[WarMetal Tyrant] Red Faction Recruiting

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We believe in a better future. If you got what it takes join our uprising.

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I you come back to this We nee a Faction to merge with us. We need to fill our Faction up. We are Red Faction, We are Lvl 10 at this time (Feb 13,2012) Rank 70. We are usually on board 16. Talk with Reddawg, Recon_Charley, Nagead, Shadowraith00,Silkworm,Kvlticon,Ment2be, Livinghorror, or ask if there is anybody there from Red Faction. Our activity bar is around 85-90%, our main requirement is at least 50 loyaty points a week (easy to do).One of our recruiting blurbs Lvl 10 Red Faction in the top100 seeking active players ( 50 lps a wk. Req.) http://www.kongregate.com/games/synapticon/tyrant?source=finv&kv_apply=6803002. Or you could alway challenge us again. Could be fun.

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Where’s EnixSR?