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Dear LOA players,

The following is the our GMs in server2 in Kongregate, you can turn to them when encountering any problems. In return, you should also have respect for their hard work, be polite and civilized.

Kongregate login name:TheForumer/Richard545 / Ingame lord name : TheFourmer

Kongregate login name:InfiniteHunter / Ingame lord name : IH

Kongregate login name:JonaruFPC / Ingame lord name : Admiral

Kongregate login name:EpicLord / Ingame lord name : EpicLord

LOA team

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Dear GMs,

First of all, thanks for your wonderful job. You guys are awesome.

Well, remember, you have now two identities. One is the player, so please do enjoy the game. While you are playing, bear in mind that you are also part of LOA team. What you say and do is representing LOA. Therefore, when you reply to topic or answer the questions ect, please do as the representative of LOA, be polite, helpful and friendly. Such as complains ect may not be appropriate. Any help you need from Admin, you can post in the forum or email the admin(lord name) ingame.

Thank you all!

Have fun!

LOA Team

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Okay thank you sevenkan for clearing some stuff up for us and the players. I’ll be sure to follow these, and keep a nice attitude.