[WarMetal Tyrant] Achievement - Raiders Unite

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Can any one give any advice on how to complete this as I’ve been trying for a while and it is not going well. Thanks in advance.

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Tiamat, atlas, predator, some decent but not-too-slow cards like daemon, dominated hatchlings, etc. I beat it with my regular deck, taking out 4 less-important cards and adding the 4 achievement ones, and had no issues. You should try the same thing, if you haven’t already.

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I just did it today with the following cards (plus the required for the achieve):

Dalia, Bolide Walker, Predator, Aegis, Tiamat, Dozer Tank. Only Tiamat is luck dependant (hope you have it)

Needed two tries for my tactic to work but I expected it to be harder:

- Push an opening Tiamat or Predator to lock the Artificial Idiocy on a 2 creature frontline start up.
- On your 2nd slot drop something that will help you with whatever the AI has landed (I was lucky enough to open with Tiamat Predator (or vice, cant remember)

-You wanna drop Aegis and Bolide (interchangeable) as soon as you feel you have control of the the table. 3rd and 4th ideally if you had a good opening. You need to start those delays for your healer and the big hitter asap cause damage and enemy creatures will start to pile up. and you can lose battlefield dominance soon.

- Keep droping things from your hand to your best judgement. Remember you need to play all 5 achievement cards before you win, but they dont need to survive. This is a slow deck tho, so you should be ok.

His most dangerous creatures are the ones with mimic cause of the amount of combat traits you carry. Pray that Bolide goes through his delay untargeted.

Hope this helps.

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You could also have a little fun with it and stick in the cards for nexus heavyhitters if you haven’t done that yet either. But that wouldn’t necessarily help you win. =)