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First of all I would like to explain why I’m not posting this in the suggestions thread.The reason is that the discussion about this radical suggestions will be too big for the suggestions thread to handle.As the title says this is a radical suggestions,so I don’t know if the devs are able to do this.Also I would like you to read ALL of my suggestions before you post ANYTHING.Additionally,please don’t quote this post it would make the thread unnecesairily long.Thank you

A) The Medieval Ages
This game is set in the medieval ages of Europe,so I thought to myself:“Why not look for ideas about this game in the REAL medieval times?” In the following lines I will analyse the differences and the Similaritys between this game and the real medieval ages.(from now on called MA)
In the MA we have different kingdoms struggeling for power and wealth.Each of these kingdoms have of course a king and his vassals.In LoA we also have different kingdoms (Thuringdia,Swabia,Moravia,Lombardy and Bohema),but we are missing something major:The king and his vassals.What sense does a kingdom have if there is no feudal strukture?No King?No Dukes?No Barons?Well wait….we do have barons and dukes and in this game these titles are defined by prestige.In reality though these titles where defined through how high you where in the feudal strukture and to Whom you had to pay tribute.In the following part we will further adress this contrariness.

Every ruler in the feudal system can be tracked through a line of tribute paying right to the king.So why don’t we start the game with a new aspect:A King?
now for our little experiment we need other circumstances.First of all we don’t implement this in the running beta.We make a new round with everything reset.
Now let’s strat where everyone would logically start: At the top.And that means we start with the king.And now we have come to a point where there are two possibilitys:

-The king is a player like everyone else
-The king is an A.I.

I recommend taking the pathway 1 since everything else would reduce my suggestion to something far smaller.Now if the king is A player like everyone else who would hold this title?Logically the first person that builds a city in the specific kingdom.And then everyone else that builds a city there would be his vassal?We will later find out that only the first 10 people should be his direct vassals and the rest we will now adress as “Free Lords” or for short “FL’s”.Now we will start building our feudal system.The king gets tribute from his direct vassals (call them dukes or whatever you want. I’m german,so I don’t know about what the english feudal titles where).And now do we think about what the king’s vassals can do.They could of course try to rebell against the king.In the MA the king would die after a rebellion,but since we are playing LoA we’ll just let one of them (The one that conquers the main city of the king) switch places with the king.Now in LoA as it is now “Conquering” means destroying the military untis of the enemy,BUT in the MA conquering means making someone your vassal (Mostly killing him and putting someon else at his place, but we won’t do that since we don’t want to ruin the players game expierience).Now what my suggestion basically is:
Give people the ability to make other players their vassals by altering what “Conquer” does.Also let conquered people conquer other people on the same feudal step as they are on

C)Problems with Vassals
In my thinking about point B) I found some problems with it.The first problem I found was that looking at a complete view over all vassals would be extremely unrealistic since I expect you having at least 6k players.So I suggest the individual player to only be able to view certain parts of the Feudal system.The player should of course be able to view ALL his direct vassals and his lord/master.Now we have again come to a point of decission,do we want to:

-Let people wage war all they want?
-Let people not attack their direct vassals,but everyone else?
-Let people not attack their direct vassals and all people that are one hirarchical step lower than them?
-Let people only attack people on the same feudal step or higher,but only if they do not have the same direct lord

I myself prefer the last of these pathways,but I would like you to discuss this.
The second and last problemIs zis: If a person wages war against someone on the same feudal step as they are on and he conquers him,meaning that the person he conquered sinks in the System.What happens to the people he conquered?I have found two possibilities (I love decisions ^^)

-The people that where conquered become “Free Lords” Meaning that they can conquer and can be conquered by ANYONE
-Only the people on the lowest feudal step become Free Lords,anyone else gets degraded by one step (Including the conquered one)

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D) Special 1:The King
In The feudal system I set up the king is the highest person.He gains tribute from everyone in his Kingdom (Not always directly,most of the time only indirectly)Let’s start this chapter with a quote:
“He wants what all men with power want.More power”
Obviusly our king is someone with ALOT of power,so how can we fulfill his need of gaining more power?Through conquering other kingdoms of course.This would work like conquering other players on the same feudal step.This puts the spice in the game and also in the decision the dev has to make if he decides to use my idea.If we use pathway Number 1 at the 2nd problem of part C we would make one fifth of the players free lords.It would be an UTTER chaos (Some people like that as I’ve heard)I would also see the king being able to gather troops of his vassals and launch some sort of EPIC KINGDOM ATTACK or epic kingdom defense,depending on the situation.

If you have any more Ideas on this I will be glad to note them here (But only if I like them :P)

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E)Special 2:Alliances
You all know alliances as they are right now.I would like to add some things.For example they should have an “Alliance Attack” just like the kingdom attack.That would put some REAL action in the game.I think you should limit these attacks to other alliances and the king though.Now we could have different types of alliances too.These would be :
-National alliances.They only have players of one kingdom in them (Maybe give them some other benefit,maybe higher defense/attack bonus since they are already limited)
-Multi/International alliances.Since they can accept any member,there bonuses should be decreased so they don’t get too powerfull.

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F)Special 3:Religion
In the ME there where different religius groups (Protestants,Moslems,Orthodox,Catholic just to name a few)I would like to suggeset an individual religius building for every kigdom (They do the same,but I would suggest some different buildings and names).What they basically do is let you sommon random units out of the Population.Since they are so powerfull they should only be available for high prestigue/buildings upgraded/whatever.

You could also make temples/churches objekts on the main map that would have to be “purged” of evil.It would still do the same things

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[Reserved] Doing more later on…probably tomorow

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Any suggestions are welcome