[WarMetal Tyrant] !!!!! Are you brave enough to join the brand new "Master Minds" faction ?????

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Hello Everybody,

We are a new faction with great aspirations for the future. The faction has been created yesterday evening but we have already won 4 wars.

We are looking for very active players who aspire to be the best and climb the rankings of Tyrants. Level is only one of the criteria we use to evaluate applications. If you think you fit this description than send me a pm with your your motivation and apply at:


Our members are requested to contribute daily to the faction by earning at least 5 loyalty points (LP) every day. Every time you don’t comply with this requirement you get a warning. After 3 warnings you are asked to explain yourself and improve your activity or you will be expelled.

Master Minds maybe looking exactly for you, are you brave enough to apply and join this ambitious faction?

Leader of Master Minds

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Damn, I’m scared :\

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This faction is not for weak-hearted people :)