[Ministry of War] The Arcadian Ladder Patch Notes!

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Great news, we’ve got confirmation!

The server (and new expansion) is coming out January 21st at 8:00 PM PST!

Just a reminder, until February 10th the expansion will be ONLY on Rage. On February 10th, Fury & Wrath will both receive the expansion (as well as all subsequent updates and bug fixes). We’d love to release them all at once, but there’s a whole lot more work that needs to be done before the expansion is ready to be released on a pre-existing server.

Anyways, on to the good stuff! We’re SUPER excited about what this expansion has to offer, and we think you will all love it too. Here are the patch notes for all the major changes.

New Features:

The Arcadian Ladder

The Ladder of Arcadia is a 50 level battle instance that can be challenged once per day. Defeating each level will result in a gain of Glory, Exp, and item drops. This will be a good way for higher-level players to gain larger amounts of Glory than the normal methods allowing them to reach Empire or Castle Age quicker.

Auction House

The Auction House allows players to auction off gear, skills, and items for point vouchers, which can be used in the shop to purchase items. Players can put their items up for auction, set a minimum bid price and a buy it now price. Depending on the quality of the item, there is a transaction fee in the form of resources. This allows non-spenders to obtain points, players to complete gear sets, as well as obtain valuable skills.

Levers of Fortune
A chance-based “machine” that drops rewards in the form of Cash Shop items when used. Using it costs “Empire Coins” (a new in-game monetary unit). You can use 1, 5, or 10 Empire Coins at a time and receive the equivalent number of items. All players get one free use per day. A player will receive a special item on their 500th and 1000th uses.
Lightning Guard

A special NPC that appears in the Region a number of times according to the player’s age (Savage Age – 1, Dark Age – 2, and so on…). He is very strong and difficult to defeat, but a player can use a “Lightning Card” greatly weaken him. He drops epic gear and a small amount of Exp.

Equipment Forging:

Equipment can now be upgraded using special forging items. Forging a piece of equipment will upgrade all of the weapon’s stats and bonuses.

Hero Monument

The Hero Monument is new type of building that can only be upgraded once per age. Upgrading the Hero Tower will reward players with special high-level troops that are specific to their own Civilization.

Online Time Rewards

Players will receive resource rewards for spending time online. Once per day, players will receive the reward for being logged in for 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, and 2 hours. The 2 hour reward will equal 5% of your Warehouse’s upper limit.

Complete Interface overhaul

The game’s interface has been completely redesigned and streamlined for a better viewing experience. Players are now able to see more of that actual game area, and the control panels take up less space.

New Shop Items:

Experience Capsule
The Experience Capsule is a new item that is equipped to Heroes, and will fill up with Exp gained from World NPC battles and The Arcadian Ladder. Once full, the Experience Capsule can then be given to another Hero for an instant EXP boost according to the size of the capsule.

There are three levels of the Experience Capsules
Small – Holds up to 1,000,000 Exp
Medium – Holds up to 2,000,000 Exp
Large – Holds up to 4,000,000 Exp

Each player can fill up to 5 Capsules at a time, and can use 10 total. Capsules can be purchased in the shop or traded in the Auction House.

Instant Building and Research Cards:
Instant Building and Instant Research Cards allow players to instantly complete the construction of a building or the researching of a technology that is already in progress. Each Age will have its own set of Instant Building and Instant Research Cards, and players can only use the items that correspond to their current Age.

Divine battleground Heal Medpack:
Restores 3000HP, and doesn’t share the cooldown time with other medpacks.

Aegis Camoflauge:
Protects and individual Hero from being attacked on the World Map for 25 minutes.

Instantly provide scout information on an enemy City.

Dispatching order:
Allows players to recruit soldiers from the World.

Remove campsite
Allows players to instantly demolish their campsites to allow them to construct new ones.

Expand backpack
Permanently increases available Treasure slots by 18. Players can use up to 3 total.

Escape scroll:
Allow players to instantly withdraw from any PvP battle (except in the Arena) resulting in an automatic tie.


Arrow Towers have been added to City and CZ War battles which will automatically attack enemies that are within range.

Added spectator camera for CZ War battles. Players waiting to attack and defend can click “View” to watch the battle.
Updated the daily missions – Added new mission and greatly increased mission rewards.
Reduced requirements for acquiring Carnage Badges.
Adjust Hero Growth Factor – Now, all attribute points that Heroes earn are directly attributed by the player (i.e. earned attribute points are no longer automatically assigned).
Free Attribute points earned when leveling up a Hero are now determined by the Hero’s color –
Purple Hero – 10 points per level
Blue Hero – 8 points per level
Adjusted resource requirement for upgrading skills.
Increased the number of Wild Elephants in the Contested Zones
Adjusted CZ War participants list. Now the first person on the list must be a member of the declaring Guild.
Rebirth Medal adjusted so players can now refresh all earned attribute points.
Recall Medal can now only recall Merchants
Adjusted Command Hero Attribute – If a Hero can carry less than 1000 soldiers, adding 1 attribute point will increase the Hero’s max by 2 soldiers. If the Hero can carry more than 100 soldiers, each attribute will add 1 additional soldier.
Adjusted Intelligence Hero Attribute – Intelligence level can now add extra damage to some skills.
Redesign of the role-creation process for new users.
World Map block function added – Players can now toggle other players on the World Map on and off.
Improved Arena interface and map-boundary refinement.
CZ War declarations are no longer cancelled upon server resets
Expanded new player tutorial
Adjust player transporting resources between campsite and main city
Adjust level display of NPCs
Added button to turn-off assistance
Added notice about building in additional campsite
Increase Persian War-elephants defense and shooting range
Increase Exp gained from the Sanctuary
Adjust Persian’s Civilization Buff to increase units attack
Adjust Shop Item Recruitment Order to one hour
Add in hero CD time for heroes who actively intercept others and fail or break even
Adjust trade center item interface
Adjust task interface
Adjust units distribution interface
Adjust merchant dispatch interface
Adjust description for guild member’s rights
Add in wonder war button, so easier for player to join in wonder war
Same computer and same server cannot open two “Ministry of War” page
Adjust arena application rules so only hero within the city can apply for arena
When guild wins the wonder war, all members of the guild will receive guild award
when plundering, next to player’s hero avatar add in plundering reminder
Added icon on Hero tab to show hero’s current status.
When CZ War ends, all citizens’ production will increase in accordance to number of CZs the Civ owns.
When a Merchant is moving on the World Map, clicking “Stop” and will automatically move at the Merchant to the closest City or Village and will wait for further instruction.
When operating an interface with insufficient food, players will be notified but the interface will not be closed.
In battles, if a Hero has insufficient MP for a skill, the skill will be unselectable.
Hotkeys added to Hero skills and items in battles.
Change the merchant’ name in the merchant’s interfering to merchant’s quality.
Adjust the rate of HP recovery for wounded Heroes.
Messages will now be sent when Contested Zones are seized
If CZ is taken by another Civ, the loyalty will decrease 10 points every 3hours, until it reaches 20.
Increase in strength of Archers
Add flag to the CZ War defense
Adjust the AP of flags to 150,000
Adjustments to unfixable equipment
Add in new Hero animations
Update the artwork of various buildings and structures
Downgrade the game resource Flash 9.0 compatibility

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I was hoping for something about the temples, because its very annoying to go through all of them and click several times to pray…

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you dont have to gag, go to your “city” building and click “religious sites status” from there you have the view of all your temples worship time, its easier than going to all of them

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god you ruined it with forging now its going to be to much like Gaia :/, oh and i want all of my points for my purple hero then <.< thats alot of points spent where i dont really like >.>, but now that i see int has potential i think i might like where my points are at, ca spectator view sounds really fun i like that alot, and its good that heros can’t join arena form the world map now kinda lame when someone does that, flag in cz is dumb idea ( imo ) t5 will kill it very fast and then they really will be op, and i was thinking maybe something like a tag team arena with guild mates or friends in civ chat?? that would be very unique and no hero animations sounds good overall i give these upgrades a 6/10 b/c u put in forge points :/

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Originally posted by nejixdragon:

you dont have to gag, go to your “city” building and click “religious sites status” from there you have the view of all your temples worship time, its easier than going to all of them

Ah nice, that is going to be a little easier. Now we just need the Max worshiping time button to be at 48 hours instead of 12 :)

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that would help lol

now then, whats this hero monument thing…
more units?

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Saw auction house – First though was “Figures snail got that idea from HoG suggestions, most of MoW’s features were suggested long ago for HoG anyways” :P

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Originally posted by kakashi870:

Saw auction house – First though was “Figures snail got that idea from HoG suggestions, most of MoW’s features were suggested long ago for HoG anyways” :P

glad to see you didn’t quit this game =) ign ? i must know

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" World Map block function added – Players can now toggle other players on the World Map on and off. " strokke there is already a button for that i just abused it during cz though b/c of the newbs that didn’t know there was one xD

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i see so much of this that is clearly MoW can you make a version that excludes all that some of it is on the edge and i would like to know EXACTLY what we are getting and 21 has already passed…..

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forget mine someone on HoG showed me this and i didn’t know it was for MoW :P

EXPANSION!!!! (HoG!!!!!!!)