[WarMetal Tyrant] New Faction recruiting

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Hi guys and gals,

just trying a recruiting drive. It’s for a new faction that I made yesterday called “Create Faction” (yes it’s a silly name, created wholly out of sheer silliness and lack of inspiration).

I play this game at least once a day, though since making the faction yesterday had been on more often. I’m looking for alike players that enjoy the game and like to play this game at least once a day for the fun of it. The only point of having a faction imo is to get some of the faction card reward, and have some fun playing with other factions.

If you’re looking for some ultra-competitive faction that try to compete to be the best one, this is not a faction for you. Also not looking for elitist or people that have trouble spelling out of sheer indifference. Hoping for a more mature people that play this game for fun.


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Geez I forgot the recruitment link >.< lol