumatize him, shock therapy (or electrical storm if you’re running low on focus), traumatize, shock therapy, Wraith Form (sometimes you double move), shock therapy. By that time he should be down. All that’s left is the Knight, who, without the Mage’s support, cannot survive for long.

And you gained a level. Congratulations. Get 3/4 Salvation.

Mage x2, Knight: Salvation comes in handy this battle. Sometimes, you might have the problem of the mages casting Doom on the same person. If they do, that character's chances are slim. Gladly, we’ll probably not have that problem. Use the Traumatize combo on the top mage while you attack the bottom one. If the Knight guards the bottom Mage, switch to the top mage and continue the Traumatize combo on the bottom Mage until it wears off. Once the bottom mage is at ~ 600 health, use the traumatize combo (described in the previous Knight, Mage, Priest battle), to take him down. Hopefully that should stop him from doing his Energy Phase. If he does it, don’t worry, you’ll just be hitting much harder. Try to keep the one in Energy Phase traumatized as much as possible and hit him as hard as you can.
Once one goes down, take down the other using a similar method, but this time, use the traumatize combo on the Knight to prevent him from guarding him. If he does, just switch Traumatize to the guarded mage and go after the Knight. Just use the same strategy from the last battle to take them down.

Hopefully you didn’t have too much trouble with these last two battles. If you get lucky, you can take them down easily.

Cult Leader: He’s not too bad at all. Just cast Salvation or Traumatize him when he does his Retrograde. An easier fight, and a nice break from these last few battles. Some of his attacks scale with focus, so earlier into the battle, he will have a few ~800 attacks. Just keep the Traumatize combo on him and Veradux on Defensive with Salvation and you should be just fine.

You gained a level. Get Salvation 4/4 – trust me, it’s incredibly useful for the next battle. Don’t get Haunt, you should beat the next guy fine without it…

Baron Brixius: The Baron’s weakness is Focus. For the first half of the battle, traumatize him as much as possible. Put Salvation on Veradux in case the Baron casts Tick Tock on one of your guys. After you have made him recover focus 3 times, he starts casting Holy Scars on himself and using some nasty shadow abilities (Nightmare can 1HKO and Epiphany can cancel Nightmare’s healing … and then some … and he often combines confinement with Nightmare). For this second half, it might be useful to keep Veradux on Phalanx just in case and put Roald on defensive if you get into trouble. However, he is traumatized 2/3 of the time so he really can’t do THAT much. If he does Holy Scars, it might be a good idea to do Wraith Form because of the double move.

Here’s a tip: For this battle, equip Dark Echoes, replacing one of your Shock Therapies. Cast it when he does his Damage buff. This will make him take significantly more damage.

Cut Scene: Nothing new, just a cut scene.

ZPCI Elite, Armored Hound x2: The ZPCI elite has a lot of health, so always have a Shock Therapy for when he does his Aim For The Heart buff. Take out one Armored Hound, while you keep the other traumatized. Then take out the other. After that, take out the ZPCI elite. Be careful not to die, because if you do, Veradux and Roald won’t even be able to finish off the ZPCI alone.
Tip: If you’re really struggling with this battle, here is an interesting strategy from Ityneres. You can put some high-vitality gear on yourself and Veradux, and make sure that Roald has the least health of the group – remember he is the least important. So downgrade his gear (or simply take it off), until he has the least health in the group.

Captain Hunt, ZPCI Sniper, ZPCI Medic: Keep Captain Hunt Traumatized for the first part as you attack the Sniper. Captain Hunt can do Marked For Fire and Marked For Death which deal lots of damage in the beginning and even more near the end. Wear down the Sniper and try to take him out before he has 4 moves left on his shield or more. You probably won’t need to cast Salvation until their shields wear off. Try to kill the Sniper before that happens. Once you kill the Sniper, go for the Medic. He can hit hard after the Shield is broken. Finally, go for Captain Hunt. Don’t worry about Desperate Shield, you’ll break it easily.

Put your Skill point into 3/4 Electrical Storm.

Congratulations! You have achieved Predator!

Zone 3 – Ivory Line: Train

This is an easy zone (as you can see they are all 1-5 difficulty)

Spectre … (Level 12); Difficulty: 1
ZPCI Elite x2 … (Level 12); Difficulty: 5
Spectre x2 … (Level 12); Difficulty: 3
Phantom, Antagonist, Beast (a.k.a. Pheasant) … (Level 13); Difficulty: 5
The Hobo … (Level 13); Difficulty: 3
The Real Hobo … (Level 14); Difficulty: 1
The Host … (Level 14); Difficulty: 3
Spectre x3 … (Level 14); Difficulty: 4
Clemons the Deceiver … (Level 14); Difficulty: 4

Level 12 – 3/4 Electrical Storm
Level 13 – 1/5 Tenacity
Level 14 – 2/5 Tenacity

Spectre: You should have no trouble.

ZPCI Elite x2: Just stun them or Shock Therapy them when they get Aim For The Heart or Auxiliary Power. Take the weaker one down, putting Roald on Relentless and Veradux on Defensive.

Spectre x2: Easy – don’t need stunning really.

Spend your Skill point on 1/5 Tenacity

Phantom, Antagonist, Beast: Take out the Beast because he casts Shadow Blend and he can use an ability that scales with speed, then Phantom, then the Antagonist. Not too difficult.

The Hobo: Just stun him and try not to let the poison debuffs stack up.

The Real Hobo: Sure he’s got a lot of health, but he kills himself. Just don’t stun him and the battle is really easy.

Note: for some reason in the fight, he did a double move and got an 1.8 K hit against Veradux and killed him. I don’t know what happened … ( I still won though).

Spend your skill point on 2/5 Tenacity.

The Host: Stun him when he does his Dark Omen. Otherwise, easy.

Spectre x3: Take out the top, then the middle, then the bottom.

Clemons the Deceiver: Unknown Condition is Retrograde / Subversion, so do not put Veradux on Phalanx. Just stun him until the condition wears off, then pound away until he shows his “True Form.” The rest of the battle is easy, because you can hit for almost as much damage even when he is stunned.

You may want to consider redoing this to get Shandor’s Darkstaff – it’s a good weapon and useful in the future. I did this the first time and I got Sun-Struck Horrors, which is a great weapon for Roald. However, the best weapon you could get from Clemons is Shandor’s Darkstaff. It’s your choice whether you want to turn autosave off and get it instead. (The Devil Blade is useless, however).

Get 3/5 Tenacity.

ZONE 4: LABYRINTH - Tunnel of Illusions

They’re all 1P opponents except for the Hydra, Fire Claw x2 battle, which is also easy. Through this zone, it is possible to get Poseidon’s Fury, which will be a GREAT weapon once you get to level 19.

Tunnel Beast … (Level 15); Difficulty: 4
Vivian Vixen … (Level 15); Difficulty: 3
Gregor … (Level 15); Difficulty: 6
Shunny … (Level 16); Difficulty: 5
The Magical Monkey … (Level 16); Difficulty: 4
Mokoshotar … (Level 16); Difficulty: 4
Bunny … (Level 17); Difficulty: 5
Flower Zombie … (Level 17); Difficulty: 4
Fire Claw x2, The Hydra … (Level 17); Difficulty: 6
Cut scene … (Level 18); Difficulty: 0

Level 15 – Tenacity 3/5
Level 16 – Charged Blood 1/5
Level 17 – Charged Blood 2/5

Tunnel Beast: Easy, Traumatize constantly.

Vivian Vixen: Very easy, once she is at 4 in Vulpes Dolosis, Traumatize, Electrical Storm (if you’re low on focus), Traumatize, Anything, then Shock Therapy and she is DEAD without showing her true form.

Gregor: An annoying little character with his Roach Vitality. When that is about to run out, do the Traumatize combination on him and dispel his Schadenfreude. Hopefully by now you can keep up with his healing.

Get 1/5 Charged Blood. You now have great Physical Defense and some extra health. Now it’s time to increase your attacking power.

Shunny: Traumatize combo is great, and when he uses Withdrawal, just dispel it with a Shock Therapy.

The Magical Monkey: Easy, just use the Traumatize combo if you run low on health.

Mokoshotar: Don’t use Traumatize for this battle. Just survive him, to speed things up, when he turns one of your teammates into a werewolf, you can just put them on relentless.

Get 2/5 Charged Blood. This will be a huge damage boost later on. You now have the opportunity to get Lavastone Barrier and Frozen Runeblade from the shop for you/Veradux. This offers great Physical Defense.

Bunny: The key with this battle is his whole Holy Hand Grenade ability. This guy hits HARD. Just remember to use Traumatize when you run low on health. When he has Holy Hand Grenade on, check to see if you double move when you do Wraith Form. This will pack an extra punch and max out the damage.

Note: with Salvation on Veradux, I didn’t need to traumatize at all.

Flower Zombie: An easy battle. Just be careful when he debuffs Veradux with the damage / healing mixup that Veradux doesn’t kill himself for thousands of damage by healing.

The Hydra, Fire Claw x2: Take out the Fire Claws with Shock Therapies, then Traumatize the Hydra and attack it. This is just survival from here on. Set Veradux to Phalanx and Roald to Balanced.

Get 4/5 Tenacity.

Cut Scene: The mining hats you get here are great. Equip them for all the characters for their physical defense (unless you want the Thunder Mask for you and Veradux). Put the Mining Shirt on Roald.

Zone 5 – Hew: They Dystopia

Go back to the previous section and buy the Charged stuff if you didn’t get anything form the previous section. It’s very useful.

Riot Police…(Level 18); Difficulty: 3
Blood Hound, Riot Police…(Level 18); Difficulty: 5
Secret Police x2…(Level 18); Difficulty: 5
Police Colonel…(Level 19); Difficulty: 7
Cut scene; Difficulty: 0
Blood Hound x2, Care Taker…(Level 19); Difficulty: 9
Riot Police x2, Android Guard…(Level 19); Difficulty: 9
Android Guard x2, Specialist; Difficulty: 8
Cut Scene; Difficulty: 0
City Council…(Level 20); Difficulty: 9
Specialist, Secret Police, Android Guard…(Level 21); Difficulty: 8
Specialist, Blood Hounds x2…(Level 21); Difficulty: 10
Secret Police, Android Guard x2…(Level 21); Difficulty: 7
The Mayor…(Level 21); Difficulty: 6

Level 18 – 4/5 Tenacity
Level 19 – 5/5 Tenacity
Level 20 – 3/5 Charged Blood
Level 21 – 4/5 Charged Blood

Riot Police: This is an easy battle. You don’t need the Traumatize combo for this.

Riot Police, Blood Hound: Another fairly easy battle. Take out the Blood Hound while keeping the Riot Police Traumatized.

Secret Police x2: An easy battle. Take out one, then the other.

Spend your skill point on 5/5 Tenacity. You now have great health and physical defense.

Police Colonel: Traumatize is useful against this guy because it only very slightly lessens your damage and keeps him stunned during his dangerous period when he’s “Guns Blazing.” A lot of people have had trouble against this guy. I’ve never had a death against him in my 3 legend runs … strange.

Cut Scene: You get Felicity. You should definitely swap her for Roald because she is very useful and has better stats and opportunities for equipment. Swap Roald’s gear because Felicity deals more damage with higher speed. Equip her with Supremacy if you got it from the Police Colonel, or better yet, Emerald Death. If you didn’t get that then an Imperial Rifle or Riot Gun will also be great for Felicity. Give her the mining hat and the gear you got from Zone 5 so far – also buying the riot items from the shop wouldn’t hurt.

Care Taker, Blood Hound x2: The Blood Hounds are awful. Luckily, we have great physical defense so they rarely get a critical hit, and we also have Salvation which can counter their attacks. It is useful to have the stunning move, Traumatize, on one of the Blood Hounds (not the Care Taker), as much as possible. You will probably double move when you do Wraith Form, so be careful and prepare for the double move by the Blood Hounds or the Care Taker – if you do Wraith Form, try to take one of the blood hounds out before they kill you, and it would be useful to save Wraith Form for a time when you are low on health! Set Felicity to Relentless if one of the Blood Hounds is low on health and on Balanced if one of you are running low on health so that you can buy some time. If you’re having trouble, all I can say is that you should keep trying and you’ll eventually get it.

Note: I considered downgrading this to an 8 after having a really easy time with the battle. I didn’t even have a Riot Gun or Imperial Rifle (or Supremacy or Emerald Death for that matter) for Felicity, and I accidentally traumatized the Caretaker instead of the top Blood Hound.

Android Guard, Riot Police x2: Here are some tips: The Android Guard likes to guard the TOP Riot Policeman, so set Felicity on Aggressive until the bottom one has the lowest health. Stun the Android Guard. He cannot regain focus unless he stuns himself, kind of like the Priest without the healing. Once that happens, you should probably be able to kill one of the Riot Police pretty quickly. Once he revives, have two Traumatizes ready to hit the Android Guard with so that you can start on the top Riot Policeman. The battle is much easier from then on. Don’t give up – it may take a few tries, but you will get it! Put Veradux on Phalanx 24/7 and make sure he has Salvation. Felicity should be on Phalanx if you want her to put Blade Dance on someone, Aggressive until the bottom Riot Police has the least health, and Relentless when you’re going for the kill.

Note: I got this on my first try, even after losing Felicity early on. The good thing is that the Riot Policemen’s debuff for healing each other is cancelled by Shock Therapy.

You’ve gained a level! Get 3/5 Charged Blood.

Specialist, Android Guard x2: Theoretically, this should be the toughest battle in the game. The Specialist can cast some INCREDIBLY nasty abilities, namely, Chloroform (stuns for 3 rounds and makes you more susceptible to damage) and Black Metal (GAH!). AND they move first. And the Android Guards are tough enough, with their guarding and shielding. And they hit hard.

How in the world do you win this battle? First, you must take out the Specialist, keeping him stunned as much as possible. Cast Wraith Form to get the double move and set Roald to Relentless. For some reason (which REALLY helps), the Android Guards like to guard each other, and in this way, they waste their time. The Specialist can only move 1/3 of the time, and if you get a little lucky, you’ll take him out. The rest of the battle is easy. Just traumatize the Android Guards when their shield is about to run out. That way, if you get them under 50 focus, they’ll do their whole stunning focus regeneration move, so that you can pound them into oblivion. It does get a little annoying with all the guarding though.

Note: Got it first try, even though Veradux got Chloroformed.

Cut Scene: You have made it through the toughest part of the game. Pat yourself on the back. However, there are still some tough battles coming up…

City Council: On my first legend run, I found it impossible to beat these guys. This is because when they combine their “Be Seated” ability with the Damage Over Time ability, they will make you lose ~2000 health per turn, which is more than that Veradux can heal, even with Salvation. I died about 10 times against these guys. On the second legend run, I got really lucky, and they never combined DOT with “Be Seated,” so I won easily. Once you take out one, the other will recover 700 focus per turn. Let them do so for 2 turns only, because they can use an 1800 focus attack, which will kill you. Then, traumatize them, shock therapy, traumatize, shock therapy, wraith form (unless they didn’t move first), shock therapy, traumatize, shock therapy, etc. until they are dead. They can 1HKO you though, so be careful.

First try: I died early from two critical hits and DOT.
Second try: I got one down to 2000, then got the other down to 5000, killed one, then killed the other. Felicity died on me, but we still won.

If you’re having trouble, like I did on my first legend run, here is a spec that you can use that I used to beat them. The key is that they heal 300 health per turn, and so if you can maximize this using a shock coma/high voltage/retrograde combo, you can kill them.

Materials you will need:
2/2 Retrograde – reverses damage with healing. Equip 1 of these.
3/3 shock coma – causes the target to recover 12% of their health per turn for four turns. During this time, the target is stunned. You can only equip 2 of these (that’s all we’ll need).
1/4 High Voltage – attacks for 210% of your instinct and increases healing received 50% and damage received by 20%, and decreases Lightning defense by 10%. This CAN stack. Equip 2 of these.
Overdrive – Healing over time and Damage-over-time effects are doubled, but you lose 10% of your health each turn. This makes your shock coma heal 24% of target’s maximum health per turn instead of 12%. This is a passive combat ability.

You might also need:

2/2 traumatize – in between stunning so they don’t kill you when they’re recovering 700 focus per turn.
4/4 electrical storm OR 1/1 Wraith Form (maybe Psychopath Form, since it also cancels Overdrive). This is for Focus Regeneration.

Put your skill points into speed and a little into vitality. The combo is High Voltage, High Voltage, Shock Coma, Shock Coma, High Voltage, Retrograde, and they will kill themselves for 120% of their health + 750. Only two High Voltages need to hit in this combo because 96% + 600 is enough to kill them (it’s good for opponents up to 15,000 health).

Things to look out for – Veradux can cast Electro Bolt, which can remove one of the High Voltages (Shock Coma cannot be dispelled). To keep him from doing this, set him to Phalanx. That way, he won’t attack them except to regain focus.
Felicity can use Slash, which causes the target to receive 10% less healing. Worse, this can stack. If she does this, all 3 of the High Voltages need to hit. To keep her from doing this, put her on Relentless, and hopefully she’ll target the one with less health (the one who’s not stunned.).

With the build, I defeated the team easily.

Get 4/5 Charged Blood. You are now dealing great damage with this. You can now swap your weapon for Law Binder, unless if you got Will of the Council or Poseidon’s Fury, as those are superior, and you might as well save the money. I would also recommend getting either the Android or the Caretaker gloves and shoes from the shop.

Secret Police, Android Guard, Specialist: this is a much easier battle. The Specialist is important to take out first. Then, use the traumatize combo on the Android Guard as the Secret Police wastes his time putting buffs (that you immediately dispel using Shock Therapy) on himself and the Android Guard. Attack the Secret Police, keep the Traumatize combo on the Android Guard unless the Android Guard stuns himself, in which case you would turn on the Android Guard once his shield wears off. Once you take out the Specialist though, the battle is easy.

Veradux has gained a level, and the Riot, Caretaker, and Android Gear are very good options for him.

Specialist, Blood Hound x2: A tough battle. Traumatize the Specialist and cast Salvation on Veradux to counter the Blood Hound’s awful attacks. Traumatize combo has to stay on the Specialist as much as possible, because he has the awful attacks. I had trouble with this battle, but overall, it is not too hard once you take out the Specialist or one of the Blood Hounds.

Note: This is a tough fight, but if you get a little lucky in the beginning, you are on the road to victory.

Secret Police, Android Guard x2: This is an easy battle compared to the others. Just take out the Secret Police while traumatizing one of the Android Guards. Not a real problem. You should have no trouble, considering what you’ve been through to get this far.

The Mayor: You’ve finally made it! Take out the Guardian Cannon as quickly as possible as you traumatize the Mayor. Try to get him down before he casts Enraged. That way, when he does and starts casting his buffs, you will be ready. His buffs are not that bad, really. Veradux still more than compensates for the healing even when he is attacked. It’s not that bad being stunned, even. Felicity is not that important, so anything can happen to her. The only thing to look out for is the Mayors Damage over Time. I have never lost as a psycho to this guy. After the first four battles, this battle is the easiest.

Note: To demonstrate how easy this battle is, Felicity got knocked out very early on in the battle from a 1HKO from the Cannon. Veradux’s healing was destroyed, and I was stunned (and I also got Destroy Damage). After eight moves, we were still alive and Veradux was healing fine. A few traumatize combos later, we had won!

Congratulations, you just achieved LEGEND!!! You have unlocked Zone 7 and are now on Zone 6.

For the challenge, I continued my legend run all the way to the Corrupter. You don't have to.

Zone 6: Il Sanctus - the Supreme Court

Zone 6 is very easy with the exception of Nostalgia.

Metal Warden ... (Level 22); Difficulty: 6
Time Bomb ... (Level 22); Difficulty: 4
Nostalgia ... (Level 22); Difficulty: 8
The Judge ... (Level 23); Difficulty: 6

Level 22 - 5/5 Charged Blood
Re-spec into High Voltage, Shock Coma build

Metal Warden - The Metal Warden has the same abilities as the original Warden in Zone 1. To get the achievement Jailbreak, bring Veradux and use Traumatize as much as possible.

Time Bomb - To beat the time bomb in only 6 moves, we can use the High Voltage, Shock Coma build.

Materials you will need:
2/2 Retrograde – reverses damage with healing. Equip 1 of these.
3/3 shock coma – causes the target to recover 12% of their health per turn for four turns. During this time, the target is stunned. You can only equip 2 of these (that’s all we’ll need).
4/4 High Voltage – attacks for 300% of your instinct and increases healing received and dealt 50% and damage received and dealt by 20%, and decreases Lightning defense by 10%. This CAN stack. Equip 2 of these.
Overdrive – Healing over time and Damage-over-time effects are doubled, but you lose 10% of your health each turn. This makes your shock coma heal 24% of target’s maximum health per turn instead of 12%. This is a passive combat ability.
2/2 traumatize – stunning makes it more likely your High Voltages will hit the opponent.
4/4 electrical storm OR 1/1 Wraith Form (maybe Psychopath Form, since it also cancels Overdrive). This is for Focus Regeneration.

The Ability wheel includes:
Shock Coma x2
Traumatize x2
High Voltage x2
Electrical Storm / Wraith Form

You could also have only 1 traumatize and both Electrical Storm and Wraith Form if you want.

Put your skill points into speed and a little into vitality. The combo is High Voltage, High Voltage, Shock Coma, Shock Coma, High Voltage, Retrograde, and they will kill themselves for 120% of their health

Be aware that Veradux's Electro Bolt dispels High Voltage. Also, Felicity can decrease the opponent's healing 10% using Slash.

You will defeat the Time Bomb in only 6 moves if all goes well.

I have achieved Old Ghosts before using Psychological, but it is difficult. Free Will is very useful in this battle because it dispels bad effects. You will also need Traumatize so that you can keep him under 100 focus.

The fight is in 4 parts. For the first, he will be using attacks that carry physical buffs that drain you 666 health per turn. It is recommended to have tenacity for this fight to minimize damage done in this manner. It is not recommended to have overdrive unless you are trying to use the 6 move combination.

You have two options. First, you can try the six move combo. You will need Free Will and 2x traumatize.

The combo: Traumatize, Free Will, Traumatize, High Voltage, High Voltage (needs to land), Shock Coma, Shock Coma, High Voltage, Retrograde. You barely make it with 5 focus to spare.

You can also do it the other way - you will need 1 Free Will, 2 Traumatize, 2 Shock Therapy, 1 Retrograde, 1 Electrical Storm, and 1 Wraith Form. DO NOT GET OVERDRIVE.

You will be using Traumatize constantly, keeping him stunned 2/3 of the time. And you will be using Free Will and Retrograde constantly for healing.

in the beginning of the fight, he will cast his physical attacking skill. You will then Traumatize him. When you have a Death Sentence-like buff on you (he has the buff that increases damage over time by 30x), you have to use Free Will or Retrograde on yourself. It is useful to have Tenacity. Every third move he should have a move.
He will get down to 30,000 health pretty quickly. At that point, he will cast his Earth Titan buff. Take a breath. You just made it through the first stage of the fight. Earth Titan will make your damage miniscule. At this point, he will start casting Dark Omen. When he does this, use Shock Therapy, because it dispels the buff (and if not, Traumatize is also good, dealing about 700 damage still). When he starts getting close to 20,000 health, make sure he never has full focus.
In his next phase, he will have a full focused attack and several alternate weak attacks. Keep using Free Will to counter his attacking. Make sure you have 2 traumatizes available as he nears 10,000 health. When he gets to 11,000 or so health, Traumatize, then Shock Therapy, Traumatize, Shock Therapy, then cast Retrograde on him. If all goes well, he will kill himself for 10,000 damage.

Congratulations, you have just achieved Old Ghosts.

The Judge
You can keep the spec you used for Nostalgia. The Judge is really easy compared to him. Just keep Veradux on defensive and don't forget to Traumatize him. Kind of like a Z4 opponent.

Now it's Zone 7!

Zone 7 - The Divided Cliff

Dr. Klima ... (Level 23); Difficulty: 5
Twin Guardians ... (Level 24); Difficulty: 10
Yo'suke ... (Level 24); Difficulty: 8
Corrupter ... (Level 24); Difficulty: 6

Dr. Klima uses a healing move on the third move and every sixth move thereafter. But if you're really lazy (like me), just use the combo.

From this battle, you get the best possible armor for Veradux - Equip it for the next battle.

Twin Guardians: Because this is the toughest battle in this zone, I will talk a little bit about it.

The first time I attempted it, I tried to use the High Voltage, Shock Coma combo and after over 100 something moves, I finally got it to work. This obviously wasn't the best strategy, and I figured out a much better solution.

The North Guardian will occasionally heal the South Guardian, and the South Guardian will use a magic bolt which does quite a bit of damage. The key to this battle is to stunlock the South Guardian because he deals the most damage and the North Guardian wastes his time healing him.

Materials -
3/3 Shock Therapy
3/3 Shock Coma
2/2 Traumatize
4/4 Electrical Storm
5/5 Charged Blood
4/4 Confinement
Put your extra points into Salvation and / or Tenacity.

Ability wheel should have:
2 Shock Therapy
1 Electrical Storm
1 Confinement
2 Shock Coma
2 Traumatize

Experiment a little, possibly adding Salvation in somewhere if you are having trouble with survivability.

Immediately start Shock Coma on the South Guardian. Do not Traumatize him - that just wastes focus and time. Put Felicity on Relentless so that she attacks the North Guardian. Keep Veradux on Phalanx or Defensive. Don't cast Confinement on the South Guardian. He doesn't benefit from heals at all, anyway. Keep wearing down the North Guardian while keeping the South one stunlocked.

Eventually, you will defeat the North Guardian. When this happens, the South Guardian starts dealing out 17K attacks. BUT this will not happen due to our excellent stunning feature. After one Shock Coma, Traumatize him twice, then combine Shock Coma and Confinement so he is healing about 300 instead of 3000. You will defeat him very easily using this technique, although it may take a while.

Yo'suke: Switch to the 6 move combo spec with 1 Traumatize. Take off all Felicity's high vitality equipment (this may sound crazy, but it makes her much more of a target). Keep Veradux on Phalanx so he doesn't use Electro Bolt. Use this combination:
Traumatize, High Voltage, High Voltage (hope he attacks Felicity), Shock Coma, Shock Coma, High Voltage, Retrograde...

Corrupter: She is incredibly easy compared to the other bosses. I beat her as a psycho after she transformed into her Corruptor Form using the High Voltage, Shock Coma strategy. It's even better when the bottom orb casts Restraint. Too easy, and I wish the equipment was a little better.

As far as I know (correct me if I am wrong), this is the only guide that offers a legend run through the seventh zone.

Please post if you found this guide useful and tell me your strategies.

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Man, very very very big thank you for this guide i got badge, that i want to get for about two years. Thank you

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Black Magic and Pacifist

Black Magic

To achieve the Black Magic achievement, you must defeat Clemons the Deceiver, the final boss in the third zone, alone for the first time (you can’t go back and defeat him). There are three parts to the battle. The first involves Clemons casting Unknown Condition, which is retrograde for a long period of time. This move is very dangerous because he can cast it multiple times, and it is an automatic attack. The next part is where he stops casting unknown condition and starts casting abilities like Collapse and Nightmare Over. This is also very dangerous. Finally, he heals, taking 200% more damage but also casting Disrupt, which drains 100 focus from you but allows you to regain 30 focus over time. This guide details how to achieve this with all three classes.

It is tough to beat Clemons Psychologically unless you use a special trick
You need:
2/2 Subversion – reverses damage and healing for 1 turn.
1/1 Overdrive – Doubles damage over time and healing over time effects, but you lose 10% of your health each turn.
4/4 High Voltage – Attacks for 300% instinct and causes the target to receive 50% more healing and receive and deal 20% more damage from all sources. Lightning defense lowered 10%
3/3 Shock Coma – Stuns the target, but they heal 12% of their maximum health for 4 rounds.
2/2 Traumatize – Stuns the target, causing them to receive 50% less damage for 2 rounds.
Dark Infusion (Passive ability)

Spend your ability points in speed and some vitality.

1 Subversion
2 Shock Coma
2 High Voltage
2 Traumatize
1 Dark Infusion

The combo is: Traumatize, High Voltage, High Voltage, Shock Coma, Shock Coma, High Voltage, Subversion… and you WIN! We just traumatize him once, and in the six-move combo, he will cast Unknown Condition on you, causing you to heal instead of take damage. If all the High Voltages hit, he will kill himself for 120% of his maximum health … BLACK MAGIC!

Hydraulics have two abilities that are useful against Clemons. These are Flash Freeze and Mind Freeze. The first stuns; the other prevents the opponent from using moves that require focus. They’re both very effective against Clemons, because his non-focused attack will cause you to heal when he has Unknown Condition on you; plus, he can’t cast any of his nasty shadow abilities.

You will need:
4/4 Mind Freeze – Attacks for 200% instinct and 25% of strength. Prevents the opponent from using focus for 3 turns
4/4 Flash Freeze – Attacks for 200% instinct and 25% of strength. Stuns the opponent for 2 rounds.
4/4 Ice Wall – Decreases damage received and taken by 75%, but increases healing received by 160%.
3/3 Restore – Heals yourself for 250% of your Instinct and Strength and dispels 3 negative effects.
Vapour Cannon (default)

2 Mind Freeze
2 Flash Freeze
1 Ice Wall
2 Restore
1 Vapour Cannon

The combo here is:
(you get unknown condition cast on you), Mind Freeze, Vapour Cannon, Vapour Cannon, Flash Freeze, Vapour Cannon, Vapour Cannon, Repeat. Do so until he says “I can see right through you” or stops casting Unknown Condition. Then, the combo changes to:
Flash Freeze, Vapour Cannon, Flash Freeze, Vapour Cannon, Mind Freeze, Ice Wall, Restore, Mind Freeze, Restore, Vapour Cannon, repeat.

This will be the combo until Clemons dies. Easy, but takes a while.

Finally, Biological:
You will need:
2/2 Disrupt – drains 100 focus from enemy or teammate and dispels 1 positive effect, but causes it to regain 30 focus over time.
3/3 Reform – heal 65% maximum health
2/4 Integrity – Recover 15 focus and 1% maximum health
4/4 Vicious Strike – 140% speed + 140% str. and heals 3% max health per turn for 3 turns.
4/4 Shadow Blend – 5x speed

3 Disrupt
2 Reform
1 Shadow Blend
2 Vicious Strike

Split your points between Vitality and Speed.

First, what you got to do is repeatedly Disrupt Clemons so that he has to attack using his physical attack. Disrupt, Disrupt, Disrupt, Shadow Blend, Vicious Strike, Vicious Strike, Disrupt, etc. Try to get him down to the next stage as soon as possible so you can start using Reform. Try to ration your Reforms so that you don’t end up in a tough position with no Reforms. Use the Shadow Blend / Vicious Strike combo to cut down his health little by little. It’ll be a long battle. Just watch out for his Disrupt near the end. Try to have a Shadow Blend ready in case this happens. If you’re having trouble, try replacing reform with Crystallize / Toxicant Form.


To achieve Pacifist, you must not deal more than 2000 cumulative damage through the entire fight. This means that you must not hit them for 200 damage 11 times, for instance. You must rely entirely on your teammates.


You will need:
4/4 Dead Man’s Plea – increases Damage and Healing done by your comrade both by 50% for 6 rounds (excellent here).
4/4 Ice Wall – Decreases damage received and damage done by this unit 75% for the next 3 rounds, and increasing healing received 160%
3/3 Restore – Heals a team member 250% of your Strength and Instinct and dispels 3 negative effects
1/1 Guardian Form – Increases Instinct by 30% for 6 rounds and decreases damage taken by 30% for several rounds.
4/4 Cold Neurology – Decreases maximum focus by 40 but decreases damage taken by 20%
Extra points go to Stiff Upper Lip

Pour your points into Vitality and Instinct in a 50:50 ratio. Use armor that offers high Vitality, Instinct, and Strength, and equip Roald and Veradux with the best Strength armor possible (A Sun-Struck Horrors and Black Ops/Poison Armor would be helpful for Roald, the Spark Armor and Poison Armor for Veradux for the Lightning Piercing and Strength/Vitality combo, Shandor’s Darkstaff for you if you got it).

2 Dead Man’s Plea
2 Ice Wall
3 Restore
1 Guardian Form

Use Dead Man’s Plea on Veradux and Roald as much as possible.
When someone is running low on health, Ice Wall them, then restore them immediately later.
Keep Roald on Relentless the whole fight.
Keep Veradux on Balanced. His lightning attack can do almost 2000 damage. If you get stunned when the Hydra does his stunning ability, then put Veradux on Defensive.

You will need:
3/3 Crystallize – Stuns opponent for four rounds
4/4 Integrity – Heals 3% max health per turn and restores 25 focus per turn.
3/3 Reform – Heals a team member or yourself for 65% of your maximum health. Also gives them Stem Cells, granting them focus and health regeneration for a short time.
4/4 Shadow Blend – Increases a units speed 400%
4/4 Adrenaline – Increases unit’s strength by 25% and increases healing taken 40%

Ability Bar
2 Crystallize
3 Reform
1 Animalism
2 Adrenaline

First, Crystallize the Hydra and the bottom Fire Claw. Set Veradux and Roald to Relentless. Heal them when necessary. Put Adrenaline and Animalism on them so that they will be better at attacking (it increases their strength and instinct and Adrenaline cancels Animalism’s healing reduction). Once they are finished with him, keep the Hydra stunned 24/7 while they attack the bottom Fire Claw. Then, go for the Hydra. It will be a long battle, but you will come out on top.

Use the Dark Build described above, but DO NOT MAX OUT HIGH VOLTAGE. We don’t want to deal damage, just use the buff. Also get 4/4 Free Will to guard. Spend skill points in Vitality and Speed(put NONE in Instinct).

You should have:
4/4 Free Will
4/4 Salvation
4/4 Destruction
2/5 Tenacity
1/4 High Voltage
3/3 Shock Coma
2/2 Retrograde
1/1 Overdrive

You should have
1 Retrograde
2 Shock Coma
2 High Voltage
1 Destruction
1 Salvation
1 Free Will

First, you must use the combo (see Clemons fight) on the Hydra, once he’s down, you’ll have 55 focus. Cast Destruction on Roald and Salvation on Veradux, then Free Will on the person with the least health, then Shock Coma yourself. It helps you regain focus. Your friends will take care of the rest, you’re just there to issue the once-in-a-while Destruction and Salvation. The Fire Claws have terrible attacks. Good luck!

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Cheers mate, really useful guide, couple of battles I found much harder than you seemed to (warden), but then again I also found zone 5 pretty easy (maby lucky?).

Only thing Id like to know, what is better for folicity, speed or strength, cause I have tried both, although not conclusively, and they seem to increase her power the same.

Anyway thanks for the guide, got my first impossible Kongregate achievment cause of it!

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There seems to be a lot of luck with the difficulty of certain battles. I have found that there is a lot of luck especially with the City Council – sometimes I have a lot of difficulty; other times, not so much.

About Felicity, I am not sure about speed or strength, but if they are equal components to her attacks, then speed is more effective because it also offers a higher crit. chance. Will be looking into it…
Maybe I’ll make an in-depth teammate guide that offers the best armor options for everybody as well (divided by zone) as a breakdown for each of the teammates.

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Okay, I figured out the formulas for each of the teammates

For Veradux
Leading Strike – attacks for 175% strength and recovers 35 focus
Healing Move costs 15 focus – heals a friendly unit for 500% instinct and 100% strength.
Electro Bolt costs 20 focus – attacks for 280% strength and 80% instinct and attempts to dispel 1 buff from the opponent.

For Roald
Greater Purpose – Heals for 100% Strength and causes the unit to receive 40% less damage and take 40% more healing.
Impair 15 focus – attacks for 150% strength and causes target to receive 10% more damage from all sources for the next 12 turns.
Fire attack 20 focus – attacks for 300% of his strength and has a chance to stun the opponent (not sure how high the chance is).
Silence – attacks for 300% of his strength and prevents opponent from using moves that require focus.
Leading Strike – attacks for 200% strength and recovers 35 focus.

Slash 40 focus – 160% strength and 160% speed. Causes target to receive 10% less healing.
Stunning Move (it is not break) – attacks for 300% of her strength and has a chance to stun the target.
Silence – attacks for 300% of her strength and prevents the target from using moves that require focus for 2 turns.
Knife – attacks for 300% of strength and causes target’s speed to be reduced by 50% and lose 10 focus per turn for 3 turns.
Planned Assault – attacks for 270% strength and causes target to lose health equal to 60% of the unit’s strength for 3 turns.
Leading Strike – attacks for 170% strength and recovers 50 focus.
Blade dance – not sure, but scales with the target’s speed, not Felicity’s according to what I’ve read.

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wow, a helpful set of data! I wonder about that 20% speed you speak of in Planned Assault, it might just be 250% strength. Note that most things altering speed only also have a bit of physical piercing, which also enter play as “non-critical hits deal X% more damage”.

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I used the Velocious (I think that’s the high speed) armor in Z7 for Felicity and something from The Judge (she also has high-speed armor), and none of her armor had physical piercing (and unlike in the original Sonny, speed does not factor into base damage % increase, only critical strike chance), and even though she was landing more critical hits, she also was dealing less damage, even with critical hits. Because most armor focuses on only one stat, such as just strength or just speed, it makes abilities like slash much less valuable than Silence, Knife, or her stunning move.

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hmm, you have lots of experience with Sonny 2, so you’re probably right. It just looks weird, having a move with that wide range of stat dependance (245 and 20 percent) – it’s mostly half-and-half, or one is scaled while the other stands the same, like cold hydro’s offensive moves.

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I’m sorry, I had miscalculated… Planned Assault is 270% strength.

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Wtf you know all my tricks.

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hee hee, you should know there are more people than yourself who can dig into the depth of Sonny 2…

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EMD blade is awsome for psycho.It has +5 instinct,which is a high boost for psycho at level 4

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Originally posted by kashuushian1542:

EMD blade is awsome for psycho.It has +5 instinct,which is a high boost for psycho at level 4

This build does not require you to re-spec, so feel free to purchase whatever you want from the shop.

It is designed for the electric psychological build early in the game, but I don’t think it’s that necessary.

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I consider if it’s possible to do a “naked” legend run as any of the classes. This means, Sonny is allowed weapons only (or even nothing, might be worthy if weapons-only is passable), otherwise he should run in his green skin only. I believe one could do if one goes all vit and play as controller, elongating the battle to make teammates actually do some damage. Of course, in order to survive you’ll have to put main set of your attribute points in vitality, resulting in pitiful damage even if you land a full ComboX :) but this might also be the source of fun, since you will finally make your allies the main damage dealers.

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Psychological – Traumatize, Shock Coma, Salvation (and maybe Destruction). Keep two opponents stunned while your teammates kill the third. Tenacity and Electric Storm are necessary as well. Veradux needs high-instinct armor.

For Hydraulic, if you can make it past the Knight, Mage x2 battle, then you can use the Subversion, Ice Wall tactic –
Cold Neurology maxed
Ice Wall x2
Ice Wall, FF (if an opponent can stun), Ice Wall, MF (on the opponent that can stun), Subversion, repeat. This build is very useful against the specialist + dogs in Z5 for hydraulic because the blood Hounds kill themselves

There is also a way to “combine classes” using a glitch in the game. I assume this is not “legal” for this legend run, but because you can, here are two builds that are incredibly strong using this tactic:
Psych + Hydro
You will need Cold Neurology and Ultimatum – you won’t take any damage for 20 turns. When this runs out, use Ice Wall and Free Will + Terrify and Subversion when Ice Wall runs out
Psycho + Bio
The new “ComboX” here is Insecurity, Wraith Form, Toxicant Form, Shadow Blend, Dark Echoes, and Withdrawal.
Possibly, you could use the Dark Damage-over-time build (using Epiphany, Insecurity, and Implosion), and combine it with the Hot Hydraulic Damage Over Time increase and possibly Biological’s Withdrawal and Mutant Glands or Wound (because of the damage increase) and Integrity (because the 3% heal cancels some of the effects from Overdrive)
Or you could combine Traumatize, Flash Freeze, Crystallize, and Shock Coma for the stunning build.

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a glitch to combine classes??? faints
yes, the main trouble will be reaching level 12, then you have crystallize or maxed coma. So if one will reach and defeat M+K+M, the game is basically won. Hm-m. And for hydro you need level 4 ice wall plus level 3 cold neurology (that’s level 10, reachable IIRC at the previous battle – that’s 105% damage reduction total. And you can do M+K+P with plain icewalling the mage and whacking at the priest.

if speaking about cross-class builds, you get traumatize+FF, you’re done :) just don’t forget to replenish focus with vapour (built-in hydro attack). No single enemy can withstand an active stun. But really that’s sure cheating and I think these are illegal.

And yes, bio+hydro = lasting pain plus full poison plus Demolish plus whatever else – much pain to all enemies, that’ll be real fun…

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Sigh those mages in area 2 are annoying.Roald vs Mage
Roald gets blasted down to 600 HP
Mage gets damaged down to 200 HP
Mage Mega-heals
Mage gets damaged to 1500 HP
Roald gets damaged down to 200 HP
Mage gets damaged down to 1400 HP
Roald Dies

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Kashuushian, you should Traumatize the Priest first and go for the Knight, not the mage in the battle with the priest.
For the Knight + Magex2 battle, Traumatize the top Priest, putting Roald on Agressive unless if someone has Doom, in which case you put him on defensive. Make sure to have Salvation 3/4 so that Veradux is still healing enough when you have Doom on. Before they go into Energy Phase, put a Traumatize in to buy some time with damage. Hope you get it soon.

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i finally beat knight+2x mage :P
Energy phase almost insta-killed one of the mages when i was in wraith-form and attacked him :D

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the baron is obviously stupid…he cast holy scars on himself then deep burning,which did 67000 damage to him :D

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It’s even better when he hits himself with Dark Echoes with Holy Scars AND Deep Burning.

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The 2x armored hounds and 1x ZPCI it pretty hard.Those hounds can strike hard,both to you and your focus[they did the focus thing 5 times in a row to me! 5 Times!]But once you take 1 of them out they fall apart.Sadly by the time i achieved that veradux was almost dead and he died the next turn,which killed me and roald

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Make sure that Roald has the least health in your group if you’re having trouble – the Armored Hounds will buy you some time allowing you to take the top one out. If you’re going to traumatize anyone, traumatize the ZPCI Elite – he hits really hard and it’s nice to get him to use Auxiliary Power before you really start attacking him.

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Originally posted by einfach:

Make sure that Roald has the least health in your group if you’re having trouble – the Armored Hounds will buy you some time allowing you to take the top one out. If you’re going to traumatize anyone, traumatize the ZPCI Elite – he hits really hard and it’s nice to get him to use Auxiliary Power before you really start attacking him.

i just beat it.But yeah,i set roald up with 55 vitality,and both me and veradux with 62.By the time roald died[veradux kept healing him] the last hound was almost dead,and me and vera beat the ZPCI elite easily[the entire time vera was on relentless]
Plus,i got the artic version on the visor.
By the way,what goes best with Roald?The Runeblade,or his first weapon?do the piercing really matter?