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Update March 4th, 1.5.16:
-We’ve pushed an update that should fix the ‘getName’ errors and general slowdown when associated with a Faction.

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Update March 7th, 1.5.21:
-We’ve pushed an update to fix the “Duplicate Commander” display bug.
-If you sold your Commander(s) thinking it was a duplicate, send me a PM and I will return your Commanders to you :)
-Error handling has been improved and will not always require a full reload.
-Various other optimizations have been made.

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March 8th, 1.5.23:
-There was a UI bug that robbed some players of the Daily Chance. We’ve added handed out more WBs to everyone. Thanks for the patience as we fix all the bugs :)

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March 21st, 1.5.32
- New Promo Cards!
- Reduced Memory Requirements for Big Factions with lots of members (should help with lag)
- Reduced Level Requirements for Packs
- Fixed bug where players were multi-clicking the fight button and it was taking their energy.

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Raids are now out! Battle together to take down epic bosses. We have also added a Stamina bar that will replace Energy in Faction Wars. It will work the same as Energy in pretty much every instance.

Explanation of Raids.
- To start a Raid it costs a 1 time investment of 25 energy, each battle after costs 10 energy. Each Raid has a set number of players that can join the Raid, you can invite them using the “Request Backup” button. The players you invite do not have to spend 25 energy to enter. You can either send the invite to your faction or have other players use the link provided to join.
- You can only initialize one open Raid at a time, but you can enter up to 1 of each other type of Raid by other players
- Every battle you win against the Raid reduces an amount of health from the boss.
- Raids have a set time that they must be defeated in, if there is any health remaining when the time runs out, everyone loses.
- If the boss is defeated, players in the Raid will have 24 hours to return to the Raid and collect their rewards. (Honor)
- A seperate Raids tab in the Rewards part of the store is set up, players need a certain amount of Honor from specific Raids to unlock the cards to purchase.

- Btw, Arctic Vanguard is an easier Raid meant for newer players, the rest are meant to be difficult ;)

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Tyrant should be up now, We’ll do our best to extend raids when possible, but it won’t always be possible. You should also have 20 WBs as compensation for the downtime, refresh to get them.

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-Confirmation required for buying cards with War Bonds
-Fixed a bug where WB appeared to disappear when buying from Elite store after the selection changed. (These never actually disappeared – it was just a display bug.)
-RESUMING BATTLES! Now if someone get’s an error and is forced to refresh, the latest battle will be restarted where it was left off. No more missing Energy/Stamina!
-Faction battles are rate-limited to stop alleged rapid-fire Faction Battle exploits
-We’ve improved security to reduce the rate of account-sharing
-New Promo Cards

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5/11/2011 Blight Expansion Released! 1.7.2

We are thrilled to announce that the our latest expansion is now released!

The activation of the Nexus has warped you to Tartarus. A world that reeks of death and is more barren than the Blightlands. Now you must fight through hordes of Bloodthirsty more vicious than any you have ever encountered before and race to prevent Typhon from achieving his ultimate goal.

The Blight expansion features all new content including
- New Booster with 50 new cards
- 10 Reward cards
- 4 Skills – Enfeeble, Payback, Valor, and Swipe
- 4 Locations featuring 24 Missions
- 14 Achievements

Can you survive Tartarus or will you be overwhelmed by the Bloodthirsty?

To celebrate we have given everyone 25 WBs! Start cracking those Blight packs!

Also we have added a new reward card to each of the Raids (excluding Arctis Vanguard). Have fun and let us know if any issues crop up ;)

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[DEV] 6/22/2011 Faction War Update Live! V1.7.17

Faction War updates have been released (Fight and Surge buttons. Fight is Attacker first, Surge is Defender first +20 point bonus) along with the following UI changes!

Missions – Tabs on the left side now have a scroll bar.
Deck Editor – Can now sort by Rarity, Skill, and also has a search bar for name.
Faction Wars – Hovering over a player’s name reveals Points Won and Points Against. We hope to expand on this more in the future.
Faction Chat – Bug fixed
Faction Wars/Raid – Your name should always appear at the top (if you are active)
Elite Store – Now has a timer.
Mission Victory/Defeat Screen – “Do Again” button allows you to play the same Mission again for the same energy cost as that Mission. This is a new battle, not replaying the same battle with the same deck order. Chose not to do this for Faction battles because did not want to confuse players into thinking they would fight the same player again.

Also some minor bug fixes here and there.

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[DEV] 7/6/2011 New Raids have been released! v1.7.32

The Bloodthirsty run rampant after Typhon has activated the power of Tartarus. Will you band together and overcome the hordes or be swallowed in the darkness of Tartarus?

Update includes
- 4 New Raids each with their own exclusive new skills and strategies
- 12 New Reward Cards

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[DEV] 7/19/2011 Infamy update is live! V 1.7.50

Below is a summary of the Infamy update and other changes to Factions.

- Factions now have Infamy. Factions start with 0 Infamy and gain it by declaring war on Factions that are already in Defensive Wars.
- Factions lose Infamy at the rate of 1 every 24 hours.
- Factions cannot declare war on another Faction that has less Infamy than them (A Faction with 5 Infamy cannot declare war on any Faction with 4 or less Infamy).
- None of this above affects wars current as of the update, only new ones.

- Factions level 6 and higher now have an increased Range in the Find Rivals list. Levels 6 and 7 are able to declare war on any Faction 1 level under them and 2 levels above them. Factions with level 8 and higher will be able to declare war on any faction 2 levels either under or above them.
- Factions that hit another Faction multiple times in a row or within a short period of time will not gain as much FP for a win and the Faction getting attacked will not lose as much FP for a loss. (This will affect current wars – if your faction is hitting the same faction for at least the 2nd time in a short period you will receive less points than normal for a win).
- There is now a minimum damage requirement in order for the Faction to gain the full amount of Faction Points upon victory. It is currently calculated at 50 damage times the member cap of that faction so a faction with a cap of 50 has to do 2500 to get the full FP gain in a war, which we feel is a light constraint that shouldn’t upset any real wars. Factions that win a war but do not hit the damage req will still get some FP just not the full amount.

We have also made a ton of optimization changes that we won’t get into here cause it’s boring ;) but the game should load and run faster. Let us know if you guys see any new bugs though.

- We also added more tiers on the lower end for rewarding damage in Raids (for example getting 405 damage will unlock the 400 honor reward rather than the 250)

Also fixed various bugs, enjoy :)

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[DEV] 7/22/2011 New Promo Cards! V 1.7.54

3 New Promo Cards have been released!

Also fixed a few bugs involving connection issues and problems players were having with Raids.

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7/30/2011 V 1.7.62

This update just included various bug fixes and optimization updates. Nothing really significant.

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8/9/2011 Special Promotions! V 1.7.65

We’ve just released version 1.7.65, which includes promotional sales and some bug fixes. Every day you login, you have a chance to get a special discounted offer. Enjoy!

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[DEV] 8/10/2011 Bug Fix Update V 1.7.66

Just a small update with some bug fixes, nothing major to report.

We are still working on a fix for the bug that players have been experiencing with their hands not appearing, but for now updating your flash to the latest version (10.3) will fix that problem.

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[DEV] 8/19/2011 New Promo Cards

Three new promo cards are up and teaser images for tournaments have already been posted but can be found at the following link


There is a glitch with older versions after the update where it is possible to gain an insanely large amount of XP, that will be fixed after refresh.

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[DEV] 8/22/2011 Bug fixes v 1.7.81

We have fixed a bug where Achievements were appearing to award double the amount of gold. This was just a visual glitch that was corrected after refresh. We have fixed the glitch.

We are also preventing players from playing with decks that were glitched and had more than 1 Legendary or copy of Unique in the deck, and have taken measures to prevent the glitch from happening again.

One last change was we increased the level cap of Factions to 11. There are no reward cards yet, those and another increased level cap will be added in an update at a later time.

Also we do not have an exact day as of yet, but Touranments should be released next week. We appreciate all of your patience while we have been working on these.

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[DEV] 8/30/2011 Tournaments have been released! V1.8.41

Time to really test your skills at Tyrant against other players Live! Then see how you compare to the community on our Global Leaderboard. 6 Achievements and 12 New Reward cards have been released (10 Tournament rewards and 2 Achievement Rewards). Click the ‘?’ on the Tournament Home page for information on how tournaments are run, and as always have fun :)

Also the Profile has been moved to the Home page under “Cards”

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[DEV] 9/9/2011 Tournament Bug Fixes and Optimizations V1.8.54

Sorry this took us so long but we have been working very hard to try and fix all of the bugs and we think these updates should help significantly. Also added these

- ‘!’ on the ‘Past’ button to notify players when they have unclaimed tournament rewards.
- Added a refresh button to Wars in Factions.

We have also made a large optimization pass which should help with lag and players having connection problems. As a result

- Rankings in the tournaments are now updated every 2 minutes rather than everytime a player refreshes (this means a player won’t show up in the rankings after signing up but will be there the next time the rankings updates.
- Global rankings now update every 10 minutes.

Also due to a lack of participation we have replaced 25 WB-entry Tournaments with lower costing WB tournaments. We may in the future hold special tournaments with higher entry costs for players that want it.

If anyone is having any problems with the UI after the update try clearing your cache and see if that helps.

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Forgot to update this

Purity has been released!

The Righteous seek to purge the Blight that has befallen Acheron, but at what cost?

Here is the breakdown of the release in case you missed our announcment last week.

- Brand new playable Faction “Righteous”
- New 50 card pack purchasable with War Bonds.
- In addition, 20 cards have been added to the Gold pack (mostly Righteous)
- 14 New reward cards Available through Reputation or Achievements
- 28 New Missions
- 10 New Achievements
- 4 New Skills
- 9 Max Energy Upgrades (7 unlocked by level and purchasable with Gold, 2 purchasable with War Bonds)

Based on the Feedback we have gotten we decided to rotate Gold Packs and Purity Packs tournaments in the 2 hour slot, since Gold Packs will also technically be a new Tournament format for players to try. The new tournament line up will not begin until after the current scheduled tournaments (including the ones under “Next Up:”

Also in some browsers, players may be noticing a bug purchasing War Bonds where they don’t appear right away. That is just a visual bug and the War Bonds will be there after a refresh or making a purchase with them (we suggest refreshing first). We have also fixed a few other bugs.

We hope you guys enjoy all of Purity while we work on whats next for Tyrant :)

In addition, the factions “Sunca and Company” and “Hall of Fame” have been banned

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[DEV] 9/30/2011 Small Update, no New Version

A small push with some bug fixes

- Previously a unit with Counter and Protect on it will still use Counter against any unit that attacks it, but does not deal damage. Counter’s wording says it will activate when it takes Attack Damage. We have changed it so that it more reflects Counter’s wording. When a unit with Counter and also has Protect on it is Attacked, Counter will only activate if it takes damage.

- Fixed a bug where a unit would not Regenerate on the Client during a Swipe if the Swipe unit was destroyed.

- Some of the new cards also ended up in Silver and Bronze packs, they were not meant for those packs and have since been removed.

Also Tournaments are now back to their normal rotation with Purity Packs Tournaments added to the 2 and 24 hour rotations.

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[DEV] 10/6/2011 New Promo Cards Released!

3 New Righteous Cards are now on the Front page and we have included a special Legendary among them!

Also we fixed a bug in combat when a card that had Protect and was hit with Strike that was paybacked was taking the full damage on the back-end. Protect now applies like it should.

One last note, we plan on releasing Side Missions for the Purity Expansion and increase the Faction Max Level with Rewards later next week.

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[DEV] 10/12/2011 New Side Missions + Faction Max Level Update! V1.9.10

New Side Missions based on the Purity Expansion have been released! In addition there are 7 new Achievements with 2 Reward cards that can be earned through them. Making a total of 5 new Unique Reward Cards.

Also we increased the Max Faction level to 15 and added 6 new Reward cards.

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[DEV] 11/4/2011 New Promo Cards! v1.9.14

Also this is the official end of the Halloween promotion

To clarify these things have changed from the Halloween Promotion

- The Side Missions introduced now require 25 Energy.
- The achievement for Apollo is available again.
- The achievement for Hades now requires the achievement for Apollo to be unlocked before the player can unlock it. Also the achievement that awards Hades has different artwork.

Any player that has the exclusive art Hades will still see that art in their inventory and profile. It is not possible to get both versions of the card. Both versions will not show up in the profile.

In addtion

- Faction news now shows the name of the player that made an action (declaring war, kicking a player, etc) within the faction.
- Made some changes to Faction chat that should help with problems players were experiencing while using it.
- Raid refresh button is now working correctly.

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[DEV] 11/11/11 New Level Up and Faction Rewards! v1.9.22

We have introduced New High-End Reward Cards! Now at certain levels, cards will unlock in the store that will be purchasable with gold.

We have also added new Faction High-End Reward Cards.

In addtion these changes have been made -

- Siphon no longer gives the enemy points in a Faction Battle.
- Players waiting for a battle in Tournaments will be unable to cancel for 15 seconds.
- Now a confirmation when purchasing Stamina or Energy refills.