Kingory Event - Summon your cavalries !

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Dear Players

Next week (15:00 Mar. 28 ~ 15:00 April 05 KST), kingory is releasing a charging event for extra cavalries bonus. Do you own a powerful troop without laborious production? No problem more. Don’t worry about the food issue, food package will be sent along with troops. For fair play, troop dispatch will be performed at 16:00 KST every next day.

This event is only one week valid for all servers!

Charging Detail for Bonus:

20€ for Cavalries x1000 + Food Bundle x1
50€ for Cavalries x3000 + Food Bundle x3
100€ for Cavalries x7000 + Food Crate x1
200€ for Cavalries x15000 + Food Crate x2
500€ for Cavalries x40000 + Food Crate x8

PS: If you wanna appoint a city to dispatch these troops, please specify the coordinate of this city by payment in the field “Instructions to merchant”. Otherwise, these troops will be sent your city with most food resource.

Ejoy Game Team

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