[Transformice] How to report cheaters (locked)

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Kong server email address:

Note: False accusations can result in punishment or blocking from using the report feature.

While we try our best to keep the game fair; every now and then a cheater gets through our grasp. If you see anyone cheating their are two things you can do:

1. Report the cheater to your a mod. Moderators always appreciate reports of cheaters and it is one of the most common ways we catch them. If you whisper the name of the cheater to one of the following mods, we should be able to find and ban them. Keep in mind that we don’t ban just from being told that someone cheats, we have to run an investigation. It may take a moment to ban them. Also, false accusations are taken very seriously.

The main public mods for the English community are:

2. Report the cheater to this Kongregate account. To do this, please take a picture or video in the game. Then send a link to it with the following information in a private message (not a shout or in this topic) to this account. We will still look into posts without pictures; however, it is preferred that you send one because it shows their name exactly.

If you want to make real proof of a cheater, than make a video. Instructions are here

Please include the following information about any cheater:
1. Cheater’s name
2. Server seen cheating on
3. Room they were in when you saw them cheating
4. How they were cheating

Thank you for playing,

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1. I do not ban based on a screenshot; the purpose of the screenshot is to get a clear, in-game look at their name. Rather, I will investigate people who are reported.
2. You do not know how we work, so don’t worry about that. I know everyone here has read lots of information from places like Transformicetalk and the Transformice wiki, but that is information from other users.
3. We are not taking applications for other moderators at the moment. That is final.

Popular bans are not just for cheating. They can be used for any problem in the game including, but not limited to: cheating, trolling, discriminative chat, spam, and following into unwanted private rooms.

Cheating: It is best to contact a moderator for cheating. The most commonly online public moderators for the Kongregate server are listed Here . If you are not able to get in contact with any of the moderators, then please join together and popular ban the cheater.

Trolling: Trolling includes trying to hinder the progress of the game by killing the other mice and trying to ensure that the current map stays up for as long as possible. Trolls are a regular part of the game and as the rules state, will not be banned by a moderator. However, that doesn’t mean players cannot join together to ban trolls—this is not against the rules.

Discriminative Chat: First of all, if anyone in chat is bothering you, they can be ignored by either clicking on their name and choosing ignore or doing the command “/mute PlayerName”. However, if someone is leaving racist, antisemitic, or other offensive chat, you can show them the errors of their ways with a popular ban. This might remind them that this is not allowed in Transformice.

Spam: For most spam, a mute will suffice (see above). However, if it is a constant problem with someone, you can popular ban them.

following into unwanted private room: If someone is following you into a private room, and you warn them to leave, and they won’t go, then you may use a popular ban to remove them. A private room is any room that is not just a number, vanilla#, or bootcamp#.

The main reason a popular ban would not be allowed is if you have no reason at all. If you are trying to ban people without a legitimate reason, be ready to accept a punishment for doing so.

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Do NOT post about cheaters in the forum


This should seem obvious to everyone, but, NEVER give out your password to anyone in game!

It would seem that someone has been telling people that they are an admin, and they want to make other people into moderators. They are telling them that they need their password to do it. This is a fake. We will never ask for your game password. If you see someone asking for it, take a video and send it in a PM (not shout) to this Kongregate account (TransformiceMod).